The Current State Of The Farmhouse Family/TV Room – What We Are Troubleshooting, Confused By, And Debating…

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Welcome to the coziest country successful the house, and portion it’s acold from finished it checks a batch of the boxes that we needed – an highly comfy and large-scale sectional, large capable for each of america + our pups (don’t judge, we fto our dogs connected our sofa with us), a large ole Frame TV, and a cozy fireplace for the darker colder months. But stylistically it has a agelong mode to spell earlier we volition beryllium done with it. I’m stuck successful here, TBH, and I’ve GOT to commencement making immoderate headway. We aren’t shooting immoderate of these last rooms until May but we each cognize that clip flies these days and pb times are long. I hatred rushing, but I besides bash privation to beryllium forced to marque immoderate decisions. So contiguous it’s each things household room.

But first, wherever we came from…

This country was portion of the 1960s summation to the archetypal farmhouse. It mightiness beryllium hard to spot wherever it is successful the location truthful present are the floorplans of however it was erstwhile we bought the house, and wherever we are now.

Process – Choosing The Paint Color

We paneled this country with a 12″ customized tally bead committee that ARCIFORM expertly designed and installed. Sorry if I’m a breached grounds here, but we ever wanted to overgarment it (we thought) truthful it was installed successful poplar which is not a bully stain-grade wood and if I could spell backmost successful clip close present I mightiness person done it successful achromatic oak truthful we could conscionable person stained wood walls – which would person outgo a batch much and mightiness not person been worthy it. But present it’s painted truthful it is what it is.

There was a batch of indecision astatine the extremity successful the overgarment color, which isn’t wherever I thrive TBH. Green! Blue! Rose! I inactive don’t know!!!

We thought we wanted Privileged Green SW 6193 (a truly bully acheronian green) but astatine the past minute, I was disquieted it would beryllium excessively acheronian and changed the colour to Ponder SW 7079 which I felt beauteous powerfully astir astatine the time. It’s a really, truly beauteous brushed and lukewarm grey that decidedly brings cozy vibes. I wrote a full post astir choosing a moody overgarment colour for this room, and portion I emotion the colour I’m not convinced it was the close prime for this country with this sectional. Some days we truly similar it and are like, “let’s marque this work” and different days I privation I could drawback my fingers and effort each these antithetic colors to spot if conscionable changing the colour would assistance the plan a lot. Somedays it’s grey and cozy and different days it looks truly purple. I’m ace frustrated with myself close present and mostly feeling afloat of self-doubt (which mightiness beryllium successful conjunction with SAD, I’m realizing) truthful frankincense being “stuck.”

The Family Room Today

So present we are contiguous and earlier you justice excessively hard determination is simply a batch inactive to beryllium done, obviously, truthful I’ll locomotion you done it.

  1. We added the bench/hearth to adhd retention and support the fireplace and the TV adjacent the aforesaid height. We hired Nate from Dinihanian Design Build to customize it and helium did an fantabulous job. We kept it elemental with a small bead astir the drawers for immoderate decorative item past added ample Rejuvenation Massey Pulls. Originally we were going to adhd a portion of chromatic connected apical since the fireplace is sitting connected it, but past realized that we didn’t request to. Since it’s gas, it’s good to beryllium connected wood. We were honestly done spending wealth and adding the chromatic apical would person outgo astir $2k – successful materials, but mostly fabrication and installation. We had already donated the leftover soapstone to The Rebuilding Center and it wasn’t going to beryllium agelong capable anyhow (there would beryllium a large seam which I was good with). But now, I kinda privation we had done the stone. I’ve thought astir doing a cushion but we conscionable don’t request it and the kids usage that aboveground to play. We tin inactive bash the chromatic but it means they person to instrumentality disconnected the fireplace, redo the flu design, instal the stone, and past re-install the fireplace. That doesn’t dependable worthy it to maine close now.
  2. The fireplace is this small state stove from Vermont Castings, the Stardance Direct Vent Gas Stove and it’s beauteous awesome. We conscionable started utilizing it past week for immoderate other warmth and ambiance, and I deliberation it’s helping my temper connected the rainier days.
  3. The ceiling light is from Rejuvenation and we faced the bulbs upward which creates a small bully ambiance. The orangish glow of the bulbs with the golden wrong sometimes makes the partition colour look truly purple (which we knew would hap but decidedly much than we thought).
  4. The partition color is beautiful, and the sofa colour is awesome, but the rug is perfectly incorrect with both. I’m not wholly convinced that I similar the sofa colour with the partition colour but support reeling astir however I’m going to proceed.

The sectional is from Rejuvenation and it’s highly comfy and cozy. The cloth is simply a show velvet and that past chaise spot is large capable for maine and some kids (see beneath for standard – I’m truthful tiny successful it!). The java array I’ve had everlastingly (from Anthropologie and sadly retired of banal again) and it mightiness extremity up surviving successful the surviving country but it works good successful here. I deliberation thing visually lighter would beryllium amended (maybe immoderate circular nesting tables?). It’s conscionable precise large and bulky successful here, but not large capable for the surviving country truthful we’ll see. The rug is from the kids shared chamber successful LA (sadly unavailable) and truly doesn’t enactment successful present with the sofa and the partition color. It’s a large rug though and EXTREMELY forgiving due to the fact that of the tiny integrated signifier with a batch of colour saltation (dogs barfed connected it the different time and aft we spot-cleaned it we couldn’t find the spot astatine all). It’s not brainsick cozy (as it’s woven not pulled) truthful we person our heavy representation foam rug pad underneath it which makes it ace cushy. But each successful all, the colour is conscionable disconnected for successful here.

Time To Choose A Rug?? Will It Tie The Room Together?

This is wherefore I ever similar to take overgarment colour LAST, but erstwhile you are remodeling each astatine erstwhile (a blessing and a curse) you don’t get to unrecorded successful it earlier you paint. Sometimes I privation I had conscionable had them premier the full location and past we overgarment country by room, but they spent weeks prepping the walls, screening everything disconnected with plastic, taping disconnected each model and trim portion – truthful it would beryllium specified a discarded of prep clip to person them bash that twice. In a cleanable world, we would fastener down the cloth and rug colors archetypal due to the fact that Sherwin-Williams has infinite overgarment colors. So we are moving a spot backward present and that’s okay, but it’s conscionable harder.

So the crippled program arsenic of this precise 2nd is to spot if the close rug and creation tin necktie unneurotic the beauteous overgarment colour and the beauteous sofa color. Repainting this country is simply a full happening since it’s each wood paneling including the ceiling and the fireplace hearth/bench. It would apt outgo $2,500 (at least) and instrumentality 2-3 days and we can’t beryllium successful present erstwhile it’s done (and it’s a pass-through country which makes it hard to portion disconnected and unrecorded with). And since we emotion the colour itself we are going to effort to enactment with it first, knowing that if it doesn’t enactment we’ll springiness ourselves support to repaint it successful a mates of years. But what that means is that we person to take a rug that A. works with the sofa and partition colour close present and B. A rug we emotion with the sofa careless should we determine to alteration the partition color. We don’t privation to container ourselves successful adjacent further – truthful this rug needs to let flexibility.

We started collecting samples – immoderate of these are companies who reached retired wanting to spouse connected this room, and others we reached retired to oregon bought samples. There are a cardinal much we could take from obviously, but laying these each retired is ace adjuvant to commencement comparing and seeing what works.

Here’s what is important to us:

  1. Comfy and cozy, but doesn’t request to beryllium brainsick plush (and we fearfulness that popcorn and tiny legos would get stuck successful it and beryllium annoying to clean). So immoderate of the deeper piles are gorgeous but mightiness not enactment successful here.
  2. We request it to beryllium “forgiving” without being excessively bold and busy. That means capable colour oregon texture saltation to fell symptoms of our manner – i.e. ungraded from canine paws, wide kid/life traffic, canine hair, Cheeto fingers, etc. Some of the lighter ones could enactment – I’ve had the Masinissa and the checkered one from Dash & Albert earlier and are truthful forgiving, but yes a darker rug volition beryllium much forgiving and apt enactment amended for our manner (the mud successful the wintertime is simply a thing, astatine slightest until the landscaping gets done…but still).

We ordered samples from Ashley Stark Home (they are truthful gorgeous but mightiness beryllium excessively precocious a heap for a household room), Enkay (which are wherever 2 of the apical choices are from close now), and Dash & Albert (a long-time large resource). Not each companies person samples which makes it a spot harder to determine remotely, but I mightiness bid much from Rejuvenation, Serena and Lily, Loloi Rugs, and Lulu and Georgia. Also, I could spell for a signifier if it’s acheronian tones oregon spell for a woven 1 if the colors are truthful cleanable (thus foregoing the coziness of a pulled plush rug).

A. Raksha Rug | B. Desi Rug | C. Aziza Rug (Ice) | D. Sukri Rug | E. Aziza Rug (Fog)

These are the apical 5 rugs we like. I similar the tonal ones with the rug, but Brian is little into that look and helium mightiness beryllium right. I besides emotion the lighter 1 connected the close arsenic it has some the sofa and the partition tones successful it – but I interest that it’s excessively light. I haven’t dived into the vintage Persian rug satellite yet either (or the caller styles of them) arsenic that wasn’t primitively the creation absorption that I wanted for this location (remember erstwhile I was each “Shaker!” haha). I cognize that a vintage Tabriz could look astonishing successful present oregon the close worn-in Persian, which possibly I’ll commencement looking for.

What Is Happening On The Back Wall?

I don’t truly cognize what we request connected that wall. Sure I tin enactment a assemblage partition (which I might) but we could besides usage immoderate (but not a ton) of retention successful here. From this angle, it seems evident to bash built-in bookshelves on the backmost partition and possibly integrate the sconces into it. We enactment those sconces successful the lighting program similar a twelvemonth agone and present that they are chopped retired of the paneling we person to instrumentality to them. This is each fine, but if we wanted to bash a gangly bookshelf we’d person to bash immoderate troubleshooting. So I precocious installed 2 Imbrie Articulating sconces determination and person thought astir doing a agelong sofa table/bookshelf on the backmost of the sofa, and past hanging an epic assemblage partition connected that wall, with the blimp being connected the partition to the right. The biggest drawback of doing a large built-in connected the backmost partition is that it truly affects the sightline from the surviving country – truthful you’d fundamentally instantly beryllium blocked visually by a protruding portion of furniture. It doesn’t truthful overmuch impact travel arsenic you’d instrumentality a close to get into the country anyway, but visually it’s not my favorite. Also, we switched retired the sconce connected the near to beryllium an creation representation airy (The Clyde, from Rejuvenation) due to the fact that that 1 felt excessively glam and small. Sometimes I privation to power the golden chandelier to achromatic but we chose golden arsenic to not vie with the fireplace.

So alternatively of wherever the array is close present (which is simply a placeholder), representation a agelong debased bookshelf (with closed backs and sides) for books/games and to enactment lamps on. Also close present we person obscurity to enactment a snack oregon portion oregon the distant (once you are leaning back, each lounging connected the sofa, the java array feels beauteous acold away).

So determination you spell – a bully old-fashioned process station showing you wherever we are stuck and what we are reasoning about. Being that I consciousness a spot stumped I’d emotion to cognize immoderate of your thoughts re the rug and the partition color… Maybe we’ll bash a station wherever we photoshop each the overgarment colors we are present considering, but the information is I deliberation that we’ll deliberation 1 of those is large and I truly privation to springiness these 2 colors unneurotic a changeable earlier I fto myself conscionable alteration it, and who knows possibly a originative situation similar this is conscionable what I need:)

Family Room Resources:
Sectional: Rejuvenation
Chandelier: Rejuvenation

Fireplace: Vermont Castings
Current Rug: Serena and Lily (unavailable)
Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Forest Products
Wall Color: Ponder by Sherwin-Williams

**Photos by Kaitlin Green

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