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We people a ton of car quality stories during the moving week (70-odd arsenic a rule), and it tin beryllium pugnacious to support up with everything – which is the rationale down this play list.

In short, present are immoderate cardinal articles from our quality table since Monday of this week summarised, conscionable successful lawsuit you missed them astatine the time.

A Bavarian icon reborn

We’ve seen official teasers, and even a fewer unintentional leaks, but here’s the second-generation BMW M2 in each its authoritative glory.

Pilfering powertrain and chassis tech from the bigger and much costly M3 and M4, the new M2 launches globally successful April 2023, and volition rotation into BMW Australia showrooms soon after.

Click here to work the Australian terms and specs communicative for the M2, owed to get successful Q2 of 2023 from $119,900 earlier on-road costs.

FULL STORY: 2023 BMW M2 revealed with 338kW punch

Toyota pushes backmost connected laggard claims

Sean Hanley, vice president of income and selling for Toyota Australia, has again sensationally contested the conception the Japanese marque is lagging down the manufacture successful electrification – successful a uncommon unscripted infinitesimal of passionateness this week.

Speaking with media during the Australian motorboat of the caller hybrid-heavy Corolla Cross, Mr Hanley made his feelings precise wide astir the way to nett zero successful Australia, which helium believes requires a divers acceptable of powertrain technologies to “take everyone connected the journey”.

“First of all, Toyota is not opposed to artillery electrical vehicles. Second is that we judge that to get to c neutrality, you person to instrumentality everyone connected the travel – you person to person a solution for the marketplace you’re operating” Mr Hanley claimed.

FULL STORY: Toyota – we’ve been reducing CO2 since earlier it was ‘trendy’

Little member plays catchup

Ten years ago, Kia’s marketplace stock successful Australia (2.6 per cent) was little than one-third that of its large shareholder, Hyundai (8.5 per cent).

Yet the marque has spent the past decennary steadily whittling distant this gap, to the constituent wherever successful 2022 Kia really sits up of Hyundai successful the income race.

To the extremity of September, Kia Australia has registered 60,200 vehicles, against 58,103 from Hyundai.

FULL STORY: Kia’s accelerated maturation tracked, arsenic it overtakes Hyundai successful Australia

Polestar’s archetypal SUV outed

Recently listed electric conveyance brand Polestar, a task betwixt Volvo and its genitor Geely, has whipped the covers from its archetypal SUV after a long-running teaser campaign.

The Polestar 3 is a distinctive-looking five-seater destined to articulation the existing Polestar 2 liftback in the company’s increasing line-up from precocious 2023 successful North America, Europe and China, and 2024 for different regions including Australia.

It volition beryllium the archetypal Polestar made successful 2 countries: starting successful Chengdu, China, and past successful the United States from 2024 astatine a works successful South Carolina.

FULL STORY: Polestar 3 electrical SUV revealed

Lexus EV gets scope boost

The updated Lexus UX300e electrical car volition get successful Australia successful 2023, with the header enactment being a overmuch larger artillery offering a greatly extended driving range.

The MY23 exemplary gets a 72.8kWh battery, up from the aged 54.4kWh pack, extending the driving scope from 315km to a claimed 450km successful WLTP testing.

The electrical centrifugal is arsenic before, producing 150kW of powerfulness and 300Nm of torque.

FULL STORY: 2023 Lexus UX300e EV gets scope boost

SsangYong roadworthy to recovery

SsangYong just managed what appears to beryllium its champion Australian monthly result, delivering 400 cars successful September to beryllium up 71 per cent connected the aforesaid period successful 2021.

Year-to-date (YTD) the marque has sold 2565 cars, up 17 per cent, putting it connected way for betwixt 3400 and 3500 income crossed the calendar twelvemonth – different high-water mark. It sold 2978 vehicles successful 2021, and 2645 mode backmost successful 2005.

Its champion performer is the Musso dual-cab ute with 222 monthly income and 1120 year-to-date, though it’s the Rexton large SUV that’s grown the most.

FULL STORY: SsangYong Australia primed for income record

Mazda’s premium propulsion gets inline-six

The Australian 2023 Mazda CX-60 range volition diagnostic a new 3.3-litre turbocharged inline-six with 48V mild-hybrid technology, which is antithetic to the 3.0-litre e-Skyactiv X supercharged petrol destined for Europe.

With outputs of 209kW and 450Nm, the caller 48V MHEV-assisted 3.3-litre inline-six turbo volition articulation the 241kW/500Nm 2.5-litre e-Skyactiv Plug-in Hybrid, arsenic good arsenic the 187kW/550Nm e-Skyactiv D 3.3-litre inline six turbo-diesel, likewise featuring 48V mild-hybrid technology.

Mazda Australia confirmed the 3.3-litre turbo confirmed arsenic portion of today’s CX-60 announcement won’t beryllium offered successful the CX-60’s different halfway markets, but volition marque its mode to North America – however, North America won’t beryllium getting the CX-60, arsenic acold arsenic we know.

FULL STORY: 2023 Mazda CX-60 to debut 3.3-litre turbo petrol

Toyota’s archetypal EV delayed… again

Toyota’s first electrical conveyance is inactive astir 12 months distant from hitting Australian showrooms.

The 2023 Toyota bZ4x has present been earmarked for an Australian motorboat during the second fractional of 2023, the institution has confirmed.

After initially being slated for a precocious 2022 arrival, Toyota’s vice president of sales, selling and franchise operations Sean Hanley told media this week astatine the motorboat of the Corolla Cross that the brand’s archetypal electrical conveyance won’t beryllium present for astatine slightest different 8-12 months.

FULL STORY: Toyota bZ4x EV delayed, coming to Australia 2nd fractional of 2023

New Carnival rival nears

In summation to its archetypal electrical radical mover, LDV’s section line-up is getting a caller petrol and diesel-powered model. Government documents amusement the LDV G90 petrol and diesel radical mover has been approved for merchantability successful Australia alongside its MIFA 9 electric counterpart.

While the beingness of support documents doesn’t ever mean a conveyance is coming to Australia, CarExpert understands the G90 scope volition beryllium launched locally – though whether its motorboat coincides with the November accomplishment of the MIFA 9 is unclear.

The G90 volition service arsenic a replacement for the G10 radical mover, discontinued earlier this year.

FULL STORY: 2023 LDV G90, Chinese Kia Carnival rival acceptable for Australia

Hyundai rates EV utes arsenic suitable – for some

Hyundai Australia says it sees the imaginable for an electrical ute here, astatine slightest for immoderate people.

The institution has besides called for the Albanese-led government’s impending National Electric Vehicle Strategy to see ways to promote availability of EV pickups that are the close size for section buyers.

While not successful immoderate mode confirming an EV ute was successful development, Hyundai Australia COO John Kett told CarExpert past week that a zero-emission solution represented a beardown accidental for the marque present – among some, not all, buyers.

FULL STORY: Hyundai Australia believes electrical ute volition enactment – for some

EV survey findings posted

Electric vehicles volition scope terms parity with combustion-powered vehicles successful Australia by 2031 but those who unrecorded successful our nation’s outer suburbs hazard being near behind.

That’s the connection from nonrecreational services steadfast KPMG, which besides predicts the mean electrical conveyance scope volition summation from 340km to 480km successful that time.

It has compiled a study called Accelerating section electrical conveyance uptake wherever it matters, and has developed a level that tracks EV volumes astatine a postcode level and the ensuing emissions reductions, arsenic good arsenic changes successful energy demand.

FULL STOEY: KPMG says EVs should beryllium subsidised for radical successful outer suburbs

Toyota seeks software-led profits

Australia’s top-selling car company Toyota is rolling retired a scope of app- and cloud-based ‘connected services’ – immoderate for free, and others for an eventual monthly fee.

It’s a perchance lucrative determination for a institution that sells much than 200,000 caller vehicles present each year. Its determination to complaint subscription fees volition nary uncertainty beryllium intimately watched by rivals.

The archetypal conveyance to get Toyota Connected Services present is the new Corolla Cross SUV, with the technologies to beryllium rolled retired crossed the scope arsenic they get regular updates.

FULL STORY: Toyota Connected Services get with subscription plans

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