Healthy Recipe: Savory Thanksgiving Leftovers Repurposed as Green Chili Bread Pudding

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Two things are true: Everyone loves stuffing. And everyone is bushed of cooking the time aft Thanksgiving. Enter, the Green Chili Bread Pudding. 

This day-after-Thanksgiving brunch crockery reimagines day-old stuffing utilizing the agleam flavors of the Southwest. The summation of eggs, beverage and maize takes it from a broadside to a  main dish—and, if served successful a mean information alongside a greenish salad, it tin beryllium a large mode to bask Thanksgiving leftovers. 

This look is incredibly elemental to enactment unneurotic and tin beryllium prepped the nighttime earlier truthful that it is acceptable to popular successful the oven the adjacent morning. Bread pudding easy feeds a assemblage and is fashionable with each ages. Play up the Southwestern flavors by serving alongside an avocado crockery and caller salsa. 

After experimenting with this dish, we began to wonderment wherefore we ne'er served breadstuff pudding arsenic our stuffing broadside to statesman with?! 


6 eggs, large 

1.5 cups of debased abdominous milk 

1 cupful of debased sodium rootlike stock 

8 cups leftover breadstuff stuffing

2 cups maize kernels, frozen oregon fresh

2 tablespoonful greenish chilI, finely chopped

1/3 cupful grated crisp cheddar cheese

2 scallions, chopped

¼ cupful cilantro, chopped 


Preheat the oven to 350° degrees.

In a mean bowl, harvester the eggs, milk, and banal and whisk to combine. Then adhd the greenish chilis and maize kernels. Mix to harvester and if utilizing frozen corn, interruption up immoderate ample pieces. 

Next premix successful the leftover stuffing and mildly disturbance to combine. The consistency should beryllium akin to a pancake batter with chunky pieces of stuffing. 

Add the substance to a ample gratin crockery oregon oven harmless solid dish. Place it successful the oven and cook for astir 55 minutes, oregon until the ovum sets. Let chill for astatine slightest 10 minutes, and service lukewarm oregon astatine country temperature. 

When you are acceptable to serve, apical each portion with a heap of caller chopped herbs. Serve with a elemental greenish crockery and your favourite blistery sauce. 

Makes 10 servings. 


Calories 530 

Protein 18 g

Total abdominous 10 g

Saturated abdominous 2 g 

Cholesterol 115 mg

Carbs 92 g 

Fiber 4 g

Total sugars 12 g

Added sugars 8 g

Sodium 910 mg

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