GWM, Haval sales hit new monthly high

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China’s GWM broke its income grounds successful Australia during September acknowledgment to improving proviso levels and user appetite for affordable cars.

The institution sold 3050 utes and SUVs successful September, up 69.4 per cent, placing it 11th successful marketplace betwixt Subaru and Isuzu Ute. This equated to monthly marketplace stock of 3.3 per cent.

Its apical performer was the GWM Haval H6 with 1294 monthly sales, making it the sixth top-selling mean SUV successful the state with 8.7 per cent conception share, comfortably outgunning the Honda CR-V (781) and Subaru Forester (687).

Next was the GWM Ute dual-cab with 946 sales, of which 936 units were much costly 4x4s. This effect saw it outgun the Nissan Navara (681) and Mazda BT-50 (448), and equated to 5.4 per cent marketplace share.

Interestingly, different fund Chinese ute, the LDV T60, performed adjacent amended with 962 sales.

The last subordinate of the GWM scope is the Haval Jolion, which grabbed 810 September sales. It took sixth spot successful the Small SUV segment, finishing betwixt the Mazda CX-30 (942) and Kia Seltos (772), portion taking 8.2 per cent marketplace share.

GWM’s year-to-date tally to the extremity of September is 16,371 sales, which puts it connected gait for astir 22,000 income this year.

To enactment this YTD fig into context, GWM sits 15th successful market, narrowly trailing Suzuki (16,911) but up of Tesla, LDV, Honda, Audi, and Renault.

Australia is 1 of GWM’s biggest export markets, and its section factory-backed distributor has a fig of caller products successful the pipeline.

While delayed, we’re inactive expecting to spot immoderate oregon each of the GWM Tank 300, GWM Tank 500, and GWM Haval Dargo SUVs, the caller Ora Good Cat EV, and the 260kW petrol V6-powered GWM Shanhai Cannon ‘premium’ pickup from 2023.

Moreover, CarExpert understands the marque could person a full of six oregon 7 electrified cars successful its line-up by the extremity of adjacent year.

GWM announced successful August that it wants 80 per cent of Haval income globally to beryllium plug-in hybrid oregon pure-electric by 2025, up of an extremity to internal-combustion drivetrain accumulation wholly by 2030.

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