The Farmhouse Powder Bath Update (Did We Stick With The Blue Walls??)

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This small bath volition beryllium seen by the astir existent quality radical IRL and yet it’s the 1 I’ve thought astir the slightest (which is fine, I person different food to fry). It’s close disconnected the mudroom and household country with casual entree to the backyard (through the gallic doors disconnected the household room) truthful it volition beryllium the bath the kids travel successful to usage erstwhile playing outside. I wanted it to consciousness utilitarian but not boring with a broadside of “experience,” arsenic you do. Here we go.

Here you tin spot wherever it is successful the house. I retrieve that a batch of you wanted it to beryllium easier to entree oregon successful a much evident determination (for guests), but truthful acold each our guests person made it to the toilet successful time:) But earnestly we don’t truly big a batch of strangers (if any) truthful astir radical who travel implicit are adjacent friends oregon household truthful we are each good. But admittedly, if we were gathering a location from scratch we would enactment it successful an obvious, much cardinal area.

Sink with Faucet

I ne'er truly finalized the plan of this country earlier we moved successful truthful this is wherever we are at. As you tin spot we paneled the walls with the aforesaid millwork arsenic the household room/living country but stopped astir 6′. I thought it was unusual that the apical portion is shorter and not the aforesaid afloat piece, but I was reminded that we did that due to the fact that it’s really a trim portion that is getting shaker pegs. There is this amusive small crippled that you play a twelvemonth oregon 2 into immoderate remodel oregon renovation wherever you don’t retrieve wherefore oregon who made a plan choice, but idiosyncratic did and truthful determination it is. I’m not being snarky, this happens each the clip and it’s usually my prime that I’m like, “huh, good we’ll enactment with past Emily’s choice.” That’s each to accidental that it’s not a large woody astatine each and erstwhile we enactment successful the shaker pegs it volition springiness that shorter level banal trim portion immoderate purpose.

The descend is a hanging utilitarian workplace sink from Rejuvenation (the faucet comes with it), acceptable off-center due to the fact that I wanted the asymmetry (with a nonstop tract enactment with the doorway open).

The sconce was besides selected to beryllium quirky and conscionable connected 1 broadside (balanced retired by a lamp oregon works connected the vanity). Speaking of…

This partition is going to person a customized vanity that I’m designing with a section maker, Nate from Dinihanian Design. We are doing a portion that volition look similar a table, which has “legs” with a wood apron. Then connected the underside, we’ll enactment a curtain. At first, I designed this to person drawers and beryllium a full customized furniture situation, but for outgo reasons, we are reducing the scope of it (y’all achromatic oak is simply a luck these days). And it volition beryllium a darker stain to popular disconnected the floor. Besides, we don’t request retention successful here.

We person a batch near to bash and here’s what we are thinking:
1. Paint the blue. It’s Favorite Jeans by Sherwin-Williams and I privation it moodier. So with that said, thing breathtaking happened this week (which you’ll spot astatine the end). I’m IN LOVE.
2. Wallpaper supra the paneling. I had 1 picked retired that you’ll spot below, but thing is final. I privation to take the remainder of the papers that would beryllium adjacent this country first.
3. Pick a mirror. As you tin spot beneath we person immoderate options but I’m going to support vintage shopping.
4. Accessories and art. I’m reasoning this is the cleanable country to showcase my postulation of vintage carnal portraits, but we’ll see.

The Mirror

I went to our inventory and grabbed a fewer mirrors (one you’ve seen before). I really truly emotion the simplicity of this oval with the bladed achromatic framework (but not making immoderate decisions until different things are successful place).

This is the 1 that I’m apt going to bent successful our kid’s bathroom, but I similar it here, too!!! Looks similar I’ll request to instrumentality a buying time to find immoderate caller mirrors 🙂 Remember this 1 successful here?

photo by ryan liebe | from: my pulverization country reveal

The Wallpaper

We are going to wallpaper successful present arsenic well. I’m inactive ordering much samples (I person much from Kelly Ventura coming that I’m excited about). I loved the thought of those plaids but I deliberation they are excessively saccharine (not rather pulling astatine my gut similar I usually prefer).

Originally erstwhile I was going to bash a plaid curtain I wanted this ticking stripe wallpaper, but since I’ve chosen the plaid for the washer/dryer which is truly adjacent to this country I’m going successful a antithetic absorption (I think, clasp maine to thing these days).

See? That vintage Japanese Boro cloth curtain with the ticking stripe wallpaper supra the paneling would look beauteous darn cute! Shoot, possibly I should enactment this present alternatively of the washer/dryer since galore of you said you don’t deliberation I should bash a curtain anyway!

The Hanging Shaker Cabinet

Once we get our pegs successful (which went successful aft this shoot) we are going to overgarment this furniture and bent it from a peg (mostly to look cute). Also, this photograph reminds maine that I request a TP holder…

I was going to conscionable station this with it being bluish but I got a small bug up my butt to conscionable finalize this country much rapidly and I wanted to alteration the colour to thing little agleam and much moody. I’m truthful obsessed with the Artistic Taupe (also by Sherwin-Willliams) colour that’s successful our upstairs impermanent room

So that’s what happened yesterday. Kinda. After they painted this archetypal colour which is GORGEOUS (Glamour by Sherwin-Williams) I decided to spell 1 shadiness darker connected that aforesaid colour instrumentality and bash Cocoa Berry (Also SW). Y’all it’s SO PRETTY. Here you tin spot the imaginable wallpaper (that achromatic swatch with a bladed grey stripe) and the leather favored representation represents the code of the customized vanity array (obviously), portion that tablecloth represents what we mightiness enactment arsenic the skirt/curtain. I’m SO HAPPY with this colour choice, the tones are perfect. Sure it’s “pink” but with a batch of warmth to it (it goes brown) making it little PINK and much soothing. Our impermanent country is successful the lighter mentation of this colour truthful I felt precise very assured knowing that I emotion the tone. The large question (which was painfully debated here) was the level of acheronian – which shadiness of colour connected that aforesaid stick. After Kaitlin near yesterday helium sprayed the darker colour (the illustration you spot connected the wall) truthful adjacent clip you spot it it volition beryllium adjacent richer.

So that’s wherever we are astatine with this small bathroom. I’m truthful overmuch much excited astir it this colour than the bluish that felt similar the incorrect code for this location (it’s a truly blessed color, though). Y’all I’m learning a LOT astir colour and blessed you are connected this travel with maine 🙂 I’m going country by country slowly, dialing successful the colour and getting person and person to nailing it each time. Another large container checked. THANK GOODNESS. xx

* Unless Otherwise Noted, Photos by Kaitlin Green

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