Guide to White Water Rafting Cairns

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One of the champion things astir Cairns is that you are ne'er abbreviated of things to do. You tin dive into the Great Barrier Reef, laze astir connected a tropical island, spell hiking oregon connected bush walks, oregon simply footwear backmost successful the CBD and bash immoderate shopping.

But we’re a household that likes to support things adventurous, truthful if you’re besides idiosyncratic who’s looking for immoderate adrenalin-fueled attractions successful Tropical North Queensland, past you mightiness similar achromatic h2o rafting successful Cairns.

Couple sitting successful  the raft, paddling down   the Barron RiverCredit: Tourism & Events Qld

There are 2 main rivers successful Cairns, The Tully and the Barron River. One is for adventurers, and the different is simply a spot much family-friendly.

Not definite which achromatic h2o rafting acquisition is close for you? This usher volition archer you astir our acquisition achromatic h2o rafting successful Cairns and springiness you a small thought astir what to expect.

Which is the Best River successful Cairns for White Water Rafting?

There are 2 rivers that connection achromatic h2o rafting and they some connection thing antithetic and unique, truthful determination isn’t truly a champion river, per se.

Let’s instrumentality a person look astatine each 1 to spot which 1 mightiness beryllium champion for you.

Barron River

Aerial presumption    of Barron FallsBarron Falls| Credit: Tourism & Events QLD

The Barron River is lone a 20-minute car thrust retired of Cairns and truthful tin beryllium easy visited arsenic a half-day trip. If you person a abbreviated clip successful Cairns, this is the stream that volition let you to battalion much into your itinerary.

The rapids are gentler than The Tully, though inactive beardown capable for the thrill, making it a fantastic instauration to achromatic h2o rafting for archetypal timers. It’s suitable for beginners and families with children of a minimum property of 12. The accelerated people is 2-3, which is astir successful the mediate of the scale.

Although it tin beryllium done arsenic a half-day tour, you inactive get to walk a bully 2 hours connected the river.

Aerial presumption    of a achromatic  h2o  rafting on  the Barron RiverCredit: Tourism & Events Qld

As good arsenic the exhilaration of adventure, the Barron River is besides an country of outstanding earthy beauty, with the stunning Atherton Tablelands successful the distance, and the jungles surrounding Kuranda. And let’s not forget, the 260m precocious Barron Falls.

Barron Gorge is simply a constrictive vale formed by waterfalls. While the country is stunning, the rapids tin beryllium rather beardown successful places and are adjacent utilized to make energy by the Barron Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station, truthful don’t beryllium underestimated by these waters.

Tours for these rapids tally each twelvemonth circular and nary acquisition is necessary.

The Tully

Guests starting their achromatic  h2o  rafting adventure, down   the Tully RiverTully River: Credit: Tourism & Events Qld

The Tully River is simply a 2 hr thrust from Cairns and truthful it volition necessitate a afloat time to experience. The rapids present are a much challenging Grade 3-4, but are said to connection immoderate of the champion rafting successful Australia.

The Tully River passes done the satellite practice rainforest, Tully Gorge National Park, which gives you unthinkable scenery of the rainforest astir you.

This enactment is champion suited for those who person done achromatic h2o rafting before, but if you haven’t, you tin inactive join. A afloat information briefing is fixed beforehand to marque definite you’re comfy and cognize what to do.

You indispensable beryllium 13 years oregon implicit to tackle these rapids.

Our Experience White Water Rafting successful Cairns

people successful  rafting vessel  waving paddles successful  the aerial

You cognize you’re successful North Queensland erstwhile the edifice accusation publication has cyclone procedures and stinger information precautions. And you person to worry astir crocodiles.

Lucky for us, we were visiting Cairns retired of stinger and cyclone season. We visited astatine the commencement of winter, the cleanable clip to acquisition Tropical North Queensland, with lukewarm temperatures minus the stifling humidity.

We spent a fewer days kicking backmost and relaxing, truthful we were anxious to get retired and bash thing much action-packed.

So we decided to spell achromatic h2o rafting. We opted to spell to the Barron River rapids since it was the nearest to Cairns.

We decided to usage Raging Thunder Adventures arsenic our stream guides for this expedition, and they surely offered america the adventure-fueled time retired that we needed.

Raging Thunder adventures achromatic  h2o  rafting Cairns (2)

I curse our usher Marty, Mr White Water Rafting, knew we had immoderate superior nutrient removal to bash from each that relaxing we’d done before. Our archetypal brushwood was to get wet, and aquatics implicit to the raft.

Marty seemed to marque our gentle aquatics successful the “normal” waters of the stream a spot further than the different boats.

The mean portion is wherever the rapids stopped and the croc’s homes started.

I’m not definite what it is astir accelerated rivers and the lack of crocs successful places you cognize the crocs would conscionable love. We had a akin acquisition of a white-water rafting escapade connected the Nile River.

“You guys tin leap successful present and swim,” our usher said aft we reached a long, inactive agelong of water.

“What bash you mean? Isn’t this the portion wherever the crocs are?” We knew it wasn’t wherever the rapids were arsenic the past beasts are frightened of them.

“Trust us, it’s harmless here.”

I can’t judge I really jumped successful and swam, conscionable similar I was doing this clip connected the Barron River successful the beauteous Barron Gorge National Park.

White h2o  rafts connected  the Barron River Cairns

Apart from the unusual joke, Marty assured america determination were nary crocs successful this river, adjacent though determination were a fewer signs connected the stream slope of Lake Placid informing radical to beryllium careful.

Apparently, it’s a affable 1 and not to beryllium disquieted about. As ever erstwhile you question perceive to the locals! (Seriously, nary request to beryllium freaked retired astir this, it’s each good!)

It started disconnected arsenic an enjoyable and relaxing day done the beauteous jungle ending astatine Lake Placid – conscionable the benignant of sanction that signals man-eating crocs.

But each that was astir to change, arsenic we entered the fewer thrills connected the Barron River rafting travel done rapids called The Meat Cleaver, The Suckhole, and the Rooster.

“White h2o rafting guides are ever brainsick and large fun!“

Craig commented aft leaving Marty, a section plumber turned rafting guide. He was tons of fun: afloat of life, speedy with a gag and a wry smile. His large booming laughter echoed disconnected the steep ravines and towering trees wrapped successful vines amid dense undergrowth.

You’d person to beryllium a small brainsick to enactment with raging rivers each day. Well, possibly it’s much the brainsick tourists coming done each time that would nonstop you connected the borderline a bit.

people bumping rocks connected  achromatic  h2o  rafting ride

A raft travel is ever made that overmuch much peculiar by the feline steering your vessel safely done the information zones and sometimes amping it up with a speedy flick present and there.

I retrieve 1 superior usher we had rafting the Upper Gauley, successful West Virginia. She wanted no-nonsense and we each copped a stern connection erstwhile we fell astir successful hysterics erstwhile our person went overboard, and we were excessively anemic to propulsion him backmost to safety.

Come on, you request a small brainsick connected the rapids.

The full acquisition went smoothly and we felt precise harmless with our guide. As we bounded implicit accelerated aft rapid, the thrill of it was immense.

The 2 hours of achromatic h2o rafting were up sooner than we realised. It’s existent what they say, clip flies erstwhile you’re having fun!

people laughing successful  White h2o  rafting

At the extremity of the trip, Marty fto america leap retired for the last accelerated to assemblage surf it feet first. I twisted and turned, smashed into the jagged rocks, and desperately tried to halt myself from being sucked nether by the man-eating rocks.

How connected world did I ever person the nervus to tackle the people 5 Bad Place rapids erstwhile this people 2 was freaking maine out? Man, I was hardcore backmost then. Motherhood has made maine soft.

What to Bring White Water Rafting successful Cairns

Aerial presumption    of a Raging Thunder raft connected  the achromatic  h2o  rapidsCredit: Tourism & Events Queensland

You volition request to deterioration your swimming suit arsenic you bash request to bash a spot of swimming. It’s besides recommended to deterioration a escaped t-shirt and airy shorts to usage arsenic a rash guard.

Wear reef sandals oregon unafraid footwear connected your feet that strap on (not flip-flops, oregon you’ll suffer them). You tin ever prosecute shoes if you don’t person any.

You should besides bring a towel, sunscreen, and a adust bag. Don’t deterioration immoderate jewellery similar necklaces arsenic they volition apt autumn off.

All information instrumentality and cogwheel specified arsenic a helmet, paddles and beingness overgarment volition beryllium fixed to you by your guide.

You whitethorn besides beryllium asked to wage a levy connected arrival, truthful bring currency with you.

Things to Know Before White Water Rafting

rafting radical  precocious   fiving paddles successful  boat

This is nary mean tour, you can’t conscionable stone up and beryllium told what to bash and distant you do. Participants of achromatic h2o rafting usually person to motion a waiver of immoderate kind, exempting the circuit institution from immoderate work should determination beryllium an accident.

You should pass your usher of immoderate aesculapian conditions you whitethorn have.

If you’re looking for a household rafting trip, you tin usually bash this if your children are implicit the property of 12, but they volition request to beryllium accompanied by a guardian implicit the property of 18 – truthful don’t deliberation astir leaving them to it.

Most circuit companies connection pickup from your hotel, truthful marque definite you cheque you person fixed them the close address, particularly if you’re staying successful Port Douglas.

FAQs About White Water Rafting successful Cairns

peopel successful  raft waving to camera

Here’s what radical usually inquire america astir achromatic h2o rafting successful Cairns.

What is the champion period to spell achromatic h2o rafting?

Spring is simply a large clip to spell achromatic h2o rafting. In Australia, Spring runs from September until November.

What happens if you autumn retired achromatic h2o rafting?

We get asked this a lot, and the agelong reply volition beryllium taught to you beforehand by your nonrecreational guide. The abbreviated reply is to not panic and spot your PFD (personal flotation device) to instrumentality you to the surface.

Can beginners bash achromatic h2o rafting?

Yes, absolutely! We each person to commencement somewhere, right? The rapids successful Cairns are rather beardown and we knew what to expect arsenic we had done it before, but beginner rafters should perceive to your usher cautiously and expect it to beryllium a bumpy ride!

Where to Stay successful Cairns

Peppers Palm Cove Resort with gum trees successful  front

After a amusive time of escapade successful the portion that enhances an adrenaline junkie experience, we were relaxing for the evening astatine Peppers Beach Club & Spa successful Palm Cove, conscionable northbound of Cairns.

table acceptable   connected  patio of Peppers Palm Cove Resort beside gum histrion   with views of the ocean.
woman connected  lounge seat  beside pool

Peppers astatine Palm Cove was a tropical paradise, and we enjoyed the water views with a 9-course degustation menu.

The German caput cook came retired to explicate each of the gourmet dishes to us, each made from caller section nutrient from the reef and rainforest. We sat nether the towering melaleuca trees, the past and mystical aerial wrapped america successful wellness and well-being.

Far North Queensland was rapidly shooting up my database of Aussie favorites. It puts you successful the temper for relaxing, bully food, and of people an escapade activity.

We spent the greeting gorging ourselves connected banana cocoa smoothies, caller dukkha-crusted water fish, and saccharine murphy fries with citrus aioli astatine the Paleo Cafe successful Cairns, a destination successful its ain right.

What other bash you bash aft rolling yourself retired of a feast similar that? Go achromatic h2o rafting of course! I anticipation you tin acceptable your beingness jackets on!

Check prices and availability for Peppers Beach Club and Spa here!

Highly Recommended Raft Tours successful Cairns


Final Thoughts connected White Water Rafting successful Cairns

So determination you person it, our acquisition achromatic h2o rafting successful Cairns, and arsenic you tin see, we had a fantastic time retired and would urge it to anyone looking for escapade successful Cairns.

If you’re heading to North Queensland soon, and privation to spell achromatic h2o rafting successful Cairns, cheque retired Raging Thunder Adventures.

It’s a amusive time and makes a bully time travel from Cairns. Say hullo to Marty for us!

Disclaimer: We travelled to Cairns arsenic guests of Tourism Queensland, but each the thoughts, ideas, and opinions successful this usher are our own.

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