How to make glazed ham the day before

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For years, I’ve been making my glazed ham the time earlier serving past conscionable reheating it connected the time of. It comes retired 100% perfectly. The glaze is conscionable arsenic bully arsenic freshly made and the ham soma doesn’t adust retired astatine all. Use this make-ahead glazed ham method for either my favourite Maple Glazed Ham oregon classical Brown Sugar Glazed Ham!

I secretly emotion the situation of coming up with menus that person a “wow” origin but has plentifulness of make-ahead options truthful I tin trim my workload connected the day. Nobody wants to beryllium stuck successful the room erstwhile they person friends and household over.

But besides due to the fact that I secretly imagination of being a poised cooking goddess, Nigella Lawson style, who tin swan retired gracefully from the room with sheet aft sheet of nutrient without breaking a sweat.

I’m inactive moving connected that part.

As for the not being stuck successful the room part? I’m getting beauteous bully astatine that.

And for Christmas feasting occasions, 1 of my handiest concealed weapons is to make glazed ham the time before!

How to marque   glazed ham the time  before
SATG Christmas Lunch 2019Glazed ham I made the time earlier past reheated connected the time for a Christmas enactment I catered for my mother. Not that I’m a nonrecreational cater. It’s conscionable erstwhile mum asks…., well, we each cognize she’s not truly asking!!

How to marque glazed ham the time before

The happening with glazed ham is that it doesn’t really request to beryllium cooked due to the fact that it’s already cooked. It’s conscionable astir getting that glaze conscionable right!

  1. Bake time earlier – Make your glazed ham the time earlier erstwhile you’ve got clip to baby-sit the ham successful the oven, basting and brushing arsenic overmuch arsenic needed for the cleanable aureate glaze. The lone ham glazes I use:
    i) Maple Glazed Ham – my peculiar one, with beauteous woody maple flavour
    ii) Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham – my classical one

  1. Cool for 2 – 3 hours connected the counter until you tin hardly consciousness warmth erstwhile you hover your manus implicit the surface. However, the wrong volition inactive beryllium lukewarm – it’s a sizeable hunk of nutrient we’re moving with here! Don’t permission a blistery ham retired for overmuch longer than this, for nutrient information reasons.

  2. Fridge 3 hours uncovered – Then refrigerate the ham uncovered for 3 to 6 hours (still successful the pan, with each the cookware juices) to let the wrong of the ham to chill close down. You bash not privation to screen the ham portion there’s adjacent a spot of residual warmth connected the wrong due to the fact that it volition marque the ham sweat = compromises the glaze. 😩

How to marque   glazed ham the time  beforeRefrigerate overnight past conscionable reheat the adjacent day.
  1. Cover past refrigerate overnight – Cover the ham loosely with a expanse of baking/parchment insubstantial (the glaze won’t stick) past loosely with foil oregon cling wrap.

  2. Overnight uncovered – Sometimes, if I americium pressed for clip truthful the ham hasn’t afloat cooled earlier I caput to bed, I conscionable permission the ham uncovered successful the fridge overnight. All that abdominous connected the aboveground of the ham prevents the ham from drying out, and the chopped look is truthful good caramelised that it excessively is not astatine immoderate hazard of drying out.

    However, I bash urge covering if you person clip to afloat chill the ham. For precaution and besides truthful you don’t transverse contaminate foods with odours. Nobody wants ham flavour infused successful their mini cheesecakes!

    Basting Ham with Brown Sugar Ham Glaze
  1. Reheat – Take the ham retired of the fridge 2 hours prior. Cover loosely with baking/parchment insubstantial past loosely with foil. Reheat successful a 130°C oven for 2 hours oregon until the centre of the ham registers 60°C/140°F (or a skewer inserted into the mediate is hot).

    Add h2o arsenic needed to forestall cookware juices from drying retired (we privation a syrupy condiment astatine the extremity to service with the ham!) You shouldn’t request oven clip with the foil disconnected to re-caramelise the glaze but you tin if needed.

  2. Baste, baste, baste arsenic needed for a stunning shiny sticky finish!

  3. Sauce reduction, if needed – If the cookware juices are excessively watery (because you accidentally added excessively overmuch h2o erstwhile reheating), either instrumentality the cookware without the ham into the oven to trim to a syrupy consistency. Or determination it into a saucepan and simmer connected the stove.

  4. Serve the ham arsenic you ordinarily do! My default these days is to enactment it connected a woody committee connected a furniture of greenish fluff property (whatever’s inexpensive astatine the clip – kale, watercress, endive are regulars). Wrap insubstantial astir the handle, necktie with a ribbon, instrumentality a sprig of rosemary in!

Overhead photograph  of Brown Sugar Ham Glaze for Glazed Ham

Use immoderate ham glaze!

While I’ve referenced the 2 ham glazes connected my website passim this station (my favourite Maple Glazed Ham and classical Brown Sugar Ham Glaze), these make-ahead steps should enactment for immoderate glazed ham.

I anticipation you recovered this extremity useful! I’d emotion to cognize what you deliberation if you marque your glazed ham up of clip this year. Tell maine successful the comments below! – Nagi x

Christmas cooking stressing you out? I get it. See my 6 champion tips to marque Christmas cooking easier right here!

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