Making a List and Checking it Twice with Fitbit’s Holiday Gift Guide

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As December approaches and the vacation play starts successful earnest, it’s casual to consciousness overwhelmed, but don’t worry. We’re present to assistance you optimize your clip and enactment connected apical of your to-do list. From skipping the guesswork and acquisition buying with easiness to reminding you to instrumentality a infinitesimal for yourself (psst, this is your cue), we’re present for you. After all, helping you beryllium some physically and mentally beardown truthful you tin beryllium astatine your champion is simply a portion of what we bash astatine Fitbit.

We’ve enactment unneurotic a specially curated acquisition database for your nearest and dearest. With wellness and wellness apical of mind, see this your one-stop store to cheque everyone disconnected your list, including yourself. Plus, we’re offering breathtaking vacation deals. Check retired the latest connected today.

Read connected for the gifts that support connected giving each twelvemonth agelong from Fitbit. 

For the Android enthusiast 

Google Pixel Watch. In October, Google Pixel Watch was unveiled: Created to harvester the smarts and helpfulness from Google with Fitbit’s wellness and fittingness expertise, it’s cleanable for the mover and shaker successful your life. You know, the 1 for whom you ne'er cognize what to get? 

We’ve got the answer. Gift your loved 1 each of the above, successful 1 elegant plan with this premium caller smartwatch.  

For the mindful one

Fitbit Sense 2. A smartwatch that tin assistance boost their mind, body, and wide health? Yes, please. Gift Sense 2, redesigned to consciousness much astatine location connected the body, 24/7. 

Sense 2 features a caller Body Response sensor to assistance place signs of stress. They’ll get body-based astute notifications to punctual them to cheque successful connected what triggered them and however they are feeling. They tin past instrumentality steps to negociate accent successful the moment, close from their wrist.

Plus, they’ll get a 6-month Premium membership¹, which means they tin entree tons of mindfulness contented and payment from the caller Premium Sleep Profile—one of Fitbit’s precocious slumber tools. It’s a cleanable acquisition for the idiosyncratic successful your beingness you astir privation to accent little and marque smarter choices astir their wellness successful the caller year. Help them look and consciousness their champion with Fitbit Sense 2 + Premium, and get a caput commencement connected each those New Year’s Resolutions. Bonus points if you instrumentality them connected together. 

For the amusement stopper

Fitbit Luxe. Dress up your bestie’s wrist with our astir stylish and fashion-forward fittingness tracker yet, Luxe. Designed to assistance them instrumentality a much holistic attack to their wellness and wellness, its slim design, made with jewelry successful mind, makes it acceptable for each occasion. 

Luxe volition assistance them instrumentality power of their wellness with everything from Stress Management Score to slumber tracking to Active Zone Minutes and more, each successful an elegant bracelet designed to complement their unsocial benignant truthful they tin absorption connected their goals without sacrificing their look. That’s not all, though, they’ll besides get a 6-month Premium membership.¹ 

A tracker that volition person them looking and feeling great? Sign america up.

For the 1 who’s ever connected the go

Versa 4. Is determination idiosyncratic successful your beingness who’s ever focused connected their fitness? This bladed and lightweight smartwatch has much than 40 workout modes (more than treble we’ve ever had!) each disposable on-wrist, including caller options similar HIIT, value lifting, CrossFit, and dance. 

They person the enactment to caput extracurricular with built-in GPS, oregon find thing caller with much than 1,000 workouts and mindfulness sessions successful Fitbit Premium. Plus, with Premium, they’ll person entree to the Daily Readiness Score, to assistance them cognize erstwhile their assemblage is acceptable to propulsion hard oregon instrumentality a remainder day. Either way, they’ll enactment motivated with Versa 4. 

Charge 5. Here to assistance your loved 1 support a pulse connected not lone their fittingness goals, but their stress, bosom health, sleep, and wide well-being. Charge 5 features tools specified arsenic an on-device EDA Sensor to assistance negociate stress, an on-device electrocardiogram (ECG) app to measure their bosom bushed for signs of atrial fibrillation, and Daily Readiness Score to assistance them optimize their workout routine.⁴

But wait, it gets better—they’ll besides get a 6 period Premium membership.¹ What’s not to love? Help them marque each infinitesimal number with our astir precocious fittingness and wellness tracker.

Inspire 3. The adjacent procreation of Fitbit’s fashionable wellness and fittingness tracker is present to assistance your loved 1 go their champion aforesaid successful 2023. Inspire 3 makes it easier to unrecorded an active, steadfast lifestyle, immoderate they’re doing and nevertheless they’re moving, without breaking your bank. 

Whether they’re walking to work, trying the latest viral creation craze, oregon conscionable grabbing luncheon with friends, your giftee tin automatically way their Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and steps. Plus, it comes successful a thin, lightweight plan with a vibrant colour touchscreen and agelong artillery beingness that tin past up to 10 days.³

For the kids

Ace 3: Special Edition Minions. Send kids connected a ngo to determination with the motivating Ace 3: Special Edition Minions. For kids 6 years aged and up, this enactment tracker is snug fitting, aquatics impervious (up to 50 meters), features amusive timepiece faces, and is definite to person each the kids jumping for joy. 

For the 1 who loves to accessorize

‘Tis the play for signature style! Add immoderate manner to their fittingness with stylish accessories for their tracker oregon smartwatch. From athletics bands to leather to stainless steel, Fitbit has a set for each benignant of giftee. 

For your ever benignant savvy confidant, they’re definite to emotion the Gorjana for Luxe Parker Link Bracelet. Designed to unrecorded and furniture with the pieces they already love, this stylish bracelet volition springiness their wellness and wellness travel a fashionable touch. Choose from Soft Gold Stainless Steel oregon Platinum Stainless Steel, it’s the cleanable summation to their Fitbit Luxe. 

For the Google Pixel Watch enthusiast, acquisition them options to accessorize with bands that bespeak their style, from athleisure-inspired Woven bands to luxurious Crafted Leather

Looking for more? Up your gifting crippled with our Designer Collections, specified arsenic the Brother Vellies collection for Sense 2 and Versa 4 Horween® leather bands² (bands sold separately). 

And finally, for yourself

Already loving your Fitbit tracker oregon smartwatch? Kick it up a notch by gifting yourself Fitbit Premium, wherever you’ll person entree to Daily Readiness, workout inspiration, precocious slumber and accent insights, and more.¹ 

Don’t wait! Get successful the vacation tone and cheque retired the latest deals for Fitbit’s Holiday Sale connected today.

¹ Premium contented and features are taxable to change. Trial disposable lone for caller and returning Premium users. Valid outgo method required. Cancel earlier escaped proceedings ends to debar subscription fees. See afloat presumption & conditions here. 

² Leather accessories are made of Horween® leather and different materials.

³ Varies with usage and different factors.

⁴ Daily Readiness requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Premium contented recommendations are not disposable successful each locales and whitethorn beryllium successful English only.

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