New Honda EM1 e: is firm's first electric two-wheeler for Europe

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421500 23YM HONDA EM1 e The caller electrical scooter volition get adjacent twelvemonth with removable artillery technology

Honda has unveiled its archetypal electrical two-wheeler that volition motorboat successful Europe, the municipality focused EM1 e: electrical moped.

The caller instrumentality has been unveiled astatine the EICMA motorbike amusement successful Milan, Italy, and is owed to beryllium released successful the mediate of adjacent year. It volition beryllium the first of astatine slightest 10 electrical motorcycles the Japanese steadfast volition motorboat globally by the extremity of 2025.

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Honda has antecedently announced that it volition motorboat 3 types of electrical two-wheelers: Electric Bikes (EB), Electric Mopeds (EM) and Electric Vehicles (EV). As the sanction fundamentally gives distant the EM1 e: is the archetypal of the mopeds, which means it volition person a apical velocity of betwixt 15.5 and 30mph. The ‘e:’ suffix brings the naming successful enactment with Honda’s electrical cars, though we’ve not rather definite what’s up with the random colon.

Honda has yet to uncover galore method details for the EM1 e:, but it has confirmed that it volition usage its Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swappable artillery system. That is simply a removable 1.3kWh artillery that volition springiness a claimed scope of much than 25 miles. Notably, the artillery is compatible with artillery swap stations that Honda is developing, suggesting that exertion could yet travel to Europe.

The steadfast says that the EM1 e: is designed for municipality transport and aimed “squarely astatine a young demographic”. It says that the compact styling has been developed truthful that it has a unsocial individuality wrong Honda’s existent motorbike range, adding that the instrumentality “syncs neatly with modern expectations for municipality mobility”.

Pricing and merchandise details, including whether it volition beryllium offered successful the UK, person yet to beryllium confirmed.


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