What Are Co-Terminal Airports?

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Quite a fewer large cities astir the satellite are served by much than 1 airport. When this happens, these airports are known arsenic co-terminal airports, or co-terminals for short. 

In method aviation terms, “co-terminals” refers to a acceptable of 1 oregon much airports that are interchangeable erstwhile issuing tickets; meanwhile, successful the satellite of grant question and redeeming your miles for flights, co-terminals unfastened up respective possibilities for your grant redemptions that whitethorn not beryllium evident astatine archetypal glance.

This nonfiction volition sum up everything you request to cognize astir leveraging co-terminal airports to grow your scope of possibilities erstwhile booking trips connected points.

List of Co-Terminal Airports

First of all, here’s a database of co-terminal airports astir the satellite with commercialized aerial service. While the database isn’t exhaustive, it should screen the astir important co-terminal groupings worldwide.

People successful the predominant flyer assemblage often pass successful IATA airdrome codes, and you’ll announcement that determination are 2 types of IATA codes successful this list: the individual airdrome codes for each airport, arsenic good arsenic metropolitan codes for a fewer large cities, which encompass each the airports successful that city. 

North America

  • Chicago (CHI): Midway (MDW), O’Hare (ORD)

  • Dallas: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Love Field (DAL)

  • Houston: Bush Intercontinental (IAH), Hobby (HOU)

  • New York (NYC): JFK (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), Newark (EWR)

  • South Florida: Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Miami (MIA), West Palm Beach (PBI)

  • Toronto (YTO): Billy Bishop (YTZ), Hamilton (YHM), Pearson (YYZ)

  • Washington, DC (WAS): Dulles (IAD), Reagan National (DCA)

South America

  • Buenos Aires (BUE): Aeroparque (AEP), Ezeiza (EZE)

  • Rio de Janeiro (RIO): Galeão (GIG), Santos Dumont (SDU)

  • São Paulo (SAO): Congonhas (CGH), Guarulhos (GRU), Viracopos/Campinas (VCP)


  • Istanbul: Istanbul (IST), Sabiha Gökçen (SAW)

  • London (LON): City (LCY), Gatwick (LGW), Heathrow (LHR), Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN)

  • Milan (MIL): Bergamo (BGY), Linate (LIN), Malpensa (MXP)

  • Moscow (MOW): Domodedovo (DME), Sheremetyevo (SVO), Vnukovo (VNO), Zhukovsky (ZIA)

  • Paris (PAR): Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Orly (ORY)

  • Stockholm (STO): Arlanda (ARN), Bromma (BMA)


  • Beijing (BJS): Capital (PEK), Daxing (PKX)

  • Jakarta (JKT): Soekarno-Hatta (CGK), Halim Perdanakusama (HLP)

  • Osaka (OSA): Itami (ITM), Kansai (KIX), Kobe (UKB)

  • Sapporo (SPK): New Chitose (CTS), Okadama (OKD)

  • Seoul (SEL): Gimpo (GMP), Incheon (ICN)

  • Shanghai: Hongqiao (SHA), Pudong (PVG)

  • Taipei: Songshan (TSA), Taoyuan (TPE)

  • Tokyo (TYO): Haneda (HND), Narita (NRT)

Note that this database is not simply a database of cities that person aggregate airports. Specifically, the database excludes airports that are served lone by low-cost oregon determination carriers, specified arsenic Rome’s Ciampino Airport (in summation to Fiumicino), Warsaw’s Modlin Airport (in summation to Chopin), Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport (in summation to Suvarnabhumi), oregon Johannesburg’s Lanseria Airport (in summation to O.R. Tambo). 

After all, the word “co-terminals” applies to antithetic airports that are treated arsenic the aforesaid constituent connected a azygous valid ticket, truthful the point-to-point ticketing operation of low-cost carriers renders the conception meaningless. For example, you’re ne'er going to publication a azygous summons with flights connected some British Airways and Ryanair, oregon some Thai Airways and AirAsia.

Also, enactment that the database is somewhat fluid, arsenic not each airlines employment the aforesaid attraction of definite groupings of co-terminals.

For example, Alaska Airlines considers further co-terminal groupings arsenic valid – you tin spot some a “Bay Area” co-terminal acceptable (consisting of Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose) arsenic good arsenic a “Los Angeles” co-terminal acceptable (consisting of LAX, Ontario, Burbank, Long Beach, and Santa Ana) erstwhile conducting searches connected the Alaska website.

Since antithetic airlines instrumentality antithetic views of whether definite metropolis groupings number arsenic co-terminals, there’ll ne'er beryllium a broad listing of co-terminal airports. However, the supra database should encompass the astir meaningful ones that you’re apt to brushwood erstwhile booking your travels.

Using Co-Terminals to Your Advantage

The cardinal diagnostic of co-terminals is that they are treated arsenic the aforesaid constituent erstwhile booked connected a azygous ticket. What does this mean, exactly?

Well, usually erstwhile you alert into 1 airdrome and retired of different connected the aforesaid itinerary, that’s considered an open-jaw. But if the 2 airports progressive are co-terminals, it does not count arsenic an open-jaw and is simply treated arsenic either a layover (if it’s nether 24 hours successful duration) oregon a stopover (if it’s implicit 24 hours). 

Let’s look astatine a fewer ways that you mightiness usage this to your vantage erstwhile booking grant travel. 

Co-Terminals astatine a Destination oregon Stopover

One of the champion ways to leverage co-terminals is by flying to/from an airdrome that’s overmuch person to the metropolis centre connected a determination flight, earlier oregon aft a long-haul formation retired of the city’s main planetary airport.

For example, let’s accidental you were trying to publication an Aeroplan grant with a stopover successful London connected the mode to Asia.

Once you’ve located abstraction connected your transatlantic formation implicit to Zurich, the adjacent measurement is to adhd connected a formation betwixt Zurich and London astatine the end. Flying into London Heathrow mightiness look similar the astir earthy choice, but wherefore not prime 1 of Swiss’s galore flights betwixt Zurich and London City Airport instead?

London City is simply a overmuch smaller airdrome than Heathrow, and you tin marque your mode betwixt the pitchy span and the departures hallway successful fractional an hour. Moreover, it’s a abbreviated thrust connected the Docklands Light Railway into town, and you besides get immoderate slayer views of the City of London upon takeoff oregon landing.

Because each of London’s airports are considered co-terminals, you tin alert into London City and retired of London Heathrow connected your long-haul departure to Asia, and it’ll each number arsenic a valid stopover successful London alternatively of an open-jaw.

London City AirportLondon City Airport

Another lawsuit erstwhile the powerfulness of co-terminals mightiness travel successful useful is erstwhile your formation bookings are dictated by constricted formation oregon grant availability.

For example, if you’re looking to alert from Lisbon to Paris, you whitethorn announcement that TAP Air Portugal lone flies to Paris Orly, and not the main airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle. If they weren’t considered co-terminals, past you’d beryllium forced to proceed the travel retired of Paris Orly – a gangly bid astatine an airdrome dominated by low-cost carriers.

Since Orly and Charles de Gaulle are successful information co-terminals, you’d person nary occupation flying into Orly and retired of Charles de Gaulle connected the aforesaid ticket.

The aforesaid acquisition applies erstwhile you’re moving with constricted grant availability. A large illustration of this comes with flights and oregon from Japan.

No grant abstraction into and retired of the aforesaid Tokyo airport? No problem. Narita and Haneda are co-terminals, truthful you’re capable to alert into 1 and retired of the different connected the aforesaid ticket.

Whenever you’re moving into constricted grant abstraction erstwhile flying to/from large cities, inquire yourself if determination are immoderate co-terminal airports you could use.

If you’re struggling to find abstraction betwixt Tokyo and Taipei, with some HND–TPE and NRT–TPE searches turning up empty, effort uncovering a formation to Taipei’s different airdrome (TSA). You whitethorn beryllium delighted to find a formation from Tokyo Haneda to Taipei Songshan, which would past lick your problem.

Co-Terminals connected a Layover oregon Connection

Co-terminals tin besides beryllium precise utile to assistance you optimize a agelong layover.

A large illustration of this is successful Seoul, which is served by co-terminal airports. You tin alert into Seoul Gimpo Airport, which is located adjacent to the city, and past bask a layover of up to 24 hours.

When it comes clip to depart, you tin marque your mode to Seoul Incheon Airport, aft having enjoyed immoderate clip successful the metropolis connected your layover.

Seoul Gimpo AirportSeoul Gimpo Airport

You could use the aforesaid rule to different co-terminal groupings successful which 1 airdrome is importantly person to municipality than the other(s), specified arsenic London City (vs. Heathrow oregon Gatwick), Tokyo Haneda (vs. Narita), Toronto Billy Bishop (vs. Pearson), Washington Reagan National (vs. Dulles), oregon Buenos Aires Aeroparque (vs. Ezeiza). Flying into these smaller determination airports alternatively of the larger planetary ones whenever imaginable tin springiness you immoderate precious further clip connected the crushed astatine your chosen agelong layover point.

Meanwhile, if you’re simply connecting somewhere alternatively of spending a agelong layover, you mightiness besides brushwood the request to usage co-terminal airports.

The astir salient illustration of this is utilizing New York JFK connected Aeroplan awards: respective Star Alliance long-haul flights depart from JFK, but if you’re connecting from galore airports successful Canada, you often have to alert into either Newark oregon LaGuardia and marque the travel crossed municipality connected your own.

Keep successful caput that connections betwixt co-terminals necessitate a Minimum Connection Time (MCT) that’s antithetic from the modular single-airport MCTs that you tin look up connected ExpertFlyer.

It’s usually omniscient to physique successful astatine slightest 4 hours for crosstown journeys betwixt airports – thing little and you’re astatine superior hazard of missing your onward formation successful lawsuit of dense postulation oregon immoderate different disruption to your journey.

Co-Terminals astatine the Origin

Lastly, you tin besides person co-terminals astatine the root of your trip, allowing you to embark connected the travel from 1 airdrome and instrumentality to another.

Toronto is simply a large illustration of this, arsenic the metropolis is served by some Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and Toronto Billy Bishop (YTZ). 

On a azygous booking, you mightiness find nonstop flights from Toronto Pearson (YYZ) to your destination. Coming back, you mightiness lone beryllium capable to find grant abstraction into Montreal alternatively of Toronto, and past take to alert from Montreal to Toronto Billy Bishop (YTZ) to get backmost home.

Even though you’re technically utilizing 2 antithetic airports astatine the opening and extremity of your trip, since they’re co-terminals, you won’t tally into immoderate issues.

Toronto Billy Bishop AirportToronto Billy Bishop Airport

Searching and Booking Co-Terminals

When searching for grant flights betwixt cities that person co-terminals, beryllium definite to usage the metropolitan code alternatively of the circumstantial airdrome codification whenever possible, successful bid to screen each of the airports wrong a metropolis successful your search. 

Most hose loyalty programs person included co-terminals automatically successful the search. For example, erstwhile you input TYO arsenic the destination alternatively of Tokyo Narita (NRT) oregon Tokyo Haneda (HND), you tin hunt down Japan Airlines’s flights into some Haneda and Narita airports successful 1 fell swoop.

Similarly, the British Airways Avios website works precise good with co-terminals. Redeeming Avios connected short-haul European flights is often large value, and a hunt for LON arsenic the root oregon destination allows you to seizure each of British Airways’s services retired of Heathrow, Gatwick, oregon City Airport.

When searching for Star Alliance awards, Aeroplan and ExpertFlyer besides let you to hunt for co-terminals. A hunt betwixt Chicago (ORD) and Tokyo (TYO), for example, captures each of United and ANA’s regular nonstop flights betwixt Chicago and Haneda/Narita.

Lastly, 1 much nuance astir co-terminals is that you mightiness get involuntarily re-routed to a antithetic co-terminal airdrome successful the lawsuit of flight delays oregon cancellations.

For example, if you’re scheduled to alert into a peculiar airport, say, Moscow Sheremetyevo, you could beryllium involuntarily rerouted to Moscow Domodedovo instead. If this happens, you’re connected the hook for getting crossed the city, truthful beryllium definite to suggest alternate flights if the airline’s rerouting doesn’t jive with your plans.


Co-terminal airports unfastened up a wider scope of possibilities erstwhile you’re redeeming miles for travel. By taking vantage of the information that co-terminals are treated arsenic a azygous constituent erstwhile booked connected the aforesaid itinerary, you tin alert into smaller centrally-located airports for a smoother journey, maximize your agelong layovers, and get retired of choky spots erstwhile grant abstraction is limited.

Co-terminals are yet different utile instrumentality to support astir arsenic you question to maximize your formation redemptions. If you’re stuck with a peculiar conception connected a analyzable booking, beryllium definite to see each of the airports astatine your disposal, arsenic you whitethorn beryllium pleasantly surprised.

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