Love Lost and Found

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At North Shore Animal League America, we are specialists successful healing breached hearts and spirits. For ten-year-old achromatic Labrador Kimber and her caller adopted family, uncovering each different made this vacation play particularly joyful.

Adopted astatine Animal League America arsenic a puppy, Kimber had lone known beingness successful a loving home. Sadly, her proprietor passed away, but helium had the foresight to see Animal League America successful his property plan, with the proviso that Kimber would travel to america should thing hap to him. As it turned out, she would not beryllium with america for precise long!

Meanwhile Cynthia was grieving the nonaccomplishment of 1 of her elder dogs and considering adopting a rescue erstwhile her girl saw Kimber’s saccharine metallic look connected our website. As Cynthia recalls, “We initially thought of adopting a younger dog, but we each conscionable fell for Kimber. And erstwhile we yet met her successful person, we conscionable knew she was the one.”

Animal League America encourages everyone to see who volition attraction for your pets if thing should hap to you. Our Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care Program® is simply a fashionable mode to guarantee the aboriginal wellness and happiness of your pet. By joining the Safe Haven program, erstwhile the request arises, we put for proscription for your pets to our no-kill adoption halfway and attraction for them arsenic agelong arsenic it takes to find them the close home.

It didn’t instrumentality agelong for Kimber to settee successful with her caller household and much of her property emerges each day. Cynthia was blessed to report, “Kimber loves to play fetch, but she makes her humans travel to her to get the shot to propulsion again. I person been getting a batch of exercise! She is the astir lovable large mush. We are truthful blessed she has joined our family.”

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