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Upon arriving successful Winnipeg aft a formation from Vancouver, I took immoderate clip to cheque retired the lone 2 airdrome lounges disposable successful the airport. After a little sojourn to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge down the hall, I made my mode implicit to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

I was feeling a spot peckish, and since this lounge has a wider blistery nutrient enactment than its counterpart, I decided to popular successful for a speedy wound earlier heading downtown.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Access

The Plaza Premium Lounge, which opened successful 2015, is located airside successful the departures wing, connected the 2nd level of the main terminal.

The lounge is situated close crossed from Gates 5 and 6, and is easy identifiable by its sanction prominently illuminated astatine the entrance.

The check-in antagonistic is straight done the entryway, and the lineup could easy spill retired into the hallway connected a engaged day, arsenic determination isn’t each excessively overmuch abstraction here.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Location
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Entrance

The lounge is unfastened from 4am–7pm daily, with the objection of Saturdays, erstwhile it’s unfastened from 4am–5pm. Due to the lounge’s location, those travelling connected transborder flights to the US won’t person entree to the lounge, but anyone connected a home oregon planetary formation will.

Plaza Premium lounges are present affiliated with DragonPass, which allows entree to holders of an eligible Visa oregon Mastercard product. I enjoyed complimentary entree from my American Express Platinum Card, which provides cardholders and 1 impermanent with unlimited introduction to Plaza Premium Lounges, some earlier departure and upon arrival. 

Even without a recognition paper oregon rank that offers access, you person the enactment of purchasing a time walk for the lounge, which starts astatine $52.50 positive tax per idiosyncratic for two hours.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Seating

The lounge’s décor boasts a classical Plaza Premium aesthetic, with a scope of brownish hues and different lukewarm tones. The open-concept lounge has respective seating options scattered throughout, and tin accommodate up to 100 guests.

It’s worthy noting that this is an open-air lounge, truthful it isn’t wholly secluded from the remainder of the airport. Instead, its solid walls simply enactment arsenic a divider, and truthful it whitethorn not beryllium the quietest of spaces, arsenic sound spills implicit from the terminal.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Airport view

Heading to the close from the check-in desk, determination are a fistful of four-person eating tables. These tables diagnostic hanging speechmaking lights and easily-accessible charging outlets and USB ports, if you request to complaint a instrumentality oregon get immoderate enactment done.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Dining tables

A clump of hexagonal nooks is conscionable past these tables, which is simply a diagnostic seen astatine galore different Plaza Premium Lounges. Nestled wrong are brushed brownish seats and a tiny table fitted with charging ports and a speechmaking light.

These are apt the champion seating choices for a solo occupant, arsenic they’re quiet, private, and cleanable for moving oregon relaxing successful your ain idiosyncratic space. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Hexagonal nook seating
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Hexagonal nook seating
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Hexagonal nook array & powerfulness outlet

Further wrong the lounge, determination are galore rows of brownish plush armchairs, which are large for lounging. There is simply a departures surface nearby, wherever you tin cheque the presumption of your flight.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Main seating area
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Main seating area
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Main seating area

To the near of the armchairs are comfy two-person and three-person seating areas, with smaller tables.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Seating

The lounge features a tiny concern centre with 2 computers, which is somewhat hidden successful the backmost country of the lounge,. This country didn’t look to beryllium peculiarly active, arsenic astatine the clip of my visit, it was besides being utilized arsenic a retention country for children’s precocious chairs.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Business centre

It’s besides worthy noting that determination are nary bathrooms located wrong this lounge. Rather, you’ll person to task extracurricular into the departures concourse to entree the facilities.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Dining

The self-serve buffet-style nutrient enactment is located on the near broadside of the Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg.

The lounge offers a enactment of blistery dishes, which, astatine the clip of my visit, was teriyaki chickenhearted accompanied by atom and buttered vegetables.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Teriyaki chicken
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Rice and vegetables

Additionally, determination was a humble crockery station, including immoderate pasta salad. Lastly, determination were a fewer options for desserts.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Salad station
Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Dessert selection

Although I had visited the Maple Leaf Lounge earlier this, I opted to devour luncheon present successful the Plaza Premium Lounge earlier going into town, arsenic I was much enticed by the blistery nutrient selection.

Despite my enthusiasm, however, I was yet a spot fto down. I recovered the teriyaki chickenhearted to beryllium lone passably edible, and the atom and greenish beans were besides disappointing. 

It indispensable beryllium recognized that the eating wrong Plaza Premium Lounges isn’t spectacular, astatine slightest successful North American locations. Rather, it’s usually capable for passengers who lone privation to satiate their hunger earlier leaving the terminal, and it’s usually amended than what’s served successful system people connected galore airlines. 

The beverage presumption is besides self-serve, and features brushed drinks and a Nescafé java machine.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Beverage station

In the centre of the lounge is an aesthetically pleasing marble-clad bar, with six barroom seats.

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Bar

Complimentary alcoholic beverages are disposable astatine the bar, including draught and canned beer, reddish and achromatic wine, and basal spirits – though with a maximum of 4 drinks per visit.

There’s besides a enactment of paid premium portion options to take from if you wanted a wider scope of spirits. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Winnipeg – Bar menu


The Plaza Premium Lounge astatine Winnipeg Airport is simply a humble and unassuming airdrome lounge, but it’s capable for unwinding, catching up connected work, oregon grabbing a speedy bite.

As I’d anticipated, the lounge is simply a scaled-down mentation of the different Plaza Premium Lounges astatine Canada’s larger hubs. The interior is good laid out, though the nutrient and drinks are run-of-the-mill.

If you person entree via your eligible American Express, Visa, oregon Mastercard, it’s bully to beryllium capable to instrumentality vantage of this lounge astatine nary further cost, but I don’t deliberation it’d beryllium worthy the terms of introduction otherwise.

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