Volkswagen rolling out specialist conversion models with factory backing

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Volkswagen Commercial is rolling retired a scope of ‘turn-key’ specializer vehicles specified arsenic a wheelchair-ready Caddy, and Crafter-based tippers, acold retention trucks, and luxury motorhomes.

Rather than needing to bargain basal vehicles and instrumentality them to a specializer converter, these for-purpose commercials are (or volition be) disposable ready-to-go from VW dealers – with warranties. 

The conversion enactment is being done by Volkswagen-approved (OEM level) third-parties successful Europe and the UK with longstanding VW dealings, oregon by spouse organisations successful Australia specified arsenic Jayco, Walkinshaw and ARB.

Seven ‘conversion’ variants – either confirmed for Australia oregon nether valuation and investigating –were unveiled astatine the caller Volkswagen Group Australia bureau and grooming centre astatine Essendon Fields past week, to beforehand the part and make marketplace interest. 

Already a large absorption for the institution astatine home, Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles part says it sees this arsenic a large portion of its aboriginal successful Australia, and a cardinal differentiator. 

“We cognize from the occurrence of the Australian-engineered Walkinshaw Amarok and Crafter Kampervan that determination are large opportunities for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to supply adjacent much tailored solutions to a assortment of recreational and specializer needs,” claims manager Ryan Davies

“From ambulance fleets to wheelchair entree vehicles, from refrigerated transport to pugnacious tipper bodies, the Caddy and Crafter successful peculiar supply the cleanable ground to supply versatile and integrated solutions – mill backed with warranty, turn-key solutions that are acceptable to go.

“These 7 vehicles amusement the wide intent of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to grow beyond the bid accumulation vehicles disposable successful showrooms.”

The vehicles

Caddy Maxi Life with wheelchair entree conversion

This is the archetypal quality successful Australia of a conveyance from the “soon-to-be available” Caddy Wheelchair Accessible Conversion, based connected the Caddy Maxi.

The conveyance is converted by a 400-staff institution called AMF-Bruns GmbH headquartered successful Lower Saxony, billed arsenic the European person successful making vehicles for radical with reduced mobility. 

The Caddy Wheelchair Accessible Conversion is present being homologated for the Australian marketplace with a people merchandise day of precocious 2023. It already has Full European Type-Approval, and much than 350 person been sold successful caller Zealand already. 

VW claims that successful displayed six-seat specification it volition outgo astir $25,000 much than the Caddy Maxi connected which it is based, suggesting a circa-$80,000 terms tag. Five- and seven-seat layouts are available. 

Features see an ‘Easyflex’ ramp with cut-out level that tucks distant beneath the vehicle, a folding head- and backrest for the wheelchair occupant with a restraint strategy crash-tested to 20g (forces), and extra-long wheelchair belts.

The conveyance tin beryllium serviced astatine immoderate VW trader and the conversion attraction (eg. for the hydraulic lift) volition beryllium taught to dealers with enactment from AMF-Bruns.

While a large upside is the turn-key quality of this machine, VW says it volition beryllium capable to invoice the conveyance and conversion separately – for organisations that necessitate it specified arsenic the government’s NDIS.

Crafter with Smartbar SpartanBar polycarbonate bullbar 

This Crafter modification was developed from a nonstop petition from Emergency Services to usage connected their ambulances, arsenic Volkswagen tries to musculus successful connected turf traditionally held by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. 

Local institution Smartbar (an ARB 4×4 Accessories brand) has received what’s called a ‘letter of nary objection’ from Volkswagen AG successful Germany, meaning it’s considered a bonafide supplier. 

Smartbar is locally known for processing frontal extortion systems for fleets, exigency services and mining, and this merchandise was designed and made successful Australia. 

The hollow, polyethylene plan provides frontal extortion arsenic good arsenic the quality to flex and sorb connected impact, past instrumentality to shape. It weighs 53kg. 

 It is compatible with each the driver- assistance systems and communal Australian Emergency conveyance accessories 

The Crafter 35 MWB with Smartbar ARB conversion is on-sale present priced from $3658 beyond the outgo of the Crafter 35 MWB.

Crafter dual cab with Tipper Body

This 1 is simply a toed successful the water, with VW saying there’s “potential marketplace demand”. 

It’s created by a institution called Ingimex, which bills itself arsenic the UK’s largest shaper of airy commercialized conveyance bodies.

Features see afloat tallness embossed alloy sheet construction, a precocious tensile alloy level dip e-coated successful a six-stage process, double-skinned aluminium sideboards, a tailboard with broadside mounted locks, three-level load lashing, and a 400kg gantry capacity.

Crafter azygous cab with container body 

Another Ingimex creation, the Crafter container assemblage is designed to tackle the ascendant Isuzu N-Series cabover truck. 

It tin beryllium driven connected a car licence with a sub 4.5t GVM, and has a claimed class-best circa 1.75t payload. 

Payload is maximised since the assemblage itself is astir half-a-tonne lighter than immoderate comparable body, according to VW, and comes each implicit excluding the optional-extra process lift.

The container assemblage comes pre-prepared to equine file oregon cantilever lifts with its adapted rear cross-member and pre-installed 2nd battery. The shutter strategy is integrated successful the roof.

The Crafter container assemblage is going on-sale now, with 22 vehicles acceptable to beryllium successful the trader web by Christmas – and much successful 2023 – priced from $79,990 positive on-road costs.

It has 3 seats including an ErgoComfort driver’s spot with massaging, an eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel thrust with dual rear tyres, and a four-tier load restraint system. 

Crafter azygous cab with eutectic acold goods body 

A merchandise of Carlsen Baltic UAB Lithuania, a market-leader for refrigerated motortruck conversions successful Europe and recognised precedence VW partner. 

The assemblage connected show is being utilized to supply real-world investigating information successful Australia’s climate. It is being sent to a acold goods distributor, past further northbound to supply feedback via the GPS tracking strategy with somesthesia sensors.

It uses a eutectic cooling strategy that does not necessitate motor powerfulness to support the assemblage acold during runs – conscionable a three-phase plug astatine basal and six hours “pull-down” time. So agelong arsenic you don’t permission doors unfastened excessively long, it’s designed to support a somesthesia for up to 13 hours.

It’s billed arsenic having an operating somesthesia of –33 °C to –20 °C, and for the engineers among america has a K worth of ≤ 0.27 W/m²K.

Estimated pricing, “if the determination is made to determination up with an Australian on-sale date”, would beryllium circa-$130,000 positive on-road costs, says VW. 

There are nary tailpipe emissions from the eutectic refrigeration, nary operational noise, and “continuous cooling” adjacent erstwhile the conveyance motor is off. It has afloat European & Australian Type-Approval.

Crafter Kampervan by Jayco

This luxury 6.8m-long motorhome made by Jayco successful Dandenong, Melbourne, has 3 beds, eating and seating areas, an interior bathroom, room with state cooktop, sinks, a lithium location artillery with solar, an outer awning and more.

It has besides modular 4Motion all-wheel drive, and costs $150,440 positive on-road costs with alloy wheels and two-tone paint. Rather than breaking it each down here, work our abstracted item communicative here.

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