How Geely’s electric Radar ute brand could come to Australia

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Volvo Australia could squad up with its firm parents astatine Geely successful China to bring the electric Radar ute Down Under.

Were it to travel to Australia, Radar products wouldn’t deterioration a Volvo badge. Instead, Volvo Australia managing manager Stephen Connor says the marque could connection back-office enactment for Geely and assistance successful distributing the car Down Under.

“What I would emotion to bash is speech to our Geely counterparts, and accidental to them ‘we volition beryllium the income institution for Radar’. That could beryllium a possibility,” Mr Connor told media, though helium confirmed Volvo Australia hasn’t yet reached out.

“That would beryllium nary antithetic to going to Ateco, idiosyncratic similar that. If that’s what they privation to bash to bring it to Australia, past we could really assistance them with the backmost bureau functions.

“It’s the aforesaid level truthful we could bash grooming for the team, we could bash method support, we could bash income support.

“I’d emotion to connection them that, due to the fact that I deliberation it would beryllium a large mode to broaden our skillsets,” Mr Connor said.

Were it to travel Down Under, the Radar RD6 would spell head-to-head with the LDV eT60 ute launching aboriginal this period successful Australia.

Geely officially launched Radar Auto with the uncover of the RD6 electric ute, with Chinese deliveries to statesman successful the 4th fourth of 2022.

Radar volition besides connection a “full portfolio” of “electric manner vehicles”, including pickups, SUVs, and adjacent ATVs.

The RD6 has been designed nether plan seasoned Peter Horbury, who serves arsenic enforcement vice president of plan astatine Geely.

It’s underpinned by Geely’s caller Sustainable Experience Architecture, which besides underpins the Zeekr 001 and Smart #1, and volition connection some single- and dual-motor powertrains.

The dedicated EV architecture has besides allowed for a beforehand footwear nether the bonnet, arsenic good arsenic a motortruck furniture with “external charging facilities”.

Geely hasn’t released immoderate method specifications similar dimensions, powerfulness and scope for the Radar RD6 yet, nor has it previewed the vehicle’s interior.

CarNewsChina reports the RD6 volition person up to 600km of scope connected the much lenient NEDC cycle, with powerfulness outputs ranging from 149kW to 298kW.

Geely has confirmed SEA volition enactment over-the-air updates and autonomous driving technology, and promises a maximum scope successful excess of 700km – again, nether NEDC measures.

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