Stray Kitten Who Made It Through Hurricane Ian, Becomes Little Protector to Another Kitten in Need

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A stray kitten who made it done Hurricane Ian, became a small protector to different kitten successful need.

stray kitten hurricaneRumi the kitten@tiny.paws.fosters

Rumi the kitten was recovered extracurricular arsenic a stray during Hurricane Ian, and brought successful to a section veterinary session for help. A veterinarian stepped up to instrumentality her successful and nursed her backmost to wellness with predominant feedings and care.

Due to her demanding enactment schedule, she reached retired to the rescue assemblage for assistance. She hoped to get the kitten into a foster home, wherever the kitten could get each the attraction she needed to thrive.

Nadija, a foster carer based successful Tampa, FL, couldn't defy the small look erstwhile she came crossed the plea, and instantly offered to help. "She was successful bully condition, conscionable a small underweight which we rapidly fixed," Nadija told Love Meow.

stray kitten tinyRumi was recovered extracurricular during Hurricane Ian@tiny.paws.fosters

"She was specified a quiescent and saccharine vessel babe who would eat, potty and spell close backmost into her covered furniture with a (heartbeat) stuffy, and autumn backmost asleep."

For weighing conscionable 12 ounces, Rumi had a large personality. She insisted connected having her vessel connected clip each time, and her interior timepiece was ne'er wrong.

kitten pome  sizeShe was conscionable the size of a tiny apple@tiny.paws.fosters

She would look astatine her foster ma for attention, admit and respond to her voice, play with toys, and effort to find her feet.

Once Rumi reached 3 weeks old, she was beardown capable to commencement mini excursions wrong the nursery. As she became much progressive and funny astir her surroundings, she began to beryllium connected the lookout for a changeless companion.

tiny but mighty kittenShe was tiny but had a mighty personality@tiny.paws.fosters

"I actively started to look for a person for her. Our region structure received an orphaned kitten that was steadfast and friendly, and needed a rescue," Nadija shared.

"She was the nonstop aforesaid property and value arsenic Rumi, truthful I was ace excited to instrumentality her in." A meet-and-greet was soon underway.

cute kitten bellyMia the tortie@tiny.paws.fosters

The tortie named Mia was a spot tense astatine first, but warmed up to her caller situation erstwhile she was introduced to her roommate, Rumi. "Neither of them hissed. They walked astir their country sniffing each other."

Mia who was a small shy astir people, would tag on with Rumi and enactment down her for support.

kittens champion  friendsRumi instantly took to Mia and became her small protector@tiny.paws.fosters

Rumi, the brave and sassy one, instantly assumed the relation of large sister and took Mia nether her wing.

After filling their bellies to the brim, the 2 buddies snuggled up successful their furniture unneurotic for a nap. They person been inseparable friends since.

kitten champion  friendsRumi and Mia champion of friends@tiny.paws.fosters

"Now, weeks later, wherever Rumi is, that's wherever you volition find Mia. They are ever playing together, snuggling unneurotic for nap time, and are conscionable the sweetest kittens," Nadija told Love Meow.

"The 2nd you commencement talking to them, they some purr and travel close up to you for pets and snuggles."

cute kitten rumi@tiny.paws.fosters

"Rumi loves to transportation toys astir the location successful her mouth, which is excessively cute and hilarious, fixed immoderate of the toys are bigger than her mouth. Mia gets the zoomies often and runs done the location astatine afloat speed, sometimes for nary crushed astatine all."

kittens champion  friends snuggling@tiny.paws.fosters

"Snack clip is their favorite, and they tin often speech maine into bedewed nutrient respective times a time by meowing, particularly Mia who tin get beauteous large if she wants something."

mia rumi kittens@tiny.paws.fosters

The 2 sisters from antithetic misters are thriving successful foster care. Both of them arrived arsenic orphans, and present they person each different and couldn't beryllium happier.

snuggling kittens rumi mia@tiny.paws.fosters

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