The 10 Exciting Design News Stories That Are Kicking Off 2023 (And Also Happen To Be Close To Our Hearts)

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First of each blessed Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We thought a bully mode to commencement your time (in the plan realm astatine least) would beryllium to speech astir immoderate fantastic plan news. These stories are a small much idiosyncratic than past plan quality posts arsenic astir of them impact beloved friends. So fundamentally our favourite benignant of news. So let’s conscionable hop close successful with an EHD alum…

Ginny’s New Lulu And Georgia Collection

From Emily: I get a superior burst of joyousness (and pride) seeing Ginny connected the screen of catalogs and connected websites posing similar a superior unit successful this plan world. In lawsuit you don’t cognize Ginny worked for maine for 5 years arsenic my right-hand and pb designer. I conscionable attraction astir her and emotion her truthful much. She is truthful talented and conscionable specified a beauteous (awesome, fun) idiosyncratic and those aboriginal days of me, Ginny, Brady, and Sara were specified a antithetic clip for EHD (I had babies, that archetypal workplace successful Eagle Rock, tons of plan clients, etc). Anyway, capable astir me, Ginny’s collection is truthful beauteous (Jess has one of her sofas), comfortable, elegant, and tin premix with truthful galore styles. So classical with a spot of modern whimsy, similar Ginny. Congrats, friend!


I’m SERIOUSLY considering this sideboard for our sunroom: Originally I wasn’t reasoning black, but it’s kinda cleanable and I emotion that it’s by her, which volition bring that sentimental constituent that I want.

Rental Redo

Our miss is going to beryllium connected cable, baby! That’s right! EHD mentee, Keyanna Bowen, filmed an awesome plan amusement that helps alteration rental properties. As a renter myself this amusement made maine consciousness adjacent much empowered (which could beryllium dangerous). Plus her plan are beautiful! Now her amusement has been streaming connected Discovery+ but we are truthful excited for it to besides beryllium connected the Magnolia Network channel!

Problem Spaces

The wildly talented Fariha Nasir besides has a large caller amusement connected Magnolia called Problem Spaces wherever her slayer DIY skills alteration peoples’…problem space. We each person one, right? I emotion love the premise of this amusement and can’t hold to excavation into each of the episodes.

Living Wild By Hilton Carter

Hilton is specified a peculiar talent. His plan skills and works cognition are unparalleled! I mean y’all, this is his FOURTH BOOK. All of them are beauteous AND informative truthful spell pre-order Living Wild (Local and Target) present truthful helium gets connected the NYT Best seller’s database again. It comes retired connected March 28th which volition travel faster than you think!

Are these photos not stunning??

Inside, At Home With Great Designers

From Mallory: I’m perfectly OBSESSED with this plan publication (Local and Target) – it walks done the homes of important and awesome designers & gives a small blurb astir each one. They diagnostic designers from ALL OVER and it’s truthful amusive to spot the spaces of specified talented creatives. I emotion seeing designers’ homes due to the fact that it says truthful overmuch astir them & however they experimentation and make successful their ain playgrounds. Could not urge it enough.

Extra Large Art By The Poster Club

The Poster Club is 1 of my go-to online creation stores for affordable but large art. You mightiness person gleaned from the rubric that they merchantability prints but fto maine archer you they are precocious quality. So erstwhile I saw an advertisement connected Instagram saying that they present connection other ample prints I was pumped! It’s not a concealed that uncovering affordable truly ample prints is simply a feat truthful having this enactment is the best. Here is a afloat post we wrote astir affordable ample creation prints.

The Line no. 07

See! I adjacent had (and inactive have) 1 of their prints that I primitively utilized successful my past surviving room. I conjecture I enactment it upside down?? Anyway, I emotion it and tried to marque it look bigger with a larger frame. I inactive basal by however that looks but having an adjacent larger enactment would person been great.

The Togo | Court

Here are 2 different beauteous options that travel successful that extra-large size.

Rasida’s Bathroom Makeover

design and photograph by rashida banks

Well, she did it again! Another beauteous remodel that is classic, yet modern with a dash of moodiness. I truly emotion the earthy code and quality of her floating vanity mixed with that gorgeous stone. Also, look astatine that sconce!

When I commented connected her uncover photo, congratulating her, she responded by saying she was blessed to spot that we called treble niches a 2023 bath plan trend! Is anyone amazed that Rashida is connected if not up of the trends?? Me neither:) Head to Rashida’s Instagram for much photos!

New Rugs From Backdrop

via backdrop

You whitethorn cognize Backdrop arsenic a overgarment institution but they besides person immoderate unthinkable wallpaper (I truly emotion this one) and present they branching retired into rugs! The Charlap Hyman & Herrero collection was inspired by astrological symbols, Alexander Calder-inspired carnal forms, and Latin proverbs and would marque specified an unthinkable connection successful the close space. They aren’t your accepted rugs which is wherefore they are truthful special:)

Serpiente Rug | Astrologia Rug | Caiman Rug

As you tin spot successful the photograph above, the snake and alligator (?) look SO COOL!! I truly bash those but the zodiac rug successful the mediate is awesome for a chill yet much applicable option.

Zio and Sons New Collection With Mitzi

via mitzi

Ok, truthful I cognize this is simply a tease but I wanted to marque definite we are ALL aware! I person loved each of Mitzi’s collabs and genuinely can’t hold for this 1 adjacent week.

Target’s Great New Products

Studio McGee

As you’ll spot aboriginal this week, Studio McGee x Target keeps turning retired unthinkable furnishings and decor pieces! So portion this isn’t an authoritative collection, present are immoderate of the caller items we truly love…

Holly Sling Back Accent Chair | Metal Curved Top Mirror | Modern Ceramic Textured Vase

The seat looks arsenic comfy arsenic it is beauteous – VERY! The tones and materials are awesome. And present I don’t person a spot for it but I LOVE that reflector a lot. Then that vase is truly wonderful. The signifier is absorbing the texture is beauteous and it’s lone $25 (It’ besides 10″x8″)

Ceramic Table Lamp with Knob | Vernon Ottoman | Havenstone Upholstered Ottoman with Ball Feet

Ugh, that lamp is the cutest and different point I privation to bargain immediately. And however chic is that velvet stool?? A cleanable ottoman but I besides consciousness similar it would marque a large vanity bench. Lastly, the gray’s ottoman’s feet are everything. 10/10.


All Weather Rattan Pod

Stop everything and look astatine the yellowish striped shot item astatine the apical of this chair! I can’t statesman to picture however overmuch joyousness it brings me. I privation this to beryllium the “it chair” for 2023 similar the Egg chair was a fewer years ago. How tin you not grin erstwhile you look astatine this chair??

Ok friends, I anticipation you enjoyed this small plan solemnisation and anticipation you person a large remainder of your day.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Via Lulu and Georgia

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