Online VAT Calculator for UK & Ireland

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A VAT calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the amount of VAT (Value Added Tax) that is added to a price or an amount. VAT is a consumption tax that is levied on most goods and services in the UK and Ireland. The VAT rate is currently 20% in both countries.

To use a VAT calculator, you simply need to enter the amount that you want to calculate VAT for, and the calculator will automatically add the VAT to the amount based on the current VAT rate. This can be useful if you are a business owner or consumer and want to know how much VAT is included in a price, or if you want to calculate the total cost of a purchase including VAT.

There are various types of VAT calculators available online, ranging from simple calculators that only allow you to add VAT to an amount, to more advanced calculators that can handle more complex VAT calculations such as partial exemptions or international transactions. You can also find VAT calculators as standalone applications or as part of accounting software.

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