Review: Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class Hanoi to Singapore

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​​After immersing myself successful the Bamboo Airways 787 concern class acquisition from London to Hanoi, I completed a 2nd formation with the Vietnamese hose from Hanoi to Singapore.

This time, I was connected the Airbus A321 aircraft, which is simply a considerably smaller and older level wrong Bamboo Airways’s fleet. 

This short-haul formation offers a overmuch much compact concern people acquisition alternatively of lie-flat seats, but I was inactive funny to spot however Bamboo Airways’s determination merchandise holds up to its long-haul routes.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Booking

Bamboo Airways uses the Airbus A321-200 connected prime home and short-haul routes crossed Asia. It’s accompanied by the akin but somewhat smaller Airbus A320-200, arsenic good arsenic newer-generation A320neo and A321neo aircraft, wrong the airline’s determination fleet. 

While the hose continues to modernize its fleet with newer aircraft, specified arsenic the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the A321-200 volition apt inactive play a relation successful serving determination routes for the foreseeable future, until it’s yet phased retired successful favour of newer A321neos. 

This formation was a portion of the “Asia 3” Aeroplan saccharine spot booking that I had made, which outgo 87,500 points for concern people flights from Newark–London–Hanoi–Singapore. I past added a stopover for an further 5,000 points successful London, for a full outgo of 92,500 Aeroplan points.

This saccharine spot allows you to question from North America to Asia with spouse airlines for conscionable 87,500 points. You tin alert up to 11,000 miles successful distance, which lets you instrumentality the agelong mode astir via Europe oregon the Middle East to get to Asia.

It’s a premier illustration of leveraging the powerfulness of Miles & Points to unlock a premium question experience, and is so 1 of the astir charismatic options erstwhile redeeming Aeroplan points.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Ground Experience

Unfortunately, planetary transit successful Hanoi is inactive much achy than it needs to be.

You request your airline’s typical to conscionable you astatine the transit table and process your boarding walk done a precise manual process. In my case, it was the benignant that involves a Bamboo Airways unit subordinate WhatsApping their colleagues a representation of my passport.

After a while, our radical of transiting Bamboo Airways passengers was sorted out. We were past led upstairs to the information queue, aft which we recovered ourselves airside.

International concern people passengers with Bamboo Airways person entree to the Vietnam Airlines Lotus Business Class Lounge. However, by the clip I made it through, boarding for my formation to Singapore was accelerated approaching, truthful I didn’t person a accidental to popular successful and headed consecutive to the gate.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Cabin

Stepping into the concern people cabin, I noticed that determination are conscionable 8 concern people seats successful a 2–2 configuration crossed 2 rows.

The Bamboo Airways determination concern people compartment is simply a modular concern people product, akin to what you mightiness find connected galore airlines successful North America. The compartment interior is comparatively plain and unassuming, featuring a accepted grey colour strategy with acheronian bluish leather upholstered chairs.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Cabin
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Cabin

In presumption of spot selection, couples travelling unneurotic person the enactment to take immoderate brace of seats successful the cabin. Solo travellers tin take freely betwixt aisle and model seats, depending connected their wide preference.

One of the archetypal things I noticed? This has to beryllium the tightest magnitude of legroom I’ve ever seen successful a concern people cabin. 

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Seats
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Seats

I was initially assigned Seat 2A successful the 2nd row, but the unit – precise overmuch alert of the minimal legroom successful Row 2 – kindly invited to determination to the archetypal enactment to bask immoderate further space.

However, since I had a spot mate adjacent to me, I decided to determination backmost to Row 2 aft the repast work for much abstraction to enactment comfortably.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Seat

The spot plan connected Bamboo Airways A321 concern people is functional and provides a tenable level of comfort, but isn’t excessively overmuch worthy penning location astir otherwise.

Between each spot is simply a console with a aboveground space, conscionable ample capable to spot your telephone oregon a drink.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Surface space

The lit pouch was conveniently placed connected the partition other from the seat, arsenic we were seated successful the bulkhead row.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Literature pocket

However, for passengers successful the 2nd row, the lit pouch tin beryllium recovered connected the backmost of the spot successful beforehand of them.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Literature pocket

The armrest connected the aisle broadside of the spot is equipped with a acceptable of 3 spot controls and the tray table. When deployed, the tray tin beryllium folded retired into its afloat size.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Seat controls
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Tray table
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Tray table

As you tin see, the seats onboard the determination concern people compartment are precise worn-out. The hose could so payment from replacing these bushed A321s with newer A321neos arsenic soon arsenic possible, successful bid to present a much accordant determination concern people experience.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Amenities

A fewer moments aft boarding, a unit subordinate offered maine a towel and a prime of pre-departure beverage. This time, I opted for a solid of orangish juice.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Towel & invited beverage

There was nary amenity kit of immoderate benignant connected this short-haul concern people flight, nor were determination immoderate carnal menus. During the flight, we were offered a vessel of water.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Water bottle

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Meal Service

As we deed cruising altitude and the seatbelt motion was turned off, the formation attendant came by with a tablet to instrumentality our orders.

The paper work arsenic follows:

I decided to spell with the Asian repast among the 2 options available, which included a three-course Western oregon Vietnamese–Asian meal.

The repast work began with a beautifully presented appetizer of lemongrass grilled chickenhearted skewers, accompanied by crockery rolls and Asian greenish salad.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Appetizer service
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Lemongrass chickenhearted skewers

I thought this appetizer was rather creative, with a lemongrass grilled chickenhearted skewer and spicy condiment nestled wrong a hollowed-out cucumber slice. The flavours of the lemongrass and the spices were good balanced, providing a tantalizing commencement to the meal.

Then it was clip for the main course, which featured a furniture of ovum noodles stir-fried with an assortment of vegetables, accompanied by succulent prawns bathed successful oyster sauce.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Prawns successful oyster condiment connected ovum noodles

This crockery was besides rather tasty, and I enjoyed slurping up the noodles. The oyster condiment brought a affluent and salty flavour, which paired good with the seafood.

Compared to the appetizer, the main people lacked a spot of creativity, though it was inactive well-executed with bully flavour.

I besides sipped connected a crisp solid of the New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which nicely accentuated the flavours of the food.

For dessert, I snacked connected a saccharine crockery made with longan and lotus seed. This was a delightful blend of sweetness and nuttiness, emblematic flavours of South East Asia-style desserts, of which I’m peculiarly fond.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Salad and dessert

I decided to marque my mode backmost to Row 2 astatine this point, giving maine much country to dispersed retired and get immoderate enactment done.

Additionally, I decided to indulge successful different Vietnamese iced coffee, which happened to beryllium my 3rd of the day, pursuing my 2 helpings onboard Bamboo Airways 787 concern class from London to Hanoi.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Vietnamese iced coffee

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Entertainment

Unfortunately, determination wasn’t immoderate in-flight Wi-Fi connected this determination concern people flight. Instead, determination was a “Bamboo Sky” Wi-Fi option, which was intended to service arsenic a substitute.

However, erstwhile attempting to entree the amusement options, I recovered that the movies, documentaries, and euphony tabs were wholly empty, and the lone disposable enactment was games.

Without immoderate different option, I took vantage of the uninterrupted clip during my three-hour formation to get immoderate enactment done, and past napped for a small bit. The clip passed by swiftly, and earlier I knew it, we began our attack to Singapore.

Bamboo Airways A321 Business Class – Restrooms

The restrooms onboard are by nary means remarkable, but there’s a bully magnitude of antagonistic space. I thought the faux flowers were a bully touch, arsenic they added a interaction of character.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Restroom
Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Restroom amenities

Additionally, there’s a fold-down array located supra the toilet, which is perfect for placing tiny idiosyncratic items portion freshening up.

Bamboo Airways A321 concern people – Change table


Bamboo Airways leaves thing to beryllium desired successful presumption of its determination concern people hard merchandise connected the Airbus A321.

While the seats were functional, I recovered that they fell abbreviated successful presumption of modern standards, and the amenities offered connected this short-haul formation were limited. In particular, Wi-Fi should beryllium a top-priority concern for the airline.

Despite these shortcomings, the work onboard is polished with a unit that’s anxious to assistance with immoderate needs you mightiness have. Additionally, the repast work delivered a mates of tasty dishes that were afloat of flavour and creativity.

Based connected this experience, the short-haul concern people merchandise is successful request of betterment if Bamboo Airways wants to vie with different large airlines successful the region.

Indeed, it’s my knowing that Bamboo Airways’s Airbus A320neo and A321neo craft should astatine slightest connection a much-improved hard merchandise compared to the older A320-200s and A321-200s.

Otherwise, I’d beryllium inclined to look elsewhere to much established full-service airlines oregon a low-cost bearer with an charismatic fare erstwhile I’m flying astir South East Asia. 

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