Ram Trucks boss praises locally converted RHD models

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The planetary caput of Ram Trucks International has praised Australia’s right-hand thrust (RHD) conversions operation, saying section models are conscionable arsenic bully arsenic those made successful the company’s ain US plant.

Ram Trucks Australia is the lone full-volume RHD re-manufacturer authorised to bash what it does by Ram’s genitor company, and truthful benefits from mill support.

More than 18,000 Ram 1500 and 2500 models person present been converted to RHD and sold successful Australia and New Zealand since 2013 – filling a request among buyers for whom a HiLux oregon Ranger wouldn’t chopped it.

Visiting the 24-hour Melbourne Manufacturing Facility successful the city’s southeast, Bob Graczyk was effusive erstwhile praising what the section cognition had achieved.

“Australia is simply a ace important marketplace for america extracurricular of North America, and the maturation that we’ve seen present implicit the past fewer years has been phenomenal,” said Mr Grazyk.

“Outside of the US, we merchantability much full-size pick-up trucks than Ford and GM combined, and Australia representing a marketplace stock of much than 70 per cent, is simply a large contributor of that.

“… I was successful our Sterling Heights, US, works a fewer weeks agone and yesterday I got into a right-hand thrust RAM TRX for the archetypal clip – the motortruck that is coming disconnected the enactment present successful Australia is arsenic bully arsenic what’s coming retired of our main plant,” helium added.

“So, we’re 1000 per cent supportive of the remanufacturing process present – we enactment precise intimately with the squad and supply immoderate they request successful presumption of support, CAD information etc – and person afloat assurance successful the squad present to support our brand, and to support our truck.”

Ram Trucks Australia is simply a licensed trademark of American Special Vehicles Pty Ltd, which is owned by conveyance distributor Ateco – which imports LDV and Renault products connected behalf of the manufacturers.

It contracts the Walkinshaw Group to person the Ram Trucks to RHD astatine its Melbourne Manufacturing Facility, wherever the Chevrolet Silverado is besides re-engineered for GMSV.

All Ram Trucks Australia vehicles are international-spec pickups uniquely coded for the Australian marketplace and the section physique process – but the American works lone makes them successful left-hand drive.

The caller 16,025 square-metre MMF installation has 2 dedicated lines for the DS and DT bid Rams, and a abstracted enactment for dense work 2500 models, each moving 24/7 and susceptible of producing up to 20,000 vehicles per year. It presently produces 10,000 per annum.

Ram Trucks Australia claims to person 641 employees, starring it to assertion that it’s “the biggest conveyance shaper successful Australia”.

RHD Rams aren’t simply utes with the steering instrumentality shifted to the right. The DS 1500 has 361 caller components designed (and often produced) locally, portion determination are 402 caller parts connected the DT 1500 and 465 connected the 2500 dense duty.

The full fig of RHD Rams sold to Australian buyers since accumulation began is 17,115. Ram’s year-to-date tally present is simply a whopping 4153 sales, up 45 per cent implicit the aforesaid play successful 2021. To enactment this YTD tally into context, that’s much income than Land Rover (3446).

Ram Trucks’ occurrence selling large American guzzler workhorses with towing capableness beyond smaller utes has spawned a full manufacture of mill backed converters, with Chevrolet (Silverado) already successful connected the act, and some Ford Australia (F-150) and Toyota (Tundra) confirming akin plans for localised RHD products.

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