Traditional Christmas Desserts (Just Healthier!)

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Baking and enjoying thing saccharine astir the holidays is simply a indispensable but erstwhile accepted Christmas desserts are afloat of sugar, calories, and allergens it mightiness consciousness similar you person to debar Christmas treats.

But not this year! Bring connected the vacation cheer with these steadfast Christmas cookies and better-for-you Christmas treats to beryllium you truly tin person a vacation with each the sweetness you emotion without getting added to the naughty list!

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Healthy Christmas Cookies


Keto Snickerdoodle Shortbread Cookies

Who doesn’t emotion a bully snickerdoodle?! Dish took inspiration from 1 of their favourite cookies for this keto shortbread, with the summation of shredded coconut and coconut flour for a hint of tropical flavor. We’re successful love.

gingerbread men

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

These Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies are sweet, perfectly spiced, and made with easy-to-find ingredients! If you’re connected a gluten-free fare you tin inactive bask classical gingerbread cookies astatine Christmas with this casual cooky recipe.

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Whole-Wheat Spritz Cookies

Grandma’s spritz cookies are ever the best, but Grandma, we’re sorry. We’ve made a fewer steadfast changes this year: whole-wheat, egg-free, and pink!

Flourless Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

The look eliminated the flour, chopped the sweetener successful half, and swapped beverage cocoa kisses for acheronian cocoa without sacrificing sensation oregon sweetness. These cookies won’t past agelong astatine a enactment truthful travel prepared with a treble batch.

Better For You Christmas Candy

yum world  vacation  candy

Yum Earth Candy

If you’re looking for a store-bought Christmas candy you tin consciousness bully about, look nary further. No precocious fructose maize syrup, nary artificial dyes, non-GMO, and made with elemental ingredients. YumEarth organic treats are escaped from the apical 8 allergens making them schoolroom friendly.

Vegan Candy Cane Fudge connected  a Christmas cooky  platter

Candy Cane Fudge

Want to beryllium upgraded from person to champion friend? Give the acquisition of candy cane fudge—Vegan, gluten-free, festive, and astir importantly, easy. You can’t spell incorrect with this recipe.

Raw Holiday Fudge connected  a Christmas Cookie platter

Raw Holiday Fudge

This fudge looks similar the holidays and is simply a large mode to formal up your Christmas dessert table. It’s packed with iron-rich ingredients and uses a basal of almond food truthful you tin consciousness bully astir indulging successful much than 1 piece…

Raw Peppermint Patties

Raw Peppermint Patties

This look tin beryllium immoderate benignant of peppermint cooky you could anticipation for. Thin mint, peppermint patty, mint cocoa wafer…you sanction it. It’s the cleanable saccharine dainty to lucifer the vacation peppermint mocha that’s successful your different hand.

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