The Complete Guide to IHG Luxury & Lifestyle

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IHG Hotels & Resorts is simply a large edifice concatenation with a portfolio of implicit 6,000 properties worldwide. In caller years, IHG has enactment much absorption connected expanding their luxury edifice sector, successful portion by introducing the Luxury & Lifestyle Collection.

IHG besides has a loyalty program, IHG One Rewards, wherever you tin usage points for edifice bookings, and person other benefits by earning IHG elite status. However, with nary Canadian co-branded recognition cards, it’s reasonably hard to ascent the ranks of the IHG One Rewards loyalty program.

Luckily, IHG has a programme successful spot for you to bask elite benefits astatine prime hotels without having to beryllium an elite member: the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle program.

What Is the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle Program?

IHG Luxury & Lifestyle is IHG’s preferred spouse program, done which edifice guests tin bask other benefits astatine nary further cost. To person the perks, stays indispensable beryllium booked done an authorized question advisor, arsenic you can’t publication these rates connected your own.

The country rates recovered done the Luxury & Lifestyle programme are the aforesaid arsenic the champion disposable rates you’d beryllium capable to find connected your ain for the aforesaid participating hotel.

Enjoy other benefits astatine the InterContinental Sydney by booking with IHG Luxury & Lifestyle

While you whitethorn beryllium capable to find cheaper rates if you person entree to firm codes, promotions, oregon member-exclusive rates, the benefits you’ll person done the Luxury & Lifestyle programme often outweigh the quality successful pricing.

The included perks differ, depending connected which radical of hotels you enactment in: the Luxury Collection oregon the Lifestyle Collection.

The IHG Hotel brands that marque up the Luxury Collection are arsenic follows:

  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
  • Regent Hotels & Resorts
  • Kimpton Hotels & Resorts extracurricular of Canada and the US (with immoderate exceptions)

The benefits for IHG Luxury Collection hotels are arsenic follows:

  • Guaranteed 2pm precocious check-out
  • Daily meal for 2 astatine the hotel’s restaurant
  • Value-added amenity, circumstantial to each hotel, up to $100 (USD) worth per stay
  • Upgrade to adjacent country category, taxable to availability connected arrival

The IHG Hotel brands that marque up the Lifestyle Collection are arsenic follows:

  • Hotel Indigo
  • Vignette Collection
  • Kimpton Hotels & Resorts located successful Canada and the US

The benefits for IHG Lifestyle Collection hotels are arsenic follows:

  • 2pm precocious check-out, taxable to availability
  • Value-added amenity, circumstantial to hotel, up to $50 (USD) worth per stay
  • Upgrade to adjacent country category, taxable to availability connected arrival

At this time, Six Senses Hotels & Resorts doesn’t enactment successful the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle program, contempt being a luxury marque nether the IHG umbrella.

Between the 2 Collections, the biggest quality successful offerings is the complimentary breakfast. If you publication a Lifestyle Collection edifice done the Luxury & Lifestyle program, you won’t person complimentary breakfast, but you tin inactive usage the $50 (USD) edifice recognition to screen your breakfast.

Luxury Collection hotels booked done Luxury & Lifestyle person overmuch amended benefits. This is not lone owed to the escaped regular meal for two, but besides due to the fact that of the elevated edifice recognition of $100 (USD) and the guaranteed 2pm precocious check-out, which allows you to widen your clip connected the property.

Book the Kimpton Naranta Bali with IHG Luxury & Lifestyle and bask other benefits astatine nary further cost

Both the Luxury and the Lifestyle Collection hotels volition springiness you the payment of an upgrade taxable to availability connected arrival, arsenic good arsenic further invited benefits, specified arsenic caller fruit, a handwritten invited note, and bottled water.

An upgrade to a much spacious country tin surely heighten a trip, and if you’re celebrating a peculiar occasion, your question advisor tin scope retired to the edifice to advocator connected your behalf.

Why Book Hotels Through IHG Luxury & Lifestyle?

The main crushed wherefore you’d privation to publication done IHG Luxury & Lifestyle is due to the fact that it tends to beryllium the champion woody for booking 1 of the participating luxury hotels, aft factoring successful the other perks.

The benefits you person done a Luxury & Lifestyle booking are akin to the benefits of top-tier IHG One Rewards elite status, without having to enactment successful the legwork to gain the presumption successful the archetypal place.

In fact, successful galore ways the perks from Luxury & Lifestyle are adjacent amended than the benefits offered to IHG’s highest presumption members.

Booking done IHG Luxury & Lifestyle gives you elite-level benefits without having status

For example, IHG Platinum Elite members who person stayed 40 nights astatine IHG hotels don’t person complimentary meal arsenic a benefit, and the highest IHG Diamond Elite presumption members who person stayed 70 nights don’t get guaranteed precocious check-out oregon immoderate edifice credits.

However, if you’re an IHG One Rewards member, bookings made done IHG Luxury & Lifestyle programme volition number towards earning elite qualifying nights to assistance you successful retaining your IHG status, oregon leveling up to the adjacent elite presumption tier.

Furthermore, successful summation to earning elite qualifying nights, you’ll gain IHG One Rewards points connected each IHG Luxury & Lifestyle bookings.

How to Maximize Value with IHG Luxury & Lifestyle

While bookings made done IHG Luxury & Lifestyle thin to beryllium the champion woody available, you’ll privation to guarantee you see each of your options to guarantee you’re getting the astir worth for your stay.

This is particularly existent if you’re booking 1 of the IHG Lifestyle Collection hotels, arsenic it whitethorn marque much consciousness to publication done different programme to person amended benefits.

Compare with Public Rates

First, you should ever comparison the rates recovered done the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle programme with the publically disposable rates. The terms you find straight with IHG whitethorn beryllium cheaper than the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle rate, but support successful caput that with a cheaper price, determination are usually stricter cancellation and alteration policies.

Even if the terms is cheaper, you’ll privation to see the added benefits and whether oregon not the edifice credit, breakfast, and different benefits marque up for the quality successful pricing.

If you person IHG One Rewards points, you should look astatine the fig of points required for your desired hotel, and measurement up whether it makes consciousness to usage points oregon wage currency for your upcoming stay.

Compare with Virtuoso and Amex FHR

Virtuoso and American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts are akin to IHG Luxury & Lifestyle, successful that bookings made done their platforms volition besides springiness you further benefits astatine nary other cost.

You tin lone publication Virtuoso with a question advisor, portion Amex FHR is lone disposable if you clasp the American Express Platinum Card oregon the American Express Business Platinum Card.

Many of the IHG Luxury Collection hotels tin besides beryllium booked done either Virtuoso oregon Amex FHR, but you won’t beryllium capable to find galore of the IHG Lifestyle Collection connected either of the different platforms.


IHG Lifestyle  Collection

IHG Luxury Collection


Amex FHR

Complimentary breakfast


Daily meal for 2 guests, successful the restaurant

Daily meal for 2 guests, successful the restaurant 

Daily meal for 2 guests, successful the restaurant

One-category country upgrade

Subject to availability upon check-in

Subject to availability upon check-in

Subject to availability upon check-in

Subject to availability upon check-in

Property credit

Value added amenity, circumstantial to edifice (up to $50 (USD))

Value added amenity, circumstantial to edifice (up to $100 (USD))

$100 (USD)

$100 (USD)

Early check-in

Subject to availability

Subject to availability

Subject to availability

12pm, taxable to availability

Late check-out

2pm, taxable to availability

Guaranteed 2pm

Subject to availability

Guaranteed 4pm

While it astir ever makes much consciousness to publication participating hotels straight with IHG Luxury & Lifestyle, determination are immoderate situations wherever you whitethorn privation to usage 1 of the others.

For example, Amex FHR offers a guaranteed 4pm precocious check-out, compared to the guaranteed 2pm precocious check-out with IHG Luxury Collection, and the 2pm precocious check-out, taxable to availability, with IHG Lifestyle Collection.

Therefore, if you privation to bask an other 2 hours successful the hotel, past Amex FHR whitethorn beryllium your champion option, arsenic agelong arsenic you clasp 1 of the American Express Platinum cards.

Compare benefits from IHG Luxury & Lifestyle with Virtuoso and Amex FHR to guarantee you’re getting the champion deal

On the different hand, booking done IHG Luxury & Lifestyle volition springiness you the champion accidental for a country upgrade, arsenic hotels volition often prioritize requests booked directly, alternatively than done different proprietary program.

If you’re capable to find an IHG Lifestyle Collection edifice done Virtuoso oregon Amex FHR, past it’s astir apt beryllium amended to publication the edifice done 1 of those programs, arsenic you’ll person complimentary breakfast, arsenic good arsenic a edifice recognition worthy much than $50 (USD).

Either way, your question advisor volition beryllium capable to archer you each of the champion options disposable for your desired trip.

Book Shorter Stays

Keep successful caput that you’ll lone person the $50 oregon $100 (USD) recognition erstwhile per stay, nary substance however agelong your enactment is. Therefore, the recognition volition beryllium comparatively much invaluable connected shorter stays, alternatively than longer stays.

If you marque abstracted consecutive bookings for nights astatine the aforesaid edifice done the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle program, each of the nights volition beryllium combined and treated arsenic 1 consecutive stay, and you won’t beryllium eligible for aggregate edifice credits.

Stack with IHG Ambassador Benefits

If you hap to enactment successful the paid InterContinental Ambassador program, past you tin stack the Ambassador perks with the IHG Luxury and Lifestyle programme astatine participating IHG properties.

As a reminder, InterContinental Ambassadors bask the pursuing benefits, amongst others:

  • Guaranteed 4pm precocious check-out
  • Guaranteed one-category country upgrade
  • $20 (USD) edifice and barroom credit

The champion portion of stacking these 2 programs is that you tin bask a 4pm precocious check-out with InterContinental Ambassador, which beats the 2pm guaranteed precocious check-out astatine IHG Luxury Collection hotels and the imaginable precocious check-out astatine Lifestyle Collection properties. Likewise, since you already bask a one-category country upgrade arsenic an Ambassador, you tin perchance bask a further upgrade with the Luxury and Lifestyle booking.

Lastly, the $20 (USD) edifice and barroom recognition is successful summation to the property-specific amenity, truthful it’s an added bonus.  

Property-Specific Special Offers

Sometimes, properties connection a escaped nighttime if you publication a minimum fig of nights. Whenever this happens, you basal to payment from a reduced outgo for each nights, and it’s a large deal.

Indeed, this tin beryllium a dealbreaker erstwhile deciding which transmission to publication through, arsenic the escaped nighttime volition often bring the terms down to overmuch little than immoderate different enactment available.

Currently, determination aren’t immoderate progressive offers of this sort, but we’ll beryllium definite to update this conception erstwhile they go available.


Booking edifice stays done the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle programme lets you bask elite benefits astatine galore of IHG’s higher-end hotels without having to enactment your mode up to the apical IHG elite presumption tier.

The other benefits you’ll person astatine either the Luxury oregon Lifestyle Collection hotels won’t outgo you immoderate much than if you publication the spot connected your ain astatine the champion disposable flexible rate.

Whether you already person presumption with IHG, and particularly if you don’t, the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle programme is simply a large mode to get the astir retired of your adjacent stay, without paying immoderate extra.

The station The Complete Guide to IHG Luxury & Lifestyle appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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