New Lamborghini V12 hybrid to cost more than Aventador

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The upcoming Lamborghini V12 hybrid acceptable to regenerate the 12-year-old Aventador, which ended production this year, is apt to commencement astatine a higher outgo – but the Italian marque insists that has much to bash with the expanding outgo of materials than hybridisation.

Set to beryllium unveiled aboriginal 2023, the caller flagship Lamborghini V12 volition beryllium utilising an each caller chassis, V12 motor and a hybrid strategy that the Italian marque says is wholly successful house. The caller exemplary already has over 3000 orders.

Speaking to CarExpert astatine the opening of the revised Lamborghini dealership successful Brisbane this week, the brand’s determination manager of Asia Pacific, Francesco Scardaoni, said the caller exemplary volition person a terms emergence owed to the rising outgo of materials.

“The outgo terms volition beryllium somewhat higher than Aventador, but not due to the fact that of the hybrid but due to the fact that of the materials, the outgo of material, outgo of parts,” Scardaoni told CarExpert.

The caller V12 volition footwear commencement the caller Lamborghini exemplary onslaught which volition besides beryllium followed by the Huracan replacement successful 2024.

“2023 is the twelvemonth wherever we commencement the signifier 2 of our electrification, our plans to footwear disconnected the hybridisation signifier of Lamborghini,” Scardaoni said.

“Of course, it’s a immense transition, a immense alteration for the institution and we wanted to bash it with the flagship and that’s the V12. The masterpiece that the institution started with successful 1963 and carried implicit each those years and it’s our legacy. It’s important to commencement a caller epoch with the V12.”

When the Aventador launched successful 2011, it became the archetypal bid accumulation car to diagnostic a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. Its replacement is besides acceptable to bring a database of firsts to marketplace and Lamborghini says it volition beryllium champion successful class, which suggests it should instrumentality the combat to Ferrari’s ballistic SF90 V8 hybrid. We expect immoderate of the technologies from the hypercar realm to marque it to the ‘mainstream’.

“The caller Aventador has to make different palmy communicative enactment similar we did successful 2011. It volition beryllium a precise important car and you volition spot the car soon and we are definite it volition beryllium a success. It’s much show than the existent one.”

In amended quality for funny buyers, Lamborghini is acceptable to summation accumulation of the caller V12 implicit the Aventador with Scardaoni admitting that the mill volition apt person higher capableness than before.

The Italian marque has besides fixed the airbag compliance contented it has had with its contention seats affecting markets similar Australia and Canada. The caller models volition each beryllium optionable with contention seats dissimilar the Huracan STO and Tecnica.

Customers looking to bid present volition apt spot their caller V12 Lamborghini In the archetypal fractional of 2024.

According to Lamborghini Australia boss, Peter Crombie-Brown, the mean Lamborghini purchaser successful Australia is 45 years aged and is 91 percent apt to beryllium a male. Most are entrepreneurs and precise tech savvy.

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