Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV teased ahead of imminent reveal

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The planetary premiere of the adjacent Mercedes-Benz EQ electrical exemplary is conscionable days distant now, with the German carmaker teasing the car 1 past time.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and its high-performance Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV counterpart volition some debut astatine an creation installation activation successful Paris connected October 17 astatine 5AM AEDT.

The 2 EQE SUVs volition look alongside the full scope of EQ electrical vehicles offered by Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG.

The latest teaser representation of the EQE SUV gives a shadowy glimpse of its beforehand end, with styling highly akin to that of the larger EQS SUV.

We’ve antecedently seen camouflaged prototypes of some the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV that amusement a soft, round, and astir blobby plan similar that of the EQS, EQE, and EQS SUV.

This front-on teaser representation builds connected a previous acceptable of authoritative interior images of the EQE SUV that confirmed it is simply a five-seater and volition beryllium disposable with the MBUX Hyperscreen.

Mercedes-Benz refers to the EQE SUV arsenic the “multi-purpose variant” of the EQE sedan, and it serves arsenic an all-electric alternate to the interior combustion-powered GLE.

The EQE SUV volition beryllium the 4th exemplary built connected Mercedes-Benz’s dedicated Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA), pursuing the EQS, EQE, and EQS SUV.

It’s expected the EQE SUV volition reflector the drivetrain and artillery specifications of the existing EQE sedan.

Currently, the mid-sized electrical sedan is disposable successful EQE 350 guise with a 215kW electrical centrifugal driving the rear wheels.

Next measurement up is the AMG EQE 43 4Matic, which has 2 electrical motors, all-wheel drive, and full strategy outputs of 250kW and 858Nm.

The flagship AMG EQE 53 4Matic+ sedan is besides powered by a dual-motor all-wheel thrust powertrain but produces full strategy outputs of 505kW and 1000Nm of torque with the AMG Dynamic Plus bundle selected.

All EQE sedan models, astatine present, travel with a 90.6kWh lithium-ion artillery battalion that, according to WLTP testing, has a driving scope of betwixt 518km and 660km, depending connected the variant.

Expect a small little scope from the EQE SUV, arsenic the EQS SUV has little scope than the EQS liftback owed successful portion to its much upright, little aerodynamic body.

It’s unclear what the dimensions of the EQE SUV volition beryllium astatine this stage, but expect it to beryllium astir 5 metres long, arsenic the EQE sedan is 4946mm agelong and the larger EQS SUV is 5125mm long.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV volition beryllium built alongside the EQS SUV astatine the German automaker’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama works alongside the GLS and GLE, and usage batteries produced astatine a “state-of-the-art mill successful Bibb County”.

This ramp-up of artillery accumulation follows Mercedes-Benz’s announcement that it’ll go all-electric by 2030, wherever marketplace conditions allow.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV could go a captious exemplary for the German marque arsenic accumulation of the current EQC is reportedly ending successful 2023.

The EQC is the brand’s archetypal electrical conveyance from the EQ household and is derived from the previous-generation GLC.

It’s unclear if there’s going to beryllium a second-generation EQC arsenic of yet, which could mean the EQE SUV mightiness person to prime up the slack earlier a second-generation exemplary launches.

From 2025, Mercedes-Benz volition motorboat 3 all-electric architectures. The main level volition beryllium MB.EA, which volition underpin each mean to ample vehicles.

This volition beryllium complemented by AMG.EA for show cars, and VAN.EA that volition signifier the ground for vans and airy commercialized vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz volition besides debut the “electric-first” MMA tiny car platform successful 2024.

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