Ford Mustang: Orders for current model closed

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Fancy a caller sixth-generation Ford Mustang? Unless you’ve already ordered one, you’ll request to locomotion implicit to the utilized car lot.

Ford Australia has closed orders for the outgoing exemplary up of the motorboat of the precocious revealed seventh generation, due precocious successful 2023.

“Due to overwhelming involvement successful the existent Mustang, our bid slope is present astatine capacity. Therefore, we regret to pass customers that we are nary longer taking immoderate caller orders for the existent Mustang,” reads an update connected the Ford Australia website.

“Speak to your Dealer astir the all-new Mustang, owed successful Australia from precocious 2023.”

The institution flagged past period it was still trying to wide an bid bank, and wouldn’t corroborate erstwhile orders would re-open.

“First precedence is to marque the orders of the customers that person placed their deposits with the dealers. We deliberation that’s the prudent attack and it’s the close approach,” Ford Australia president Andrew Birkic told CarExpert astatine the time.

The Mustang was past unfastened to caller orders successful June, with Ford Australia putting a announcement connected its website that vehicles ordered wouldn’t get until 2023.

The updated 2022 Mustang arrived successful the 2nd 4th of this year, bringing caller colours, modular Line Lock, and a caller California Special quality bundle for the GT.

Despite caller proviso concatenation struggles, the Mustang has remained Australia’s best-selling sports car, a presumption it has enjoyed each twelvemonth since 2016.

To the extremity of September, Ford logged 1457 sales, putting the Mustang up of the precocious redesigned Subaru BRZ (810 sales) and BMW 4 Series (770 sales).

The caller seventh-generation exemplary volition proceed to connection turbocharged 2.3-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder and people aspirated 5.0-litre Coyote V8 engines, though Ford says these are caller fourth-generation versions.

Outputs person yet to beryllium revealed, but Ford promises they’ll connection much power, greater ratio and quicker 0-100km/h sprint times.

A 10-speed automatic remains disposable with some engines, nevertheless the six-speed manual is present exclusive to the V8.

A caller flagship Dark Horse volition besides articulation the section range, with a higher-output mentation of the Coyote V8.

Other Dark Horse highlights see a Torsen limited-slip differential, Brembo brakes, a bigger sway barroom astatine the rear, positive caller beforehand dampers and a much superior strut operation brace.

Ford says it’s targeting astatine slightest 373kW from the Dark Horse. The outgoing GT and Mach 1 models nutrient 339kW and 345kW, respectively.

The Mustang is underpinned by a mentation of the sixth-generation’s platform, which Ford says was the “best fit” for the car.

There’s carryover suspension architecture, though determination person been immoderate updates here, including caller aluminium little power arms and caller rear linkages. The Magneride adaptive damping strategy remains optional.

Ford says there’s a caller steering rack and a faster steering ratio, portion it has a caller procreation of information instrumentality including adaptive cruise power (with stop/go connected car models), lane centring, evasive steering assist, and reverse brake assist.

Rumoured all-wheel thrust and hybrid models haven’t eventuated.

While the exterior changes are evolutionary, the interior has been changed dramatically.

Premium models and up diagnostic a 13.2-inch touchscreen infotainment strategy and a 12.3-inch integer instrumentality clump successful a azygous wraparound housing, portion basal models diagnostic standalone displays. The touchscreen runs Ford’s latest Sync 4 operating system.

Physical clime controls are gone, replaced with shortcuts astatine the basal of the cardinal touchscreen. There’s a azygous enactment of carnal switches, including the hazard lights, portion underneath these there’s yet a retention shelf, which besides includes a wireless charging pad.

In a retro touch, Ford has besides developed a 1980s-inspired taxable for the integer instrumentality clump that simulates the instruments from the long-running 1979-93 Mustang that rode the Fox platform. The numbers adjacent glow greenish astatine nighttime successful existent 1980s Ford fashion.

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