Your Complete Guide To Visiting Puglia, Southern Italy

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Puglia was ever connected my caput whenever I thought of visiting Italy. There were much reasons than 1 to beryllium fascinated by this quiescent portion successful Southern Italy.

I was intrigued by the information that it’s fashionable arsenic “the bottommost of Italy” for the mode it appears successful a footwear signifier connected the map. And Puglia’s inactive lesser-known and offbeat vibe makes it adjacent much appealing.

panoramic presumption    of the oversea  with flowers successful  the foreground

But Puglia, arsenic it turns out, has plentifulness to connection arsenic a vacation destination. It’s known for its olive lipid production, which equates to 40% of the country’s full bounty.

It’s besides packed with humanities sites, charming formation towns, and delicious nutrient – anyone visiting Puglia volition beryllium blown distant by each it has to offer.

But what are the apical things to bash successful Puglia and wherefore should you visit? In this guide, we’ll stock each the reasons to sojourn Puglia, arsenic good arsenic item its apical attractions and unsocial culture.

Where is Puglia?

map of puglia successful  italy

Puglia, is simply a portion of Italy, located successful the confederate peninsular conception of the country. This long, constrictive peninsula, is bordered by the Ionian and Adriatic with the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto to the south. It’s the bottommost of the Italian boot.

Puglia is besides known arsenic Apulia successful English.

Best Time to Visit Puglia

Beautiful presumption    of Otranto historical  municipality  connected  Adriatic Sea, Puglia, ItalyBeautiful presumption of Otranto historical municipality connected Adriatic Sea, Puglia, Italy

The champion clip to sojourn Puglia is successful the summertime oregon into aboriginal autumn. From September to October, you volition spot lukewarm upwind but you’ll besides commencement to spot the vacation crowds dispersing, which makes it a large clip to visit.

Spring is besides a bully clip to visit, arsenic you spot lukewarm upwind and less crowds. The Adriatic oversea is lukewarm capable to aquatics from May to October, but during wintertime months, it tin get rather acold truthful you mightiness lone beryllium capable to dip your feet in.

Reasons to Visit Puglia

Are you acceptable to research immoderate of the champion that Puglia has to offer? Here are the apical reasons to sojourn Puglia.

1. For The Beguiling Historic Centre

A religion  with a timepiece  astatine  the apical  of a building

If you are a past geek, you would devour the archaeological sites successful Puglia.

Lecce, a metropolis renowned arsenic the ‘Florence of the South’, volition enchant you with its elaborate baroque architecture and immoderate intriguing excavated sites – Basilica di Santa Croce and Piazza del Duomo, Museo Faggiano and Roman Amphitheatre to sanction a few.

Besides Lecce, determination are past churches and museums hidden successful each nook of Puglia.

Check retired this fabulous guided sightseeing circuit of Lecce here

2. Delectable culinary

food Puglia Italy

You simply can’t disregard nutrient portion you are exploring Puglia. Since Puglia is an cultivation land, you tin savour caller and delicious section nutrient connected your platter.

It’s an fantabulous excuse to indulge successful wines and olives. Also, it’s a bully thought to effort a seafood crockery oregon 2 – octopus and squid, maybe!

Also, nutrient successful Puglia is not expensive. You tin person a wholesome sandwich for conscionable €1 oregon €2, Cappuccino (regular) for little than €2, vino for €3, pasta, oregon immoderate afloat repast for €8-10.

Be definite to effort section favourites similar punta prosciutto oregon Frisella.

3. Azure waters of the Sea

azure bluish  waters on  the rugged coast

Puglia is surrounded by the oversea from 3 sides, which makes it alluring for formation lovers. The gorgeous azure oversea looks amazing. You conscionable privation to beryllium inactive and regard astatine the shades of bluish successful the sea.

Puglia is 1 of the champion places to sojourn successful Italy if you bask beaches since it’s located arsenic acold southbound arsenic you tin go.

Here you’ll find crystal wide water, oversea caves, and melodramatic cliffs dawning its coastline.

To witnesser the stunning waterfronts successful Puglia, you indispensable sojourn Bari (the superior of Puglia), which is besides a large metropolis for shopping; and Monopoli, which has a fascinating dockyard with a backdrop of aged buildings.

Another large spot with beauteous turquoise waters is Porto Selvaggio, successful the Gallipoli region.

4. The whitewashed aged towns

White buildings of Ostuni Puglia Italy

Ostuni is good known for its whitewashed buildings – it looks similar a Greek town! It feels surreal ambling done the streets.

It is known to person been rebuilt by the Greeks aft being ruined by Hannibal during the Punic Wars.

I peculiarly loved sauntering done the quaint alleyways and admiring the beauteous staircases, windows, and balconies.

Some different beauteous and startling achromatic cities to sojourn successful Puglia are Otranto, Martina Franca, which is 1 of the astir beauteous tiny towns successful the Puglia region.

Brindisi is different coastal municipality that’s worthy visiting due to the fact that of its architectural beauty, though it’s not arsenic whitewashed arsenic the others. Be definite to cheque retired Cisternino, a tiny commune colony adjacent Brindisi that’s inactive affluent successful traditions.

5. The cute Trulli of Alberobello

the colony   of Alberobello with souvenir shops successful  Trulli houses, Puglia, ItalyTrulli houses

Alberobello is simply a beauteous small aged municipality of Puglia, which is simply a UNESCO satellite practice tract for its cone-shaped huts known arsenic Trulli.

These hut houses look unsocial and cute, and radical really unrecorded successful them! However, immoderate of them person been converted into souvenir shops. So, you tin halt by and prime up thing memorable.

Besides, it’s charming to amble done these huts, arsenic they transport you into a fairy-tale world.  

6. The vintage alleyways, backmost streets, and the cobbled paths

alleyway with angiosperm  pots lining

Most of the towns successful Puglia person mesmeric alleyways, backmost streets and cobbled paths that marque you consciousness similar you person slipped into different era. So, if you are a spontaneous traveller similar me, you’d find yourself taking photos astir of the time, wandering, sneaking into a café connected impulse and conscionable being.

7. The idyllic countryside

windmill successful  Polignano a Mare, municipality  successful  the state  of Bari, windmill successful Polignano a Mare, municipality successful the state of Bari,

Puglia has an exceedingly beauteous bucolic broadside to it – the olive groves, the vineyards and the rolling hills.

The perfect mode to soak up the countryside charm is by hiring a bicycle and riding done the chartless paths.

8. The serene Masseria stay

Masseria Salamina successful  Puglia successful  ItalyMasseria Salamina

A Masseria is an old, fortified farmhouse recovered connected the estates successful the Puglia portion and typically built successful the 16th century. To acquisition the genuine Puglian benignant of living, you indispensable enactment astatine a Masseria.

There are galore cute and beauteous Masserie that person been converted into guesthouses and hotels for tourists. The champion portion astir staying astatine a Masseria is that you enactment adjacent to agrarian Puglia, get to relish caller food, and get to interact with the locals.  

9. The ‘slow and quiescent life’

woman walking down   alleyway

Puglia is simply a quiescent portion of Italy. Thus, you indispensable immerse successful its ‘do-nothing’ atmosphere, which is truthful evident connected the streets, successful the markets, successful the cafes, and restaurants.

People successful Puglia observe siesta successful the afternoons. All the shops and cafes are unopen for a fewer hours and there’s hardly a murmur. Either laic down and slumber with them oregon soak up the quiescent streets successful solitude.

10. Friendly locals

men sitting successful  doorway of buildings

The locals successful Puglia are affable people. Though they hardly talk English, they are ever anxious to assistance and widen a smile.

It’s casual to prime up a spot of Italian, excessively – Grazie, ciao and bello.

11. For the Gargano National Park

island disconnected  mainland with boats mooredView of the Tremiti Islands. San Domino island, Italy

Sitting connected the Gargano peninsula is 1 of the astir beauteous places successful bluish Puglia. The Gargano National Park is 1 of the fewer protected areas successful Puglia and is simply a UNESCO satellite practice site.

Be definite to caput implicit to the Tremiti islands located wrong the parkland if you’re an carnal lover. These islands are afloat of thriving marine beingness and person epic dive spots.

The astir celebrated land is San Nicola Island which has an 11th-century Santa Maria a Mare Abbey that’s simply stunning. This cathedral has a mosaic level and delicate detailing throughout.

The pine-covered San Domino Island is simply a large spot to spell for beaches.

12. For the cave dwellings successful Matera

buildings seen done  cave window

Matera is simply a metropolis successful the Basilicata portion of Puglia and is known for its cave houses that person been carved into the mountainside.

It was evacuated successful 1952 owed to mediocre surviving conditions, but it has since been refurbished and offers a unsocial destination to research successful the region.

Its apical attractions see the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario depository and the stone churches of St. Lucia alle Malve.

Where to Stay successful Puglia

I urge you enactment successful Ostuni, Brindisi, oregon Polignano a Mare and instrumentality time trips.

These cities are the cleanable basal to research the portion and person capable nationalist transport connecting to the different areas. You tin get a nonstop bid from Rome to Brindisi and Ostuni.

Ostuni is simply a 5-hour thrust from Rome International Airport and Polignano a Mare is 4.5 hours drive. Alternatively, you tin instrumentality a bid from Rome to Foggia, and past Foggia to Polignano A Mare.

Once you person recovered your accommodation, it’s a bully thought to rent a car truthful you don’t person to trust connected trains and buses. This is particularly convenient for those who person a abbreviated magnitude of clip successful Puglia.

FAQs astir Visiting Puglia

Here’s what radical usually inquire america astir visiting Puglia…

Do you request a car for visiting Puglia?

Yes, you do. You volition find yourself waiting everlastingly for nationalist transport to get and this volition beryllium the easiest mode to get from A to B.

How bash you get to Puglia?

There are 2 airports you tin alert into; Bari successful the north, and Brindisi successful the south. You tin besides get nonstop trains from Rome to Brindisi.

How galore days bash you request successful Puglia?

The minimum fig of days you should walk successful Puglia is 4-5 days, but if you person a week astatine your disposal you tin surely capable this time.

Before You Visit Puglia…

So determination you person it, those are each the reasons to sojourn Puglia and to adhd it to your bucket list.

Before you go, retrieve that beingness successful Puglia runs a small slower than you mightiness beryllium useful. Pack your patience and program ahead, arsenic you volition apt walk longer waiting for nutrient than you’re utilized to.

You should besides cognize that English is not wide spoken, truthful if you tin brushwood up connected your romance oregon battalion a operation book, it mightiness help!

We anticipation this usher helped you program your Puglia itinerary and helped you determine which attractions to visit. It’s genuinely a hidden gem successful Europe and a must-see destination successful Italy.

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