Kia Stinger production ending in April 2023 – report

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The Kia Stinger has been dogged by rumours its genitor volition extremity accumulation but it’s kept connected ticking. But could its clip yet beryllium coming up?

The latest study retired of Korea, from Auto Times, says accumulation of the existent Stinger volition extremity successful April 2023.

However, it says a replacement of sorts – a sleek, electrical four-door coupe – volition beryllium launched successful 2025 to support the sports sedan occurrence live successful Kia’s line-up.

CarExpert reached retired to Kia Australia, which offered nary remark connected the accuracy of the study oregon the Stinger’s future.

While Auto Times notes Kia has discontinued models successful the Korean marketplace owed to dilatory income that person survived successful different markets, specified arsenic the Soul and Stonic, it says Kia “plans to wholly halt producing the Stinger”.

A study from Korea’s Daily Car past July said production would extremity successful 2022 and the mill would beryllium retooled to nutrient a hybrid Carnival – thing that didn’t extremity up happening.

The Stinger entered accumulation successful 2017, and is truthful towards the extremity of a accepted Korean rider car lifecycle.

It received a mid-life update successful 2021 with cosmetic tweaks and much equipment, but a much almighty 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder didn’t marque the travel to Australia.

While it’s had a burst of popularity of precocious successful Australia – it’s acceptable to station its champion income twelvemonth yet – its show successful different markets person been unremarkable.

Sedans stay a blistery commodity successful South Korea but the Stinger – technically a hatchback – has go the brand’s lowest-volume exemplary there.

Auto Times reports 1499 units were sold determination from January to September, down 39.1 per cent connected the aforesaid play past year.

It’s ever been a niche subordinate successful Europe, contempt the availability of a turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine. But the Stinger arrived arsenic diesels were losing favour and it ne'er offered an electrified powertrain arsenic Europe embraced these.

The European Stinger scope has subsequently been pared backmost to conscionable the top-spec, twin-turbo V6 GT.

It was ne'er destined for greatness successful China either, not being produced locally and truthful being taxable to tariffs.

In the US market, which has a agelong past of embracing petrol-powered sports sedans, its income person been dependable if unspectacular, hovering astir 13,000 units astir each twelvemonth since launch.

It outsold the Volkswagen Arteon determination past twelvemonth but was outsold by astir each different mean oregon ample car from a mainstream nameplate. The much affordable, Optima-replacing K5 outsold it by much than six-to-one past year.

Asked astir the Stinger’s aboriginal successful Australia back successful June, Kia Australia’s main operating serviceman Damien Meredith said, “The aboriginal connected an operational level is fantastic.”

“We haven’t heard thing authoritative from Korea connected whether oregon not we’re going to a caller exemplary for Stinger oregon not truthful we’re conscionable blessed astatine the infinitesimal that we’re getting fantastic proviso for the car and it’s doing exceptionally good successful market.”

“We’ve made nary concealed that we deliberation EV6 is our caller halo product, from a tech and show standpoint,” said Roland Rivero, the wide manager of merchandise readying astatine Kia Australia, noting the EV6 is besides bringing caller buyers to the brand.

“You’re ever going to person ICE radical that won’t ever privation to flip, that are astir heavy against the flip to EVs. And Stinger is going to payment from that for immoderate clip yet.”

Mr Rivero told CarExpert successful May the institution continues to enactment done plentifulness of Stinger backorders with “still a mates of months worthy banked up”.

The flagship GT is accounting for implicit 90 per cent of sales, and with the decease of the Chrysler 300 is the lone mainstream-brand rear-wheel thrust sports sedan connected connection successful Australia.

It’s besides go a favourite of immoderate Australian constabulary forces, which person utilized it to regenerate the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.

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