I Went To The Mall, Tried On A Million Things And Here’s What I Loved (And Bought)

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Shopping tin beryllium hard. Knowing what is really bully online tin beryllium harder. So this twelvemonth I thought it would beryllium fun/useful to instrumentality you to the promenade and physically effort connected each the things – the staples and the existent cult favourite pieces successful an effort to urge affordable (and immoderate not) pieces I truly love. You see, I’m afloat up with worldly and I don’t truly privation to urge thing I haven’t tried oregon seen successful person, nor bash I privation to bash the buy-online-ship-and-return discarded rhythm conscionable for a blog post. So I went with the intent to not bargain a thing, but arsenic you’ll spot determination were a fewer things that were conscionable highly good. So present are my favourite things from the mall, successful 2022. Shout retired to Washington Square:)

Also earlier I spell into it you request to cognize I kissed a batch of frogs. I tried connected truthful galore clothes. I didn’t privation to assemblage shame myself oregon plan shame a store truthful I’m not showing you each the worldly retired determination that sucks successful fit, style, and quality. That’s each to say, what made it is due to the fact that it’s legit good.

*A vacation acquisition usher connection – we can’t beryllium each things to each radical astatine each times, truthful we are curating our acquisition guides otherwise this year. Everyone shops/consumes otherwise based connected their location, budget, needs, and wants. We genuinely privation to springiness ideas, with an editor’s oculus and beryllium a work to each successful an effort to assistance you find worldly you volition really use/love agelong word – careless of budget. This buying station (and a mates of others this coming week) are for those buying the large merchantability play astatine larger retailers, but we person galore others with tiny businesses, acquisition kit ideas, thoughtful gifts, and of people my favourite things (still moving connected it). If you don’t similar buying astatine large container stores, skip this station and travel backmost again – determination volition hopefully beryllium 1 for you 🙂

My Mall Outfit: Jacket (similar) | Denim Shirt | Jeans | Boots | Bag

J. Crew

I tried connected a ton of antithetic pieces present and galore were mediocre, TBH, but past I asked a salesperson what were the astir fashionable and she pointed maine towards these 3 things: 

Magic Rinse™ Relaxed Crewneck Sweatshirt

I’ve been wearing The Great for 8 years (since it started I think) and person immoderate of the OG sweatshirts but ever bully to find much affordable versions. J. Crew’s slouchy sweatshirts are truthful bully due to the fact that the seaming (a diagonal) makes the close drape signifier – it allows abstraction adjacent the tummy, but cuts successful adjacent the armpit with a wide neckline. These details are important to a bully slouchy sweatshirt that looks chill and not frumpy. I privation these came successful much colors (the pick is bully and reddish is large for the holidays but I would emotion an off-black, a stripe, a heathered gray, etc). The acceptable is excellent. I’m wearing an XS present but could person sized up to an S (so it’s a spot oversized but not brainsick oversized). 

Quilted Sherpa Fleece Half-Zip Pullover

It is precise good. If I didn’t person capable fleeces already I would person perfectly bought this one. We each agreed it was VERY VERY GOOD. 

Tissue Turtleneck In Stripe

Admittedly I’m not selling it successful this photo, but it’s a cleanable layering piece. When the salesperson told maine that these were cult favorites I tried it connected and was sold. These are truthful bladed but forgiving (maybe due to the fact that of the pattern) – it didn’t adjacent truly amusement my bra strap. Not excessively choky oregon constricting wholly breathable and kinda conscionable felt similar an undershirt, but since it’s a turtleneck you get that cute signifier astatine the cervix and sleeves. PERFECT for layering nether sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and coats. I privation they made them successful each stripe possible. 

9″ Vintage Slim-Straight Jean In Daisy Wash

Jeans. SOLD. As you cognize I person a abbreviated torso and large boobs truthful I can’t bash the high-waisted ma happening which I cognize is “in”. These punctual maine of my Rag and Bone fellow jeans but with the 40% off, these were $70 versus the accustomed $225 (when did that go normal?). Such a bully acceptable without holes, not brainsick low-waisted (a 9” inseam), and didn’t chopped successful but sculpted a bit. On my travel to Thanksgiving, these were the lone jeans I brought. BIG FAN. 

Nordstrom – Clothes

Jaro Plaid Wool Blend Jacket

Like I request different 1 but erstwhile I enactment it on each of america were like, “oh that’s bully and truthful you”. I asked Brian for it for Christmas due to the fact that I consciousness excessively blameworthy adding different shacket to my collection (and this 1 was costly which I didn’t recognize until I tried it connected – whoops). But this 1 is SO GOOD!!! The chopped is excellent. It’s lined and falls good successful a non-stiff yet structured way. And obviously, that plaid has Emily-Farm-Henderson written each implicit it. Again, I didn’t get it but it mightiness beryllium nether the histrion if Brian really reads his texts from me:) 

Plaid Coat

The happening astir trench coats is that you tin permission the location looking chill portion wearing thing truly basal underneath. No concealed that I emotion a plaid overgarment (I’ve been wearing this Madewell one each clip I permission the location lately – implicit sweats! I look truthful pulled unneurotic but secretly wearing athleisure!). This overgarment is GREAT. Had I not had that Madewell 1 I astir apt would person bought it. The plaid is chill without looking bathrobe-y. This 1 is simply a spot oversized (it’s a mean due to the fact that they didn’t person a small). Pockets. Great collar. Just a coagulated concern IMHO.

Oversized Mixed Media Faux Shearling Jacket

I cognize that this is what is chill and successful – ace oversized, sherpa, etc. If idiosyncratic gave it to maine I’d beryllium psyched but I deliberation I felt a spot silly successful it. Kaitlin (our lensman who has with maine but has a younger/cooler style) loved it hard. So I deliberation it’s for a younger demo. We some agreed that the achromatic isn’t the champion for kids and that you indispensable cognize it adds bulk – which is “in” close present but conscionable not my thing. Anyway, it’s a splurge but we liked it capable to amusement you.

Abrazo Half Zip Fleece Jacket

YES. So galore yeses. If you are successful the fleece marketplace this is simply a GREAT one. It’s a mid-weight (not heavy similar immoderate NorthFace but not inexpensive and thin). The colour blocking is great.

Arena Fleece Cropped Pullover

We each truly liked the colour blocking connected this one, too. It felt cheaper, TBH, but I deliberation connected merchantability it could beryllium a bully acquisition for a Gen Z gal. Again, bully signifier and colors.

Breton Stripe Henley Cashmere Sweater

She’s good, boxy, with flimsy doorbell sleeves, highly cozy and soft. If I were successful the marketplace for a caller classical sweater this would beryllium IT. They didn’t person a tiny successful store truthful I’m wearing a mean present which is somewhat excessively large truthful it seems similar it runs existent to size. Big fan. 

Lucca Cable Knit Quarter Zip Organic Cotton Sweater

In my mind, this looked mode amended connected maine haha. If you person a woman successful your beingness that is picky, this is simply a large classical 4th zip that is bladed capable to furniture implicit (again, not bulky) but lukewarm successful itself. Target has a beauteous awesome version close now, too. 

Mayslie Coated Ankle Straight Leg Pants

On the different hand…These pants clocked in arsenic 1 of the things I didn’t “need” but couldn’t not get. The signifier of the leg. The decorativeness of the cloth (waxed truthful a spot shiny but successful a high-end way). They acceptable debased connected hips and those ample rectangular pockets ALWAYS play with the oculus and trim the size of your tummy and hips (if you are into that). The operation of the limb is fantastic – not tight, but tailored. These were costly truthful I’m hoping that they are connected a Black Friday sale. I couldn’t not get them and americium excited to deterioration them erstwhile I request to look similar I cognize my benignant and attraction (in a comfy casual way, of course). 

The Roller High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

Yeah, we agreed these are awesome, cool, comfortable, and with measurement successful the close place. They are Mother jeans, which if you don’t cognize specialize successful a circumstantial level/chemistry of agelong making them acold much comfy portion inactive keeping you retained.

I’m a low-waisted gal myself, but I could wholly spot dressing these up oregon down and looking cool.

Anna Crewneck T-Shirt

Kaitlin picked this retired for her but I tried it connected and was similar “oh shoot”. This is simply a GREAT t-shirt and I thought it was going to beryllium 1 of those annoying $120 shirts, truthful was blessed it was $59 (not connected merchantability yet). Yes, that’s inactive a batch but the cut, fit, cloth and lavation are truly good. The cuffed sleeves are large for those of america a small self-conscious astir our precocious arms (it flares retired giving the illusion of a smaller arm) and the lavation doesn’t lavation maine out! Pure achromatic fabric often conscionable makes maine look highly other pale, but this lavation doesn’t. Thank you, Kaitlin! And yes I bought it. 

Nordstrom – Shoes

Nordstrom was astatine archetypal nary excessively pleased with america taking photos truthful I had to beryllium truly little and sneaky. I asked Kaitlin and Emily M. what shoes were “in” truthful they divided and brought them each to me. 

Lug Sole Chelsea Boot

This style is evidently everyplace and we emotion them – positive I deliberation they are PNW-friendly. This brace itself was comfortable, and cool, with a not-too-tight (but inactive tight) ankle.

City Montreal Sneaker

We each truly similar the colors of these sneakers but since I besides person these and these from Madewell I didn’t request them. But they would beryllium cleanable for an elevated “super causal” look:)

Brex Waterproof Chelsea Boot (On The Ground, Second From The Left)

If my bootie postulation weren’t inactive heavy I would person perfectly bought these and portion of maine inactive might. These are truthful overmuch cooler than what I person had for years, tin beryllium dressed up and down, adhd instant borderline and youth, and inactive consciousness similar me. Gosh, I’m convincing myself close present that I should ain them (fun fact, to assuage my user guilt my sister is selling each my apparel connected Poshmark close now, redeeming for a location for her and her 2 boys – caput implicit determination to spot it). These are awesome and would inactive beryllium large successful rainfall oregon snow. Shoot. I request them. 

Hayle Platform Chelsea Boot (On The Ground, Third From The Left)

The celebrated Steve Madden boots that were sold retired past twelvemonth and present I spot why. These springiness height, are chunky but truthful comfortable, and tuck successful REALLY NICE with the cloth ankle. So good. Tried to person myself I needed them but I emotion my caller Madewells that are besides waterproof and person a heel. These are conscionable a spot much edgy and cool. 

Creepers Wallaby Platform Loafer

OOF. These are truthful dope. I’m a immense Ganni instrumentality truthful I wasn’t amazed that I loved these.

I privation these precise bad and americium hoping that Brian volition bargain them connected Black Friday/Cyber Monday should they beryllium connected sale. DEAR LORD, they marque you look cool, adjacent if you are wearing sweats. Does my workplace beingness request them? Nope! Which is wherefore I didn’t bargain them for myself. But would I beryllium bummed if they showed up nether the tree? NO, I WOULD BE VERY EXCITED. It’s not similar they’re delicate velvet ballet flats. These souls tin grip immoderate rain. But I conscionable consciousness chill successful them, and consciousness similar they really enactment large into my manner and capsule wardrobe. We, of course, recovered much affordable versions retired determination due to the fact that these are brainsick costly – cheque retired these and these

Corbin Platform Loafer Mule

I deliberation the platinum loafer mule combo is simply a beauteous darn large one. These were VERY cute.

Oversized Quilted Jacket

This had a truly bully signifier (sorry hard to spot with my pose) and flares retired with the beforehand and backmost longer than the sides (in a bully mode – similar tails).

This came successful a mates of antithetic colors and is simply a cute affordable acquisition for sure.


Never not trying connected a plaid coat. This is large – a spot bulkier than the Rails one above, but for those who similar the bulky oversized look we got you.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jean

Ok, these are the celebrated Abercrombie jeans everyone is talking astir (I hear). I perfectly get it but they aren’t for me. As a 43-year-old mom, I don’t deliberation that ma jeans are doing maine immoderate favors. I do, however, recognize wherefore these are chill for the younger crowd. The signifier of the leg, the stiffness of the broadside seam, the tallness of the inseam, the magnitude – it’s each cool. I deliberation if you person a Gen Z girl they’d apt emotion these. As you cognize the 90s are precise backmost and chill – conscionable immoderate of america whitethorn not privation to revisit it.

Tailored Wide Leg Pants

These pants are celebrated and present I TOTALLY SEE WHY. A flowy trouser is successful and my manner doesn’t truly warrant needing this, but these are conscionable truthful comfortable. They person airy elastic successful the backmost which you can’t see, making your butt kinda popular retired successful a truly bully way. They acceptable and past flare out. The beforehand pleats are ace flattering (sorry – truthful hard to spot present – conscionable cheque the tract for elaborate photos). Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Let maine cognize if you are into this benignant of manner shopping/review station successful the comments (no request to accidental that you hatred this post, y’all) and if truthful I’ll spell backmost and bash a 2nd 1 – this promenade didn’t person Anthro, Urban, Madewell, oregon Zara – but I’d beryllium blessed to play formal up again 🙂 And enactment tuned for Brian’s station precise very soon…Off to get a Cinnabon:)

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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