The Link Up: The Cookbook Emily Tried (And LOVED) 9 Recipes From In One Week, Caitlin’s Affordable Dry Skin Cures, And A Great Sweater

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Happy Sunday everyone. For us, this was a truly breathtaking week due to the fact that we got to uncover Em’s fantastic pantry. The squad was arsenic taken by it and are SO excited that successful little than a period we each get to alert up to Portland to spot the full location successful person! Until past we, similar you, volition conscionable happily bask each of the breathtaking updates happening arsenic they come. Ok, nexus time:)

This week’s location tour is simply a STUNNING illustration of however to bring mid-century modern into 2023. The colors astatine rich, the patterns are classic, and the vintage is to dice for. This 1961 quality got incredibly fortunate to get homeowners that were capable to reconstruct it with specified care. Go look astatine it present connected The Design Files!

From Emily: OH BOY americium I excited to archer you astir this cookbook. Yes, it’s each plant-based (and I was precocious told I’m precise intolerant to dairy) but I find her recipes incredibly satisfying. I’ve made 9 of them truthful acold (which is simply a batch successful 1 week) and they are truthful fresh, delicious, and it’s not a batch of tofu oregon faux proteins (which are fine, but I truly conscionable mostly bask vegetables, not trying to replicate meat). There are a batch of ingredients (herbs, spices, variety) successful each recipe, which to you mightiness dependable annoying to make, but it yields a acold much delicious meal. Specifically the kale chips, the charred broccoli “gnocchi,” and the glow salad. Laura Wright has intelligibly spent a batch of clip processing these recipes and her hard enactment is precise appreciated by me.

From Mallory: Here is the woody of the season: I went to Madewell past week and they were doing an further 40% disconnected their merchantability conception and I recovered a SCORE. It’s this sweater, guys. I’m truthful impressed by the prime (and was primitively $110) but is present OVER HALF OFF astatine $50!! I bought it successful greenish but they besides person it successful black, white, camel and pink. Highly considering buying different colour it’s that good.

From Caitlin: Hello from your lizard-skinned net friend! If you besides endure from eczema (or you’re conscionable feeling much adust and scaly than you’d prefer), I person 2 game-changers for you: this $15 hypoallergenic soothing assemblage wash (it virtually utilized to beryllium called “eczema calming assemblage wash,” but it’s been rebranded to entreaty to the masses) and this $27 targeted eczema assemblage balm. I was diagnosed with eczema arsenic a kid and surviving successful LA has decidedly calmed it down, but I inactive thin to get VERY patchy during the winter. That said, these 2 products instrumentality maine from “rough and uncomfortable” to “soft and well-moisturized” successful a REALLY awesome magnitude of clip (like, there’s a noticeable quality aft the archetypal shower). In each honesty, I’m not brainsick astir either of the scents – they’re not atrocious oregon aesculapian oregon spicy, just…weird? Like a merchandise that’s trying to beryllium unscented, but inactive has a smell, if that makes sense? But they some enactment SO  that I find myself turning backmost to them twelvemonth aft twelvemonth aft twelvemonth (seriously – person been buying and utilizing them since 2017!). Hoping this proposal tin assistance idiosyncratic else, too!! 

From Ryann: This is my favourite notebook and I person astir apt purchased 200 notebooks successful my lifetime. I started doing greeting pages a fewer months agone (i.e. I constitute 3 pages each greeting to commencement my day) and this is the cleanable size notebook for that purpose. I emotion that it doesn’t person a ace hardcover truthful it tin laic level portion I americium writing. The enactment spacing is cleanable and this whitethorn dependable looney tunes but it conscionable feels good to constitute in.

From Jess: Tell maine wherefore it took maine until 2023 to get a crockery spinner?? I deliberation everyone should person one. I’m embarrassed astir however wasteful I was successful attempting to adust my leafy greens and herbs with…paper towels. I KNOW THAT’S TERRIBLE! But I americium a caller pistillate aft utilizing my friend’s crockery spinner past week. We decided to prep a clump of our week’s nutrient unneurotic and I americium giving it a 10/10! I hate prepping food. It’s boring and takes maine forever. So to get to bent with a person and batch chop and roast things made it truthful overmuch amended and I really cooked each 1 of my meals this week. I’m arsenic amazed arsenic you are. She had this one which is large and a small much affordable for the size, but it has a spread successful the apical that you request to beryllium cautious of truthful you don’t get your digit caught. It happening to my friend. I don’t spot I that won’t person the aforesaid destiny truthful I opted for this smaller one! No holes for accidental digit catching and easier for maine to handle. So if I person a large batch of lettuce I mightiness request to bash a fewer rounds but that’s worthy it to maine truthful I don’t person yet different large, annoying happening to wash. Plus the smaller 1 is large for herbs too! If you person a large family, don’t caput washing a larger sizer, oregon simply person a dishwasher (dreams!) past this is the larger version of the 1 I bought. Now that I person a crockery spinner, I mightiness beryllium unstoppable.


J.Crew: Today! 25% disconnected full-price styles & other 60% disconnected last-chance merchantability styles. Use code: EPIC
Ulta: It’s the Love Your Skin Event! They are offering 50% disconnected a caller enactment of skincare products each time done January 21st.

That’s it! Have a large remainder of your time and spot y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM | Photo by Kaitlin Green

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