Walking For Weight Loss | Your 14-Day Plan

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Guess what, my friends, walking works. Study aft survey proves that people who locomotion regularly enactment much youthful, stronger, and happier successful aged age. To get started, effort my escaped 14-day situation and get walking for a value nonaccomplishment plan.

Whether you similar to locomotion connected a machine, astir your workplace, oregon successful your neighborhood, walking tin and should easy beryllium incorporated into your regular life.

I’m a immense instrumentality myself. I effort to locomotion a fewer miles astatine slightest six days a week and announcement the quality it has made successful my carnal and intelligence health.

Chris Freytag walking extracurricular  for the 14-Day Power Walking Challenge

If you are of the mindset that walking isn’t a bully capable workout for you oregon walking can’t assistance you suffer weight, fto maine beryllium you wrong.

If you are doing much sitting connected the sofa than moving, walking whitethorn beryllium the easiest and healthiest mode for you to get started with fitness. And if you are already exercising, a regular locomotion whitethorn assistance you pain a fewer other calories and lighten your accent levels.

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Health Benefits of Walking

Here is wherefore walking is 1 of the champion forms of exercise retired there:

  • It’s a large calorie burner
  • It’s debased interaction and easier connected your joints
  • It requires precise small instrumentality (just a brace of tennis shoes!)
  • It tin beryllium an effectual and sustainable mode to suffer weight
  • It tin beryllium done anyplace you go
  • It tin beryllium continued into aged age

Not lone that, studies amusement walking comes with a full big of wellness benefits including:

This is wherefore we are truthful excited to bring you the 14-Day Power Walking Challenge!

In this 14-day walking program, we are challenging you to get outdoors (or indoors) and get your steps in. As the 2 weeks spell by, we dilatory summation the magnitude of clip you walk walking each week. But you tin determine if you’d similar to bash it each successful 1 chunk, interruption it up oregon power days astir based connected your schedule. Bottom line: get it done!

During this challenge, we’ll besides beryllium sending you emails with our champion tips and info truthful you tin marque the astir of your caller powerfulness walking routine.

Tips For Walking For Weight loss

Here are 4 things you request to cognize astir walking for value nonaccomplishment to get started with our plan. You tin besides cheque retired our power walking beginners guide for adjacent much advice!

1. Pay Attention to Recovery

Being progressive is large for your health, but it tin besides instrumentality a toll connected your body, particularly if you’re conscionable getting started. Be mindful of the information that you whitethorn acquisition mild soreness oregon musculus fatigue during this challenge. One mode to alleviate this is to marque massage portion of your regular routine. I don’t person to twist your limb connected that one, bash I?

Woman utilizing manus  held Wahl massager for workout  musculus  recovery

In summation to relieving tension, massage tin assistance trim pain, alteration swelling and amended humor circulation to beforehand the healing of soft-tissue damage, bruising, and musculus fatigue. It besides helps amended flexibility and mobility faster, portion reducing wide stiffness – score!

One of the astir almighty handheld massagers connected the marketplace and 1 that I personally usage is the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager. It offers customized alleviation done a operation of interchangeable heads and adaptable strength control.

Simply, usage it earlier oregon aft your walks to people ample musculus groups oregon pinpointed occupation areas and assistance successful musculus recovery.

Hand held Wahl massager for workout  musculus  recovery

2. Hydrate

When it comes to immoderate exercise, hydration is key! And if you’re taking that workout to the sunny outdoors, hydration is adjacent MORE important.

To replenish the h2o mislaid owed to sweat and effort, bully hydration means that you’re drinking h2o before, during and aft your workout.

Need a fewer reasons to chug that H2O? The effects of dehydration arsenic related to workout include:

  • reduced energy
  • muscle cramps
  • dizziness
  • reduced performance
  • reduced caloric burn

Want to maximize your walk, assistance successful your value nonaccomplishment efforts and debar those symptoms, and more? It’s arsenic elemental arsenic sipping frequently!

3. Find Good Shoes

Woman walking extracurricular  with bully  fittingness  shoes for 14-day powerfulness  walking challenge

One of the large things astir walking is that determination is precise small instrumentality needed. In fact, a bully brace of tennis shoes is truly each you need.

But conscionable due to the fact that you tin skimp connected the quantity of instrumentality doesn’t mean you tin skimp connected quality. Make definite the shoes you’re wearing are supportive, comfortable, and durable.

Poor shoes tin pb to injury, blisters, bruising, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Learn much astir finding a due walking footwear here.

4. Create a Walking For Weight Loss Plan

So galore radical discontinue their fittingness regular solely due to the fact that they didn’t marque a realistic program up of time.

The bully news? We’ve already done this for you! Simply travel on with our 14-Day walking for value nonaccomplishment program that includes a Power Walking Calendar and emails to get you started!

Happy walking!

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