Renault Kangoo E-Tech EV people-mover revealed

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Renault has revealed the people-mover mentation of its caller Kangoo E-Tech Electric, up of its in-person premiere astatine adjacent week’s Paris centrifugal show.

Naturally, it has overmuch successful communal with the Renault Kangoo E-Tech EV van which volition get successful Australia successful aboriginal 2023, but sacrifices load abstraction successful favour of seats.

Power comes from a liquid-cooled 45kWh lithium-ion artillery made from 8 modules that are theoretically easier to repair oregon replace. Renault claims a WLTP driving scope of 285km.

This powers a 90kW and 245Nm thrust motor, offering up 3 levels of regenerative braking erstwhile disconnected the accelerator: called Sailing, Drive and Brake.

Renault says a regular 7.4kWh location AC wallbox volition complaint the Kangoo E-Tech from 15 per cent to 100 per cent successful astir six hours. It tin propulsion down up to 80kW astatine a DC charger, gaining 170km scope successful 30 minutes.

You tin show artillery wellness and docket charging via the Renault app, and the complaint larboard is successful the beforehand grille.

The interior features a 10-inch instrumentality clump and a ample centre tablet, portion its van origins mean there’s copious retention including an opening console supra the driver’s instruments. The acheronian brushed wood decorativeness adds a small lustre.

The dual-zone aerial conditioning is powered by an energy-saving vigor pump. This strategy adds up to 30km of range, Renault claims.

The backmost seating enactment (it’s a five-seater alternatively than a seven) has a 60:40 divided that slides and tilts, taking the footwear from a ample 850 litres done to 2500L. There’s besides a drawer with 49L of added space, and a retention container for the cables.

Renault adds you tin set the extortion bars without tools.

It’s not yet wide if Renault volition bring the Kangoo EV people-mover to Australia, though these benignant of vehicles thin to beryllium dilatory sellers here, with buying tending towards SUVs.

There are a increasing fig of electrical people-movers arriving though, specified arsenic the larger Mercedes-Benz eVito and LDV MIFA 9.

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