Mini moving EV production from Oxford to China, Germany – report

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Mini’s caller scope of electrical cars volition beryllium built successful China and Germany, alternatively than astatine the brand’s spiritual location successful the UK.

A study for The Times revealed the accumulation of electrical vehicles astatine the Cowley works successful Oxford, UK, volition extremity successful 2023.

Production of the replacement for the existent Mini Electric 3-Door volition beryllium moved to China, portion the upcoming Mini Countryman EV volition beryllium built alongside its BMW X1 relative successful Leipzig, Germany.

The as-yet unrevealed Aceman, which volition beryllium smaller than the existent Countryman SUV, volition besides beryllium built successful China arsenic portion of BMW’s associated task with Great Wall Motor.

Manufacturing volition proceed successful Oxford, however. Mini has confirmed it’ll support gathering internal-combustion models successful the UK, and has antecedently said petrol powerfulness volition unrecorded connected successful its scope until 2030.

“Oxford volition ever beryllium the location of Mini,” a spokesperson told The Times. The spokesperson said electrical Minis built successful the UK would request to beryllium made connected an assembly enactment developed by GWM, successful spot of the existing accumulation lines.

“Oxford is not geared up for electrical vehicles,” the spokesperson said. “It volition request renovation and investment.”

The Times reports the spokesperson provided “no date” for EV manufacturing to instrumentality the UK.

Mini will instrumentality its archetypal steps toward a new, electric-dominated scope successful 2023.

Based connected the latest accusation from Mini, its next-generation exemplary rollout volition see the pursuing cars:

  • The classic 3-Door Hatch, disposable with petrol and electrical power. It’s expected to beryllium smaller than the existent car
  • The Countryman SUV, grown up to instrumentality connected the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA and with petrol and electrical power
  • A caller SUV to slot betwixt the 3-Door Hatch and Countryman, called the Aceman
  • Another premium compact car successful an as-yet unrevealed segment, perchance based connected the Vision Urbanaut
  • A caller Convertible, owed successful 2025

The adjacent Mini hatch, the halfway exemplary for the marque and the astir recognisable signifier successful the range, volition beryllium offered with a prime of petrol oregon pure-electric powerfulness erstwhile it launches.

It’s not wide whether some cars volition beryllium built connected the aforesaid platform. It’s apt the petrol-powered car volition beryllium built connected the BMW FAAR platform, a improvement of the UKL level utilized nether the existent range.

These authoritative BMW images uncover the electrical Mini Hatch volition person tiny overhangs and a much steeply-raked windscreen than the existent car.

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