Vote Now: 2022 Prince of Travel Awards (Loyalty & Points Programs)

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Welcome backmost to Week 2 of the 2022 Prince of Travel Awards. Many acknowledgment to those of you who had formed your votes backmost successful Week 1! 

2022 Prince of Travel Awards Categories

As a reminder, the 37 categories for the 2022 Prince of Travel Awards are arsenic follows (new categories for this twelvemonth are highlighted successful italics):

Credit Cards

  • Best Premium Credit Card
  • Best Travel Credit Card
  • Best Small Business Credit Card
  • Best Credit Card Signup Bonus
  • Best Visa Card
  • Best Mastercard
  • Best Credit Card Perk
  • Best Cash Back Credit Card
  • Best No-Fee Credit Card
  • Best No FX Fee Credit Card
  • Best New Financial Product
  • Best US Credit Card

Loyalty Programs

  • Best Transferable Points Currency
  • Best Fixed-Value Points Currency
  • Best Airline Loyalty Program
  • Best Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Best Hotel Elite Status
  • Best International Award Sweet Spot
  • Best Promotion
  • Best Positive Change
  • Best New Aeroplan Partner

Airlines & Lounges

  • Best Domestic Business Class
  • Best Domestic Economy Class
  • Best International Business Class
  • Best International First Class
  • Best Airport Lounge successful Canada
  • Best Business Class Lounge
  • Best First Class Lounge
  • Best New Aviation Product

Hotels & Destinations

  • Best Hotel successful Canada (Points)
  • Best Hotel successful Canada (Cash)
  • Best Resort successful Canada (Points)
  • Best Resort successful Canada (Cash)
  • Best International City Hotel
  • Best Overwater Villa
  • Best Aspirational Hotel (Points)
  • Most Exciting Destination Reopening

Week 2: Loyalty & Points Programs

In Week 2 of voting, it’s clip to formed your ballot connected the 9 Loyalty & Points Programs categories, with a shortlist of nominees among each class for you to take from.

Best Transferable Points Currency

Among Canada’s large transferable points currencies, which programme is the best?

Best Fixed-Value Points Currency

Among points currencies that tin lone beryllium redeemed for a fixed value, which programme is the best?

Best Airline Loyalty Program

Among predominant flyer programs, which rewards your loyalty the most? Which points are you ever looking to earn?

Best Hotel Loyalty Program

What’s your favourite edifice loyalty program? Which points bash you find the astir utile for escaped nighttime redemptions?

Best Hotel Elite Status

Which large edifice concatenation astir rewards your loyalty with meaningful elite perks?

  • Accor Live Limitless Diamond
  • IHG One Rewards Diamond Elite
  • Hilton Honors Diamond
  • Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite
  • World of Hyatt Globalist

Best International Award Sweet Spot

Departing connected an planetary trip, which grant redemption saccharine spot offers the champion worth for your points?

Best Promotion

Of the large question promotions this twelvemonth successful the Canadian market, which 1 was the strongest?

Best Positive Change

Of the each the upward changes among large points programs this year, which 1 was the best?

Best New Aeroplan Partner

Of each the caller partners Aeroplan has added this year, which 1 is the best?

Week 2: Vote Now

As portion of the voting process, you are invited to select your apical choice among the candidates successful each category.

It’s up to you however you vote: consciousness escaped to ballot based connected either your personal experience with immoderate of the candidates or your impressions of each campaigner arsenic a savvy points collector.

If you’d similar to abstain from voting successful immoderate category, simply permission it blank. 

The bid of the candidates is randomized arsenic portion of the survey to debar introducing bias into your vote. After you’ve completed your ballot and picked the victor successful each 12, deed the Submit fastener and your ballot volition beryllium counted! 

Without further ado, you tin taxable your ballot for Week 1 of the 2022 Prince of Travel Awards below:


Week 2 of voting volition adjacent astatine the extremity of Sunday, November 27.

Week 3 volition instrumentality spot the pursuing week, and Week 4 the week aft that. Finally, the winners volition beryllium announced connected Monday, December 12. Happy voting!

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