Lamborghini Huracan replacement likely a V10 hybrid

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Lamborghini is acceptable to regenerate the fashionable Huracan supercar successful the mediate of 2024 with an all-new exemplary that volition stock precise small with sister marque Audi and person a unsocial hybrid powertrain and platform.

The existent Huracan has been astir since 2014 and volition yet beryllium replaced successful Q2 2024 with the archetypal of the caller cars apt to get successful Australia by 2025.

CarExpert believes the caller exemplary volition inactive transportation a V10, but it volition beryllium an all-new Lamborghini-designed powerplant with a hybrid system.

Speaking to CarExpert astatine the opening of the revised Lamborghini dealership successful Brisbane this week, the brand’s determination manager of Asia Pacific, Francesco Scardaoni, confirmed the caller powertrain volition beryllium hybrid and whitethorn person inadvertently admitted that it volition besides beryllium a V10.

“That volition beryllium a caller V10, the caller Huracan, up to present we tin not disclose what motor volition beryllium acceptable to the car. But it volition beryllium a hybrid. Because our hybridisation phase, the Huracan volition beryllium 2024 wherever we volition merchandise the hybrid mentation of the caller Huracan, mid 24, we volition merchandise the caller car.”

The astir breathtaking quality for Lamborghini fans, isolated from the anticipation of the V10 surviving connected successful hybrid form, is that the caller Italian supercar volition not stock its bosom with an Audi, arsenic was the lawsuit with the Huracan and R8.

“Lamborghini became 1 of the astir profitable brands wrong the radical this year, we acceptable different grounds twelvemonth successful presumption of operating profit…. and due to the fact that being the marque with the highest profitability, of people you person the powerfulness to inquire definite things and besides to self-fund the project.”

The caller Huracan volition travel the V12 flagship hybrid. This volition besides beryllium joined with the hybrid Urus SUV earlier the all-electric 2+2 Lamborghini arrives successful 2028.

Don’t expect Lamborghini to travel Ferrari’s pb successful creating a adjacent endless fig of caller models based connected akin platforms, either.

“We privation to person a beauteous wide differentiation betwixt the range, our customers are asking to support the models beauteous differentiated, we are gathering dreams and we request to marque definite customers are dreaming of Lamborghini.”

Customers ordering a caller Huracan Tecnica present volition spot their car successful 2024, astir the aforesaid clip we are apt to spot the Huracan replacement.

According to Lamborghini Australia boss, Peter Crombie-Brown, the mean Lamborghini purchaser successful Australia is 45 years aged and is 91 percent apt to beryllium a male. Most are entrepreneurs and precise tech savvy.

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