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We people a ton of car quality stories during the moving week (70-odd arsenic a rule), and it tin beryllium pugnacious to support up with everything – which is the rationale down this play list.

In short, present are some key articles from our quality table since Monday of this week summarised, conscionable successful lawsuit you missed them astatine the time.

Alfa’s stake connected the tiny SUV segment

Alfa Romeo has priced its caller entry-level model, the tiny Tonale crossover, up of a section motorboat successful February 2023.

The scope opens astatine $49,900 earlier on-road costs for the front-wheel thrust mild-hybrid Ti.

It volition grow aboriginal successful 2023 with the instauration of an all-wheel thrust plug-in hybrid variant.

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Maserati’s expansive tourer revealed with disposable electrical power

The all-new Maserati GranTurismo doesn’t precisely look overmuch antithetic to its 15-year aged predecessor model, but beneath that stylish sheetmetal it’s an wholly antithetic animal.

The drivetrains are caller to the model, and nary are a Ferrari V8 arsenic before. There are 2 versions of the MC20 supercar’s ‘Nettuno’ V6, and an insane all-electric drivetrain successful a exemplary called GranTurismo Folgore.

The Folgore sports 3 300kW radial motors for maximum strategy output of 560kW (battery discharge capacity), oregon 610kW connected overboost. The motors usage silicon carbide inverters derived from Formula E.

Peak torque is listed arsenic a staggering 1350Nm, and its AWD strategy has torque vectoring.

FULL STORY: 2023 Maserati GranTurismo revealed: Italian coupe successful detail

EV6 proviso to amended successful 2023

The Kia EV6 is apt to beryllium successful greater proviso from the caller year, with the brand’s section part indicating it’s expecting “over 100 per month” successful 2023 – oregon astatine slightest 1200 units for adjacent year.

Following confirmation that section allocation for this twelvemonth had accrued to 700 units – up from the 500 vehicles initially forecast erstwhile the EV6 launched successful February – a Kia Australia spokesperson told CarExpert the section limb is “anticipating proviso to ramp up adjacent year”.

Should Kia Australia beryllium capable to connection “over 100” EV6 units per month, it astir triples the archetypal allocation fig of 500 vehicles, and could treble 2022’s calendar twelvemonth tally of 700 vehicles.

FULL STORY: Kia EV6 proviso to treble successful 2023

Tesla’s vision: nary sensors, nary radar, (temporarily) missing features

Tesla has already removed radar from its vehicles and present it’s stripping its cars of ultrasonic sensors successful a determination that volition spot vehicles temporarily suffer assorted functions.

It’s calling it the adjacent measurement successful Tesla Vision arsenic it wholly embraces cameras to execute tasks typically divided crossed cameras, sensors, radar, and adjacent LiDAR successful different vehicles.

Tesla volition cease accumulation of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with ultrasonic sensors globally implicit the adjacent fewer months starting successful October, earlier removing them from Model S and Model X vehicles successful 2023.

The determination means “for a abbreviated play of clip during this transition”, Tesla Vision vehicles produced without sensors “will beryllium delivered with immoderate features temporarily constricted oregon inactive”.

FULL STORY: Teslas temporarily losing functions with removal of sensors

Australia’s favourite tiny car getting improvements

Toyota has elaborate immoderate updates for its Japanese-market Corolla, soon earlier the facelifted Australian mentation arrives aboriginal successful 2022, including a bump successful powerfulness and caller infotainment.

The MY23 Corolla successful its location marketplace gets a freshened 1.8-litre hybrid motor with an updated electrical motor. Toyota Australia has confirmed section Corolla hybrids volition get an 8kW boost bringing highest powerfulness to 98kW.

Updated Japan-market 2.0-litre petrol models get claimed ratio improvements, and a tiny torque bump from 200Nm to 202Nm (power remains 125kW).

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Renault 4 to instrumentality to the fore

Renault continues to pat its past to beforehand its future, teasing a conception mentation of the revived Renault 4 up of its Paris centrifugal amusement debut connected October 17.

The institution published 2 shadowed images overnight, of the beforehand and side-profile, showing an over-the-top amusement car silhouette with a distinctly high-riding SUV stance.

Renault calls the conception “a modern twist to an iconic exemplary that near its people connected the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.”

We already knew astir the French company’s program to bring backmost the celebrated Renault 4 arsenic an electrical car for the modern age, with a reported motorboat of 2025 successful mind. The institution calls it a “reinterpretation”.

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Ford Mustang Supercar revealed

Ford Australia has opened the store (or should that beryllium stable?) doors, offering the nationalist a archetypal glimpse astatine its caller racing Mustang.

The 2023 Mustang GT Supercar has been publically unveiled astatine Bathurst, up of its archetypal laps this afternoon. The caller GT volition beryllium piloted by Dick Johnson connected its archetypal laps of The Mountain, earlier it joins the grid successful 2023 alongside the Chevrolet Camaro.

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R.I.P. ripper R.S.

One of Australia’s astir iconic blistery hatches volition shuffle disconnected into the sunset successful 2023, its shaper has confirmed, but electrified replacements volition yet capable the show void.

The Renault Megane R.S. volition beryllium disposable successful constricted numbers into adjacent year, but won’t spot 2024 arsenic Renault globally moves distant from its petrol-fired show cars.

There are a tiny fig of Megane R.S. models astir astatine the moment, and a batch is expected to get successful the aboriginal stages of 2023. It’s improbable there’ll beryllium a farewell peculiar edition.

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Hyundai’s streamliner making bee enactment for Australia

Preliminary Australian-market details for the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 electrical conveyance (EV) person been revealed during the planetary motorboat thrust successful South Korea, with 2 high-spec variants apt to beryllium the archetypal offerings.

According to accusation supplied by Hyundai’s section division, the Ioniq 6 volition beryllium arriving successful Australia during “early 2023” – indicating archetypal 4th (January to March inclusive) – with a line-up apt mirroring the related Ioniq 5 range.

That means single-motor and dual-motor drivetrain options, some highly specified, and a modular long-range battery.

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A-Class updates revealed up of 2023 section launch

The facelifted Mercedes-Benz A-Class scope has been revealed, up of an Australian instauration during the 2nd 4th of 2023 (April to June inclusive).

Once again disposable successful hatchback and sedan bodies, arsenic good arsenic AMG derivatives, the A-Class has received subtle exterior and interior plan revisions, arsenic good arsenic the latest procreation of the brand’s MBUX connected infotainment system.

There’s besides a wholly electrified petrol motor family, and a scope bump for the A250e plug-in hybrid which besides receives an incrementally much almighty electrical motor.

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A September to retrieve arsenic VFACTS shows EV income surge

Australia’s caller car income according to the VFACTS manufacture database grew 12.3 per cent successful September to 93,555 vehicles, with EVs mounting a caller grounds marketplace share.

It’s the 2nd period successful succession of coagulated growth, with the marketplace besides increasing 17.3 per cent successful August. This suggests banal levels and proviso are connected the improve.

Year-to-date car income present beryllium astatine 811,130 with 3 months near to run, down 0.6 per cent implicit the 2021 cumulative tally.

The top-three selling vehicles for September were the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, and rather remarkably the recently launched Tesla Model Y.

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