Holiday Around Our Farmhouse – This Year “Done Is Better Than Perfect”

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I astir didn’t sprout photos of our full location this twelvemonth due to the fact that I was down connected life, was acceptable connected not overwhelming myself, and wasn’t terribly impressed with what I had done (as good arsenic person immoderate behind-the-scenes personal/business worldly that is taking truthful overmuch of my encephalon abstraction and clip close now). But I had to benignant retired a fewer areas for a spouse and immoderate of you were truthful encouraging and supportive that I figured I’d amusement you what I did, without rethinking the styling (although admittedly immoderate of it does look ace cute present that I spot the photos – I’m SO HARD ON MYSELF these days). So portion determination is simply a batch of plan inactive up successful the air, present is however our vacation decor landed this year.


Faux Pre-Lit LED Alpine Trees | Woven Boucle Striped Christmas Throw Pillow | Oversize Embroidered Textured Lumbar Throw Pillow (similar)

I conscionable enactment 2 pre-lit alpine trees successful the country + 2 pillows and called it a day, but those dogs are truly selling the space. I deliberation these Alpine trees (these from Terrain and others astir the house from Target) are my favourite summation to the vacation decor market. They tin beryllium shoved successful truthful galore corners, don’t request decor, and conscionable adhd beingness astatine nighttime erstwhile the lights are off.

Winter Sweater

Now successful lawsuit you are wondering wherefore I didn’t enactment a wreath connected that unthinkable coating by Melinda Forster, it’s due to the fact that determination is simply a large wreath done the solid beforehand doorway close successful beforehand of it – truthful you can’t treble wreath. I could person enactment a swag of cedar implicit it, but again – conscionable didn’t. But look astatine my pups! Zipped Sweater linked here (I’ve been wearing it astir each day)

Bench With Gallery Wall

Wreath | Red and White Ribbon | Sweater Knit Square Throw Pillow with Pom Poms | Sweater Fleck Jacquard Knit Lumbar Throw Pillow | Color Block Boucle Throw Blanket

About a period agone I did bent this small assemblage partition which is making maine happy:) So for the holidays I threw a mates of greenish pillows connected the seat and hung a mini-wreath implicit the art.

Sconce | Bench

I enactment a red and achromatic striped ribbon connected the wreath and utilized twine to bent it from the sconce. I’m connected the obstruction if I should region oregon adhd to the bottommost of the assemblage – adjacent to the “this is not a pen” drafting that I got 13 years agone (artist unknown).

Sweater Knit Square Throw Pillow with Pom Poms | Sweater Fleck Jacquard Knit Lumbar Throw Pillow | Bench

The pillows are Target and the bench is the archetypal Katy Skelton seat that launched the full question of leather straps connected benches (it’s 8 years old, I believe, and inactive truthful good).

My Office Sunroom

Red Beaded Garland | Candlestick Holder Set | Taper Candles | Artificial Tree | Tree Collar | Wood Tree Ornaments (set of 4)

In the sunroom/office is wherever I got to bash a much curated histrion and I loved however it turned out. I bought a container of vintage silk-wrapped balls and the wood snowflakes from the antique mall, mixed it with immoderate wood histrion ornaments from Target, and ripped fabric. So happy. I besides emotion this faux tree truthful overmuch and privation I had bought the bigger mentation of the histrion for our surviving country (and mightiness adjacent twelvemonth if it comes backmost successful stock). It looks ace earthy and integrated (you’ll spot our different 1 is excessively triangular and dense for maine – but not tree-shaming myself!).

Pendant | Dining Table | Dining Chairs (vintage)

I enactment present astir days truthful I didn’t bash a tablescape beyond throwing down immoderate conifer branches from extracurricular and these candlesticks from Target. Ignore the concatenation nexus obstruction retired the window, we are 2 weeks distant from the last inspection and tin yet propulsion down the “root protection” concatenation nexus passim our spot which is conscionable going to marque the biggest difference.

Birdie’s Dress | Charlie’s Shirt | My Dress | My Slippers

My kids are officially 7 and 9 and it’s conscionable NUTS (and unthinkable – these ages are conscionable truthful fun). Charlie turned 9 this week and it feels antithetic than immoderate earlier – truthful adjacent to 10, starting to crook distant and thin connected friends.

Green Striped Ribbon

More run shots of maine utilizing wrapping cloths:) If you missed that station astir however I’m truly excited astir this past Japanese Tradition (fabric implicit paper) read this post.

In The Kitchen

Wreaths | Red Ribbon | Striped Ribbon (similar)

I had SERIOUS wreath confusion/doubt and aft trying retired a fewer antithetic ribbon ideas and landed connected this 1 – red wired burlap and a neutral ticking stripe (similar). It looks truthful cute, but I deliberation adjacent twelvemonth I person an thought that is much “me”. The wreaths are large (from Target) and I bought the darker reddish burlap online. The ticking striped “ribbon” is conscionable yardage that I had that I chopped to adhd different layer. But determination is thing astir these that consciousness much “traditional” than I americium (or than I privation to comprehend myself to be). At the aforesaid time, they are truthful beauteous successful the kitchen. At 1 constituent I had 4 options hanging up determination – heavy agleam reddish satin mixed with red/white ticking stripe, heavy agleam reddish satin with achromatic satin, and ample achromatic with red/white ticking stripe – each connected antithetic windows. I bash similar however the burlap is much casual than the satin and yet it looked the champion of each the options truthful we near it…but I’m not convinced it’s “my wreath”.

I besides added twinkle lights connected these truthful that astatine nighttime they adhd immoderate glow.

Nutcracker with Top Hat | Nutcracker with Crown | Dish Towel | Red Paper Accordion Trees (similar)

I snagged those ample nutcrackers from Michaels (on merchantability for $15 each) and Birdie rapidly asked maine what colour we were going to overgarment them (this is simply a recurring speech – I bargain earthy wood Scandinavian stuff, and she pulls retired her overgarment brushes).

Nutcracker | Wood Trees | Cable Knit Tree | Red and White Striped Placemat🙂

The small wood trees and nutcracker are from World Market, the cablegram knit tree and tea towel are from Target (I deliberation it’s a placemat), and the cedar branches from our backyard – which I astir apt should person added more…

The Fireplace Mantel

Santa Mailbox (in red)

I did a fun reel with Target successful precocious November truthful this was beauteous overmuch each done past (and each Target). The wreath is existent (look astatine me!) and I kinda wanted to regenerate the garland with a existent one, but not capable to really bash it. We’ve had the greenish Santa container for years (here’s the aforesaid one successful red) and the kids driblet letters successful it often (I deliberation it’s astir apt the past twelvemonth and we wholly forgot to bash Elf connected the Shelf which they are asking for truthful I request to tally retired and find that dude). And yes, we request a fireplace screen. I recovered a vintage 1 astatine the thrift store that we usage until I find the 1 that I want, but it’s ace disfigured truthful removed it for the photos.

Alpine Balsam Mini Artificial Christmas Tree | Stockings | Wood Garland (similar) | Candlestick Holder Set | Taper Candles | Reindeer | White Houses | Lanterns | Ribbed Green Candle | Pine & Snowberry Seasonal Faux Sprig Bundle | Faux Garland

Picture Light (similar) | Chandelier | Wicker Ottoman (similar) | Sheepskin Rug

We near this arsenic a wood-burning fireplace, with a state starter thing, which is awesome. We lone truly airy it erstwhile we are successful the country astatine night, but it’s been truly beauteous and Brian and Charlie truly bask gathering the fire.

Our Nostalgia Tree – Full Of Our Favorite Ornaments

Quite perchance my favourite time of the twelvemonth is erstwhile we unfastened our ornaments and the kids respond to each 1 with a cardinal “I retrieve this’!”. It’s conscionable dripping with memories and the full household wanted it successful the surviving country to really bask it. Historically, we person a curated histrion successful the surviving country and this histrion successful the household country but we don’t person abstraction successful our household country and conscionable wanted this vibe successful here. I’m not implicit the curated histrion needfully but it has a clip and spot (like the sunroom) and I wasn’t astir to statement my kids astir it.

But if I’m being honorable I don’t emotion the histrion that I bought – it’s excessively dense and triangular. The airy colour is bully but adjacent twelvemonth I’m going to donate this (likely to the ReBuilding Center since they person precocious ceilings) and alternatively bargain a 9′ mentation of the 1 that we utilized successful the sunroom. I cognize this is simply a blistery taxable which we truly don’t request to rehash. I besides deliberation we privation to articulation successful connected the precise Oregon contented of cutting down our ain trees – truthful we mightiness bash that for a kid’s histrion upstairs (Birdie decorated her ENTIRE country with each the leftover decor that I had and she truly really wants a tree).

We made popcorn garland with the kids (which admittedly took hours) portion watching Christmas movies, but I LOVE the look and vibe it gives (and it’s different large tradition). Also, we lone made capable for this space of the histrion (and you tin spot it ending astatine the bottommost haha). The lone non-family ornaments that I bought were the achromatic and reddish stripe cloth balls which you tin get here.

The histrion is wholly afloat of memories of things that happened that year. We are looking for a “mud” ornament to correspond this twelvemonth and past are going to get immoderate 1st and 3rd-grade ornaments for the kids and apt get immoderate Pokemon ornaments due to the fact that it’s each they speech about.

Holiday Glasses (similar) | Brian’s Shirt

We took a clump of household photos for america wrong (it was beauteous yucky outside) and my effort to not amusement excessively overmuch of their faces was to enactment these ridiculous glasses connected them. Ha.

There you go, y’all. Christmas 2022 astir our house. Next twelvemonth we should person our furnishings and eating nook done successful the surviving country (and household room) truthful I mightiness adhd much arsenic it’s my favourite happening to do. But I really emotion a much pared-back mentation (and you mightiness spot a beforehand doorway decked retired adjacent week).

Oh, and for links to the room spell here, here, and here, the sunroom here, and the surviving country caput here!

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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