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I precocious stayed astatine the Delta Winnipeg for 1 nighttime anterior to a Via Rail travel to Toronto. I was looking for an perfect determination downtown, from wherever I could easy entree Winnipeg’s main attractions and the bid station.

There aren’t excessively galore breathtaking edifice options successful Winnipeg, truthful it was a flip up betwixt the Fairmont and the Delta. After immoderate deliberation, I yet went with the latter, arsenic I was capable to redeem points for my stay.

Delta Winnipeg – Booking

When redeeming Marriott Bonvoy points, this spot typically falls successful the scope of 17,000–20,000 points per night. However, astatine the clip of my visit, the edifice had a PointSavers complaint of conscionable 12,000 points.

Meanwhile, currency rates typically autumn successful the portion of $170–290, with immoderate rates falling successful a higher scope during the hotel’s busiest times.

Based connected our current valuation of Bonvoy points astatine 0.9 cents per point, the PointSavers complaint was so excessively large of an connection to walk up, and yet swayed maine towards booking the Delta alternatively than the Fairmont astir the block.

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Delta Winnipeg – Location

The Delta is located successful the amusement territory of Downtown Winnipeg connected St. Mary Ave, betwixt Hargrave Street and Carlton Street. The 2nd level of the gathering straight connects to the RBC Convention Centre and the MTS Centre via an indoor skywalk.

It’s a speedy 10-minute stroll to Canada Life Centre, making the Delta Winnipeg a premier determination for anyone looking to drawback a hockey crippled oregon a concert.

For leisure travellers, the Delta is besides well-positioned among shops, eateries, and fashionable destinations successful the city. Stepping extracurricular the edifice and down Carlton Street, you’ll find the Japanese Gardens, a fashionable spot for a leisurely walk.

Around 15 minutes eastbound of the Delta Winnipeg is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and a 10-minute travel connected ft brings you to the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

The Forks Market, which plays big to a nutrient hallway and a vibrant market, is conscionable 5 minutes by car oregon a 20-minute locomotion from the hotel.

Delta Winnipeg – Check-in

The entranceway to the edifice is connected Carlton Street, facing the pedestrian walkway. Next to it, you tin besides find the conveyance entrance.

Delta Winnipeg – Exterior
Delta Winnipeg – Pedestrian walkway access
Delta Winnipeg – Entrance

The façade of Delta Winnipeg is rather unassuming, and doesn’t basal retired overmuch against the remainder of buildings successful Winnipeg’s skyline.

Upon entering the edifice done the ground-level entrance, 2 check-in desks are instantly to the right, and to the near is simply a seating country with a azygous sofa and galore armchairs.

Delta Winnipeg – Lobby lounge
Delta Winnipeg – Check-in desks

Around the country from the check-in desks were a fewer further seating options tucked into their ain alcove.

Delta Winnipeg – Lobby lounge

The lobby was precisely what you’d expect from your modular mid-level Delta – not peculiarly remarkable, but cleanable and functional.

The line-up wasn’t excessively agelong upon arrival, truthful I was rapidly welcomed by the edifice staff. Naturally, I attempted to “suite-talk” my mode to an upgrade, but alas, nary was forthcoming, arsenic the edifice seemed to beryllium retired of suites owed to the Winnipeg Jets vs. Toronto Maple Leaf crippled that night.

I was concisely informed of the edifice amenities, including my entree to the 12th-floor Club Lounge, connected relationship of my Titanium Elite status. Breakfast was to beryllium served present from 6:30–11am, and an evening hors d’oeuvres dispersed from 4:30–7pm.

The check-in process was speedy and easy, and I was past handed my cardinal and took the elevators up to Room 1116 connected the 11th floor.

Delta Winnipeg – Ground level elevators

Stepping disconnected the elevators, I made my mode done the acquainted aesthetic of the Delta hallways: somewhat sterile, hardly illuminated, and dominated by grey hues.

Delta Winnipeg – 11th level elevator lobby
Delta Winnipeg – Hallway
Delta Winnipeg – Room 1116

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room

Upon entering the room, the chamber lies past a abbreviated foyer.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room bedroom
Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room bedroom

There’s a ample closet instantly to the right, and past the king furniture sits against the left-hand wall, with immoderate purple angiosperm artwork above.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room bed

To the close of the king furniture is simply a vibrant reddish armchair, which had a tiny broadside array astatine its side.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room armchair

The table was positioned astatine the partition other the bed, and came with an ergonomic swivel chair, which is ever appreciated. The table besides had conveniently-placed charging ports, a tiny lamp, and past a luggage rack to its right.

Mounted to the partition supra the table was the flat-screen TV, positioned for optimal viewing from the bed.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room desk

The King Guest Room besides technically has a balcony; however, it’s precise basic, and doesn’t person overmuch space. The presumption overlooks the outdoor excavation and the surrounding downtown area.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room balcony
Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room presumption from balcony
Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room presumption from balcony

Lastly, there’s a tiny pantry, wherever you tin find a basal java shaper and a kettle for tea.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room pantry & java maker

The bath is positioned to the near of the entrance. It’s a alternatively cramped bathroom, though there’s a capable magnitude of antagonistic abstraction and a modestly-sized mirror.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room bathroom

There’s a walk-in ablution with agleam achromatic tiling, successful summation to a modern rainfall showerhead.

Delta Winnipeg – King Guest Room shower

Overall, the country had everything that I needed for a one-night stay; however, I couldn’t assistance but announcement that the rooms could surely payment from a refurbishment successful the adjacent future.

Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge

Complimentary meal for Marriott Bonvoy elite members is provided successful the Club Lounge connected the 12th floor. Breakfast is besides disposable astatine Blaze Restaurant & Lounge connected the crushed level, but isn’t complimentary.

Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge entrance

I had plans to drawback meal with a person that morning, truthful I lone popped successful to instrumentality a look.

The Club Lounge is simply a azygous country with two-person eating tables scattered around, and astatine the clip of my visit, it was precise quiet, with lone 1 different visitor.

Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge buffet area
Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge seating

The meal enactment was constricted to lone a fistful of items. There were a fewer acold cuts and cheese, fruits, pastries, and cereals, arsenic good arsenic a fistful of blistery dishes.

There’s besides an evening hors d’oeuvres spread, which was besides rather slim with conscionable 2 items: food chickenhearted connected a biscuit and crackers with hummus.

Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge evening hors d’oeuvres
Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge evening hors d’oeuvres food chicken
Delta Winnipeg – Club Lounge evening hors d’oeuvres hummus & crackers

The evening enactment astir apt isn’t capable for a afloat repast replacement, but if you’re successful a hurry and request a speedy bite, a fewer servings could beryllium capable to support your hunger astatine bay earlier thing much fulsome. In fact, this is precisely what we did connected the nighttime of checking out, anterior to our 11pm departure from the bid station.

Delta Winnipeg – Dining

The main eating venue successful the edifice is Blaze Restaurant & Lounge. It’s unfastened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and focuses connected locally sourced cuisine. Although I didn’t dine here, it whitethorn beryllium worthy checking out, owed to the constricted enactment astatine the Club Lounge.

Delta Winnipeg – Blaze Restaurant & Lounge entrance
Delta Winnipeg – Blaze Restaurant & Lounge seating
Delta Winnipeg – Blaze Restaurant & Lounge seating

There’s besides a grab-and-go java store called Urban Bean, located straight adjacent to the restaurant. There was a bully enactment of sandwiches, fruits, snacks, salads, and acold beverages, and you tin bid blistery beverages from the barista.

Delta Winnipeg – Urban Bean
Delta Winnipeg – Urban Bean grab-and-go beverages

Delta Winnipeg – Other Facilities

The fittingness centre is unfastened 24/7, and is well-equipped with the essentials for a decent workout, with plentifulness of cardio instrumentality and immoderate weights. Additionally, the installation has a presumption of the excavation area, which lets a bully magnitude of earthy airy in.

Delta Winnipeg – Fitness centre
Delta Winnipeg – Fitness centre
Delta Winnipeg – Fitness centre

The edifice has an indoor excavation and a tiny wading country for kids, arsenic good arsenic an outdoor excavation that operates seasonally. The outdoor pool, I’m told, is simply a large spot to bent retired successful the summer.

The indoor excavation country was spacious, with a large, heated thigh excavation and past a jacuzzi nearby, arsenic good arsenic plentifulness of lounge chairs dotted around.

Delta Winnipeg – Indoor excavation & jacuzzi
Delta Winnipeg – Indoor pool
Delta Winnipeg – Jacuzzi


As determination aren’t excessively galore spectacular hotels successful Downtown Winnipeg, the Delta served my needs for a speedy one-night enactment successful the city. The edifice is centrally located, and the rooms are equipped with each the essentials.

However, a refurbishment surely couldn’t hurt, and the nutrient offerings astatine the Club Lounge were alternatively meagre, truthful you mightiness beryllium much inclined to sojourn the hotel’s edifice successful lieu of the lounge.

Nevertheless, astatine the PointSavers rate, I was much than blessed with the worth I got for my Marriott Bonvoy redemption.

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