What exactly happens if you fail to register your SIM?

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What precisely happens if you neglect to registry your SIM?

Since the telcos launched their SIM Registration platforms past Dec. 27, implicit 20.4 cardinal Filipinos person already registered their SIMs, with Smart subscribers taking the pb with 10.3 cardinal registrants arsenic of Jan. 16.

SIM DeactivationSIM Deactivation

According to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), each subscribers are fixed 180 days, oregon until April 26, 2023, to registry their SIMs. The DICT whitethorn widen the registration for a play not exceeding 120 days.

But what precisely happens if you neglect to registry your SIM wrong the deadline? The SIM Registration Law states that each unregistered SIMs shall beryllium automatically deactivated, which comes with each these hassles:

  • 1. No outgoing and incoming calls. You can’t marque oregon instrumentality urgent and important calls to and from your household and friends oregon pass with your colleagues astatine school, work, oregon business.
  • 2. No sending and receiving messages. On apical of being unreachable to household and friends done text, you’ll besides spell done the horrors of not being capable to get your One-Time Password (OTP), which is present a communal information diagnostic successful galore societal media apps, integer banking services, and online buying sites linked to your account.
  • 3. No net access. The Internet has go indispensable successful our progressively integer world. And much than not being capable to bask your favourite apps and sites, having nary net entree besides means getting chopped disconnected from important accusation and services that marque beingness simpler and easier.
  • 4. No load balances. Once your SIM is deactivated, each your remaining load balances volition beryllium forfeited.

Users who missed the deadline and got their SIMs deactivated whitethorn inactive process the reactivation of their SIMs not aboriginal than 5 days aft the play acceptable by the law.

Avoid each these hassles by registering your Smart and TNT SIM now

Avoid each these hassles by registering your Smart and TNT SIM now! Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers tin registry their SIM and get 3 GB FREE information upon completing these 3 casual steps:

  • Step 1. Visit the portal astatine http://www.smart.com.ph/simreg
  • Step 2. Input your accusation and upload your valid ID
  • Step 3. Wait for an SMS confirmation and get 3 GB FREE Data

Smart is besides making SIM Registration much convenient for postpaid subscribers, who simply request to corroborate the idiosyncratic accusation and IDs they submitted for their postpaid program application. To bash this confirmation, subscribers conscionable request to substance YES to 5858. They shall past person a confirmation connection from Smart upon palmy SIM Registration and get 3 GB FREE data.

By registering your SIM now, you tin proceed to bask each the value-packed offers and astonishing experiences from some Smart and TNT, powered by the country’s widest LTE network.

Know much astir registering your Smart and TNT SIM astatine https://smart.com.ph/Pages/simreg-faqs.

What precisely happens if you neglect to registry your SIM?
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