Lamborghini Aventador successor: Hybrid supercar spied

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The caller flagship Lamborghini supercar has been snapped wrong and out, revealing much of its assertive styling – and immoderate other method details.

Photos of the integer dashboard amusement that, successful metropolis mode astatine least, the caller hybrid V12 powertrain volition person an 8500rpm redline.

The dashboard itself is an improvement of the existent model’s setup, with a larger show country and much modern graphics. There besides appears to beryllium a large surface connected the dashboard.

Based connected the “Rear aero strategy fault!” connection being displayed, the caller flagship Lamborghini volition diagnostic astatine slightest a pop-up rear spoiler – and perchance much connected the progressive aerodynamics front.

As for the exterior? Up front, the detailing is each spot arsenic angular arsenic you’d expect.

There are hints of Sian about it, though the rear has a antithetic look acknowledgment to its slim LED lights. Those Aventador process lights are, arsenic you tin astir apt tell, stickers – but it appears accumulation units lurk beneath.

Under the skin, the adjacent flagship Lamborghini volition diagnostic a new, people aspirated V12 motor mated with a hybrid system.

According to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, who spoke to CarExpert at the motorboat of the Huracan Tecnica successful Italy, the caller V12 volition dependable “amazing”.

“For maine the marque has to support the quality contiguous to fulfil the imagination of the people. Both the fans and the customers,” helium said.

Outputs for the caller powertrain haven’t been revealed, but Lamborghini isn’t apt to determination backwards from what’s connected connection successful the Aventador. Its V12 powertrain makes 574kW and 720Nm successful LP780-4 Ultimae guise.

With all-wheel thrust and an automated manual transmission, the Ultimae tin implicit the 0-100km/h sprint successful 2.8 seconds, deed the treble tonne successful 8.7 seconds, and max retired astatine 355km/h.

The ace capacitor setup utilized successful the limited-run Sian has been deemed a “bridge technology” that’s incapable to conscionable EU mandates, and truthful its 602kW hybrid V12 doesn’t needfully foreshadow what to expect from the Aventador’s replacement.

The Aventador’s replacement is expected to debut successful clip to spell connected merchantability globally successful 2023.

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