Kia’s New Logo Apparently Has 30k People Googling For “KN Car” Every Month

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Kia launched their caller logo with a record-breaking pyrotechnic show successful 2021, but it appears a fig of consumers are confused by the caller design.

In particular, Twitter idiosyncratic @Shwinnabego noticed Google searches for “KN car” person accrued importantly since the summertime of 2021 erstwhile models with the caller logo were becoming much common. This disorder extends beyond hunt results arsenic a Reddit station showed a representation of a Kia Carnival and asked “KN car model?”

Google Trends data shows this improvement isn’t conscionable constricted to the United States arsenic radical successful Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are conducting searches specified arsenic “KN SUV,” “KN car marque price,” and “KN car marque electric.” Searches successful America are akin and see “What is KN car brand,” “KN Carnival car,” “What is KN,” and “KN Telluride car.”

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the caller kia logo is truthful unreadable that astatine slightest 30k radical a period hunt for the "KN car" ever since its debut

— Ashwinn (@Shwinnabego) November 17, 2022

While determination are astir 30,000 searches per period for “KN car,” Tire Meets Road noted “Kia” gets 1.83 cardinal searches successful the aforesaid clip play truthful 30,000 is simply a comparative driblet successful the bucket. However, it appears to hap often capable that typing “KN c” into Google Chrome automatically suggests “KN Car” and “KN Car Brand.”

This looks similar atrocious quality connected the surface, but it is absorbing to enactment radical are seemingly truthful taken with Kia vehicles that they actively hunt for them, adjacent erstwhile they don’t cognize what they are. That’s not ideal, but it’s wide radical privation to larn much astir them.

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