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Felix LT Mazda hullo  17 Our caller Mazda whitethorn beryllium pursuing the PHEV inclination but inactive can’t defy being a spot quirky

Why we’re moving it: Mazda’s largest and priciest car is besides its archetypal PHEV. Does it marque immoderate sense? 

Month 1 - Specs

Life with a Mazda CX-60: Month 1

Welcoming the CX-60 to the fleet - 26 October 2022

This family SUV, powered by a hybridised four-cylinder petrol engine, weighing 1980kg and devised arsenic a rival to specified suburban stalwarts arsenic the Volvo XC60 and BMW X3, happens to beryllium the astir almighty car yet enactment connected the roadworthy by a steadfast inextricably linked to 1 of the astir simplistic yet effectual selling slogans ever: Zoom Zoom.

Until reasonably recently, anticipation was lingering that dynamically adept and weight-averse Mazda inactive planned to bring the drop-dead RX Vision coupé conception to accumulation – and past determination were immoderate reasonably beardown signs that it was adjacent readying to bring rotary powerfulness backmost to its ranks for a tail-happy sports car successful the vein of the legendary RX-7.

Neither of those wondrous prospects has yet travel to pass, but successful the meantime, here’s the CX-60: a big, premium-flavoured SUV that provides Mazda (at agelong last) with an electrified introduction into 1 of the astir important marketplace segments successful Europe. It’s a CX-5 with a battery, a bigger footwear and a spot much power.

Oh, and arsenic tested present (in top-flight Takumi trim with a fewer enactment boxes ticked), it’s adjacent to £55,000, which lends value to what Mazda UK brag Jeremy Thomson told maine a portion agone astir the Japanese brand’s semipermanent positioning goals: “Our aspirations are to go a credible alternate to the accepted mainstream premium, and that means non-German.”

Money good spent? You would conflict to reason different aft a fewer minutes poking and prodding your mode astir inside. This is simply a delightfully well-appointed cockpit with cautiously chosen materials, subtle but charismatic f lourishes passim and – praise beryllium – an infotainment interface that’s controlled by a dial and supported by a raft of existent buttons and switches.

It’s a invited respite from the cold, tech-heavy and unimaginative cabins of the Germans it aims to interest – and 1 that has yet to permission maine longing for perfectly anything, courtesy of the impressively expansive kit list.

The CX-60 is large and made visually bulkier by the questionable execution of Mazda’s mostly acclaimed Kodo plan language. Here, it’s manifested successful a disproportionately agelong bonnet (presumably to let abstraction for the accepted consecutive sixes coming successful 2023), an expansive, featureless broadside illustration and a bulky rear - though I’m blessed that it hasn’t fallen into the trap of sacrificing interior abstraction for a much ‘style-focused’ sloping roofline.

Its generous stature is proving bully quality for all-round inferior (or bad, if you see each car-free person I person has seemingly conscionable decided to determination house...); and with quick-witted steering and agreeable visibility among its attributes, it’s yet to grate erstwhile edging on London’s clogged veins and parking successful multi-storey spaces marked successful the 1960s.

When I archetypal saw the CX-60, it wasn’t its size oregon look that amazed maine astir but that Mazda hadn’t called connected strategical spouse Toyota to supply the means of propulsion for its archetypal PHEV. Especially arsenic the CX-60 is specified a akin mechanical proposition to the RAV4 PHEV, pairing a 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol motor with a circa-18kWh artillery and with a driven axle astatine each end. The drivetrain is each Mazda’s work, the ICE broadside based connected that utilized successful the CX-5 and the electrical broadside is developed utilizing learnings from the MX-30 EV.

Interesting point, that, due to the fact that the drivetrain successful each of those SUVs is acold from a stand-out strength: the CX-5 falls abbreviated successful perk and ratio compared with turbocharged rivals and the MX-30 fails to rather marque up for its lacklustre scope with immoderate existent consciousness of urgency erstwhile you level it.

Even so, the CX-60 looks much successful measurement with what’s broadly expected successful a car of its ilk, and it surely tin astonishment connected footwear down, leaping distant with an electrically aided urgency that belies its size, value and forced induction – though the harsh, monotonous soundtrack makes it wide the shove is simply a by-product, nota priority, of the electrified innards.

The existent calling paper of this drivetrain (or astatine slightest what it should be) is efficiency. Officially, our car volition get 188mpg – but I won’t bang connected astir that, due to the fact that that’s a fig measured connected the notoriously flawed WLTP cycle. What’s much important is the claimed 39 miles that it tin bash connected energy alone, due to the fact that that’s the benignant of fig that would springiness an proprietor the assurance to usage this PHEV arsenic they are meant to: commute connected the battery, past power connected the ICE for longer play trips.

And so that is my plan. My commute is astir a 12-mile circular trip, and I bash it 3 times per week, truthful everything seems to person travel unneurotic precise nicely. I got peculiarly excited erstwhile my archetypal afloat complaint of the artillery offered up 51 miles of EV powerfulness – but it rapidly became wide that the world is person to fractional that figure, and I’m expecting it to driblet further arsenic we shiver into winter.

Being capable to complaint astatine enactment means I tin instrumentality to the plan, by and large, but already I’m trying hard to support the combined ratio readout astatine astir the 40mpg mark, plugging successful whenever imaginable and perpetually driving similar a saint to debar waking the thirsty ICE.

Whether I tyre of being abstemious implicit the coming months remains to beryllium seen (petrol prices would person to travel down a batch more...). But speech from frugality, the CX-60 indispensable beryllium its worthy arsenic a bona fide contender successful the premium SUV field, truthful determination are a fig of areas successful which it needs to shine. Let’s anticipation it does. 

Second Opinion

When I went connected the motorboat of this car, it was wide that Mazda was pinning a batch connected the CX-60. If the CX-5 is the firm’s existent income success, the CX-60 is the aboriginal – and portion of its “multi- solution approach”, each riding connected its scalable level architecture. Given each that guardant occurrence hinges connected this car arsenic the archetypal step, here’s hoping Felix likes it. No pressure 

Piers Ward

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Mazda CX-60 specification  

Specs: Price New £49,520 Price arsenic tested £53,370 Options Rhodium White overgarment £750, Convenience and Driver Assistance Pack £2100, panoramic sunroof £1000 

Test Data: Engine 4 cyls successful line, 2488cc, petrol, positive electrical motor Power 322bhp astatine rpm Torque 369lb ft Kerb weight 2,146kg Top speed 124mph 0-62mph 5.8sec Fuel economy 188mpg (WLTP) CO2 33g/km Faults None Expenses None

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