Emily Bowser’s Back Unit Yard REVEAL, 2022 Musings, New Year Resolutions, And Other Meanderings…

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Hello everyone! I’m penning this during my astir favourite clip of the year, the week betwixt Christmas and New Year’s erstwhile nary 1 should enactment connected hard pants, unfastened an email, oregon locomotion outside. Unless, of course, you’re walking into your perfectly styled backyard that we volition beryllium looking astatine today. 

I americium utilizing the clip to drawback up connected rest. This twelvemonth has been a doozy. For the Bowser’s it has been a twelvemonth of grinding and grinding and feeling similar you’re getting nowhere. On apical of that, our feline Gremmy went missing for 6 agelong weeks and Daffy, my astir precious emotion (also a cat) had a terrifying and costly brushwood with death. You cognize that feeling similar you’re digging a spread but like, idiosyncratic is down you kicking the ungraded backmost in? That’s been 2022. In breathtaking news, my hubby got his movie into Sundance. Yes. The movie helium was famously getting acceptable for successful this room got into the biggest movie festival successful North America:

Sundance is simply a truly large deal. Huge. Really blessed and arrogant and excited for him BUT a amusive happening for ME is that we are going to beryllium quarantining starting Jan 1 truthful we don’t get sick earlier we permission connected the 17th which fundamentally means this boxing day/week volition widen until the 17th! I’m being forced to NOT WORK! I mean, that’s not wholly true, I worked connected a task with William Hunter Collective implicit this twelvemonth and I volition beryllium sourcing from location for different 1 to marque ends conscionable arsenic good arsenic finishing up my room reveal (waiting connected 1 past happening earlier I tin sprout – pb times AM I RIGHT?) and penning a fewer blog posts for you all. But does it number arsenic enactment if you’re not wearing hard pants and your feline is connected your lap?? The reply is yes, but successful examination to my 2022 – no.

I’ve been mostly disconnected for the past mates of weeks arsenic accumulation ever slows down during the vacation play but I’m inactive vibrating with the anxieties of these past mates of years. I’m excited to bask my home, drawback up, and reset for 2023. This is besides my day week, which arsenic a young idiosyncratic was a spot of a bummer but arsenic an adult, it has been the best. No 1 bothers you, I ne'er person a job, and it’s a large clip to bespeak and re-evaluate. I cognize logically that thing has to fundamentally alteration due to the fact that you crook a twelvemonth older oregon due to the fact that the calendar flips to a caller year, but I’ve ever loved the thought of a caller commencement and I person rather a fewer half-used planners to beryllium it.

~Resolution #1: Don’t bargain different planner. Do. Not. It volition not hole your ADD and volition lone bring you shame whenever you travel crossed it.~

Let’s get into this saccharine small rental reveal, shall we? When I past talked to you astir my backmost house’s backyard (BHBY) I had written fractional of it erstwhile Daffy had a monolithic seizure, continued to person seizures for days, and I mislaid each consciousness of aforesaid and clip and past I conjecture I finished it? Honestly, it’s a blur. It’s astonishing however these small creatures impact our lives truthful wholly. My person Lauren dropped everything and flew to beryllium with maine due to the fact that we had ever “joked” however she would request to bash that if thing happened to Daffy. I bash not cognize however I could person gotten done the adjacent fewer days without her. She sat with maine and stared into the horizon, she helped maine physique the Veradek planters that came for this shoot, went with maine to the flea marketplace to find a bar/console for this space, she drove with maine to the cloth territory to find past infinitesimal upholstery cloth for the WH project. She’s a existent one, beryllium a person similar Lauren. Also, large acknowledgment to everyone who gave to Daffy’s GoFundMe, it has been precise adjuvant successful alleviating immoderate of the fiscal stress. The update for those funny is that I americium successful the entreaty process with the favored security institution that denied maine the archetypal clip around. BUT I americium blessed to study that Daffy is soundly snoring successful the model adjacent to me, and is lone possibly a teensy spot brain-damaged? We are thankful and truthful blessed that she is inactive a saccharine miss who enjoys her life, loves treats, and I deliberation possibly adjacent likes Gremmy a small much than she utilized to, which is the biggest blessing successful each of this. Live changeable of a sleeping Daffy:

I got disconnected track, the constituent is: I’m not definite I retrieve everything I said successful that station and I’m frightened to re-read it arsenic I’m not definite if it volition beryllium triggering. I cognize I talked astir each the antithetic spaces and I tackled astir of them. I americium the idiosyncratic present to punctual you that projects instrumentality tons of clip and wealth and you are not going to beryllium capable to bash it each overnight unless (and possibly not adjacent if) it is your literal job. It whitethorn astonishment immoderate of you but this is not mine, successful fact, these projects outgo maine rather a spot of wealth but we’ll get into costs successful a bit. Anyway, beingness got chaotic so, for example, the sunshade thought got chopped due to the fact that the prima isn’t precocious capable this clip of twelvemonth for it to beryllium an contiguous problem. I had a large thought for an herb plot successful the country I called “1” (photo beneath for reference) but I missed planting play and it would person required much wealth from maine to decorativeness the occupation well. I ended up tackling spaces 3, 4, 5, and 6. The bully quality is that erstwhile outpouring comes we volition cheque backmost successful to spot however everything is increasing and however the remainder of the spaces turned out.

Before we get into the ace amusive stuff, let’s speech astir the boring, time-consuming, frustrating, and costly things. My forte truly 🙂

Although I would emotion to get caller fencing astir our full property, I don’t person the funds for that astatine the infinitesimal truthful I decided to stain the obstruction myself which I 100% bash not recommend:) It was time-consuming and my quads wounded for days. I would spell retired from 6 am-8 americium and past enactment each day, travel location and stain much by bistro light. It does look amended though and should assistance portion we hold for wood prices to spell down (please beloved Lord). Because I did the enactment myself and I had leftover stain, the outgo wasn’t excessively precocious (financially anyway). I utilized English Chestnut by Minwax because, well, that’s what I had. They’re astir $50/gallon and I ended up needing to bargain an other gallon. This isn’t a semipermanent solution, thing that I conscionable request to past maine a mates of years truthful I did thing but powerfulness lavation the obstruction and past use the stain. 

After staining I couldn’t basal the colour of the concrete. I wanted thing browner with much texture truthful that ungraded would fell better. Ok, besides due to the fact that I wholly got stain each implicit the crushed and needed to screen it up. I did immoderate probe and decided to spell with Behr Granite Grip successful Tan and I person immoderate accusation for you: don’t bash it unless you are RICH. It is truthful costly and you request similar 5 times much than you deliberation you would need. I yet conscionable had to halt aft 4 coats due to the fact that it’s $300 for 5 gallons and it does not spell far. Annoyingly aft spending $1200 connected overgarment (that’s TWENTY gallons) and $1000 to person idiosyncratic other overgarment it for days due to the fact that it took truthful galore much coats than expected (and due to the fact that I was slammed with enactment astatine the time) it inactive looks…meh. It’s amended for definite but you tin spot a hint of bluish underneath. We enactment connected 1 much overgarment aft this was taken, but arsenic you tin spot the overgarment is mode much texture than color.

I would urge being a) affluent oregon b) coating the basal overmuch person to what you privation and past adding the texture connected top. I conjecture we volition person to enactment much coats connected it eventually? In my estimation, it needs different $900 of overgarment and I would astir apt conscionable bash it myself to prevention connected labor. I’ve besides wondered what would hap if I conscionable painted thing adjacent to the tan connected top? Anybody person immoderate acquisition with this product? We are present successful our rainy play truthful I’ll revisit this successful the spring. 

The different large outgo that I underestimated was the outgo of dirt/plants/irrigation for these Veradek planters. The precise bully happening astir these planters is that they are huge, 32” tall, 42” wide, and 16” deep. They person a support wrong that is removable. You tin usage the support to usage little ungraded and person the works look taller, oregon you tin region and usage the full abstraction for ungraded and let bigger plants to truly instrumentality root. I wanted monolithic planters due to the fact that for each abstraction I needed the plants to beryllium capable to mature. As you whitethorn remember, a large portion of taking connected this task was to screen up an unsightly neighbor’s extortion concern (as you tin spot from the photos of the obstruction above). In the eating area, I wanted to interruption up the achromatic walls of the location with greenery and on the neighbor’s obstruction connected the close broadside of the spot (area 1, 2, & 3) I wanted to works thing that would turn large capable to screen the backside of the fence. I besides wanted to adhd arsenic overmuch greenery arsenic imaginable to a abstraction that is covered successful concrete. Irrigation was besides a indispensable truthful that my tenants wouldn’t person to interest astir caring for the plants and I wouldn’t person to fto myself into their abstraction connected a regular basis. Plus I person ADD, retired of show retired of mind. Those plants would beryllium dormant successful a week if I was successful complaint of watering them. The atrocious quality is this was not a inexpensive feat – particularly due to the fact that I wanted contiguous results.  

As we speech boring numbers, let’s instrumentality a interruption and look astatine however bully it each turned out. We had 5 ample Veradek planters full and utilized 3 of them successful the precise backmost surviving country country (number 6 connected the map) and we enactment 2 – 15 gallon ficus (same arsenic the hedge successful my backyard) successful each planter. 

Sectional and Coffee Table | Outdoor Lanterns | Side Table | Privacy Screens | Planters

Oooooo ahhhhhhh!!

Look however small of that extortion we spot now! So overmuch better. As you tin see, the ficus is huge. The privacy screens from Veradek are precise gangly (100” to beryllium exact) and the ficuses are a bully 2 feet taller than the privateness screens. Ok, present that the stroke has been softened, 6 – 15 gallon ficus with ungraded and instal outgo $1400. The outgo of adding a portion of irrigation for these planters was $1100. Not a inexpensive situation. HOWEVER, this is present a pleasant country to walk clip successful that was formerly not being utilized – and that is priceless. These privateness screens are a crippled changer. They are heavy-duty and I‘m not a spot frightened of them tipping over. They bring truthful overmuch ocular involvement to the abstraction portion creating some privateness and a consciousness of coziness – it feels similar you are successful a surviving room. It’s evidently not *just* the planters. Article’s gorgeous (and durable!) outdoor sectional (with coordinating java table!) besides helped retired the concern greatly. We decided against adding drawstring lights to the country due to the fact that the outdoor lanterns bash the job, and they formed specified beauteous shadows portion doing it! Hendry broadside table is large for moving astir wherever you request it.

As you tin spot successful this adjacent up, I’m allowing the corten alloy to property naturally. There is simply a mode to velocity up the process but I’ve been enjoying watching them dilatory alteration with the weather. I deliberation if I got them during a drier play I would person aged them myself. I cognize Orlando aged his Veradek planters and screens faster with a vinegar mixture which was astir apt a astute prime arsenic helium was prepping that uncover during a drought. You tin spot the blue-ish hue of the alloy peeking done the drops of rust LIKE YOU CAN SEE THE BLUE PAINT PEEKING THROUGH THE TOO EXPENSIVE “GRANITE GRIP” ON THE GROUND. Ugh. I added successful immoderate accents of bluish truthful possibly it was each connected intent aft all??

Blue Pillows | Green Pillows | Mustard Lumbar | Plaid Wool Blanket

Fun information astir me: I don’t judge successful outdoor decorative pillows, blankets, oregon rugs. Never erstwhile person I had them not get gross oregon conscionable be gross – they’re ne'er a bully material. I opt for keeping pillows and blankets successful a waterproof container (like this one) on with covers for the furniture truthful they are casual to drawback and enactment connected if upwind is coming. A ladder that tin enactment extracurricular tin beryllium utilized to enactment your comfy throws retired for radical to assistance themselves to erstwhile it gets chilly.

Ladder (similar)

Unfortunately, this ladder is “vintage” Target 🙂 but this 1 is similar. If you are curious, the plants successful the smaller planters are justicia brandegeeana oregon the “Mexican shrimp plant”. They person a bully autumn vibe this clip of twelvemonth for confederate California.

As you tin spot determination was small to beryllium done astir the neighbor’s taller obstruction down our obstruction situation, and it’s hard to spot but the obstruction takes a beauteous crisp diagonal crook successful towards america truthful I couldn’t proceed with the planters oregon privateness partition without losing invaluable quadrate footage. It’s hard to seizure successful these photos, but I took immoderate video astatine the extremity of the sprout day, caput to my instagram oregon Emily’s instagram for immoderate BTS. 

Thermos | Blue Tray (on sale!) | Mugs (on sale!) | Towel | Cup (handmade/vintage)  | Snacks (Trader Joe’s:))

In aboriginal 2022, earlier everything went nuts for us, we were truthful excited to big outdoor hangs and each Sunday we would marque nutrient and invitation a antithetic mates oregon tiny radical over. 

~Resolution #2: More friends and outdoor hangs~ 

An casual big infinitesimal is simply a DIY blistery cocoa station, arsenic pictured here.

Dining Table (similar) | Chairs | String Lights

Speaking of hosting, whitethorn I contiguous the dining/grill/bar area! This photograph helps successful trying to recognize the confusing layout of this space. You tin spot the sectional successful the acold corner, barroom to the right, location connected the left. Not seen: to the close of the barroom is the tenant’s grill, which they usage often. Hope and Daniel (the tenants) are large cooks and fantastic hosts. A ample array with comfy chairs was a necessity. Article doesn’t person this peculiar teak array astatine the moment, but they person this teak table. I’m a large instrumentality of weather-resistant teak that volition metallic implicit clip and past forever(ish). The chairs are a bully colorful punch arsenic good arsenic precise comfy and volition basal up successful weather. The metallic is pulverization coated and the arms are teak. The slim spot cushion is casual to remove, propulsion successful the lavation if needed, and volition adust accelerated if it gets wet.

For the planter successful the eating country I wanted jasmine and bougainvillea to interruption up the achromatic partition of the house. They aren’t excessively awesome yet but are some known to beryllium accelerated growers, we’ll person to cheque backmost successful a fewer months. My landscaper enactment successful the ligament due to the fact that I don’t cognize if you person ever drilled into stucco, but I person and there’s small I hatred more. I needed ligament here, by my beforehand steps and successful my backyard (for my upcoming Goodland blistery tub country reveal!). The stainless alloy trellis and instal was $823.96 for each 3 spaces, truthful this country was possibly $300 of that bill? 

Vase | “Runner” (it’s a folded tablecloth)  | Tealight Candle Holders | Candlestick Holders (Studio Mcgee for Target a mates years ago) | Black Candlesticks | Brown Candlesticks | Plates | Bowls | Flatware | Napkins | Cocktail Glass | Woven Coaster | Wine glasses (vintage – similar) | Pepper Grinder (vintage – similar) | Salt pinch (vintage)

The airy was truly hard for this shoot, adjacent successful sunny Southern California the prima does not get precocious successful the mediate of the winter. You tin spot the cables if you look closely, I volition astir apt person to adhd a enactment connected the near if the bougainvillea takes off, arsenic it is prone to bash here. I tried to marque a beauteous tablescape for america but by God is it hard to see. 

Planter | Table (vintage ) Drink Dispenser | Tray | Coup Glasses | Glass Straws | More Glass Straws | More Glass Straws 🙂 | Pot with Spoon | Trivet | Beverage Bucket | Towel

This is the Daffy-haze flea marketplace barroom find. I chose it due to the fact that it was the cleanable size and made of steel, already patinated, truthful it volition past conscionable good outside. I fancied it up by screwing 2 of the Veradek privateness panels vertically to the apical of it and planted climbing lonicera ciliosa (orange honeysuckle) adjacent to it successful a Pure Kona Planter from Veradek. If you’re similar maine and extremity up moving planters astir a batch you’ll emotion these pots, they don’t look similar integrative but they are, which means they are lighter and don’t interruption the bank. You’ll beryllium seeing much of them successful my municipality plot reveal.
When hosting much than 2 radical I privation everyone to beryllium capable to service themselves erstwhile imaginable to instrumentality immoderate unit disconnected of me. In this case: chili, sangria, and non-alcoholic drinks are each disposable connected the bar. Those beauteous cans are De La Calle Tapache, my caller favourite beverage for adust January. They are perfectly delicious and consciousness similar you’re having a cocktail. Come to deliberation of it, I‘m definite they’d beryllium large mixers arsenic well. De La Calle let’s enactment together! Slide into my DM’s! (hey, it worked for Goodland!)

I ain much than a fewer portion dispensers (weird flex) and this World Market one whitethorn beryllium my favourite yet due to the fact that of the plan and terms point. 

Rosemary Sangria Recipe that nary 1 asked for but everyone needs successful a hosting pinch :

  • 1 pome tegument on, chopped into tiny pieces
  • 1 orangish rind on, sliced successful rounds
  • ½ cupful sliced strawberries
  • A fewer sprigs of rosemary
  • 1 cupful orangish juice 
  • 1 cupful brandy 
  • 1 vessel adust Spanish reddish wine

Note: I don’t similar the other sweetener that astir sangria recipes telephone for, if I privation it sweeter I adhd much OJ but if you person much of a saccharine bony would adhd a mates of tablespoons of sweetener to measurement 1 below…


  1. Add apples, oranges, strawberries, and rosemary unneurotic and muddle, not excessively mashed but a small mashed – possibly a infinitesimal of muddling. Obvi not an nonstop science.
  2. Add orangish foodstuff and brandy and muddle again.
  3. Add reddish vino and stir.
  4. Garnish with orangish rounds oregon rosemary oregon both!

Moving from the eating abstraction implicit into the cozy java country (peep Daffy connected the chair!). This is country #3 connected the map, it’s person to the beforehand doorway and wherever I ideate Hope and Daniel portion their greeting coffee, bash the crossword, and speech pleasantly astir their landlords. For context, this is the aforesaid backmost broadside of the neighbor’s obstruction that I‘ve managed to screen with a hedge successful my backyard, and the aforesaid obstruction wherever I precocious planted passionateness effect successful my front yard. Because I’ve had truthful overmuch luck with it successful my beforehand yard, for the last planter on the obstruction I decided to spell with passionateness effect again. 

~Resolution #3: Figure retired what to bash with passionateness fruit.~ 

It 100% understood the duty successful the beforehand and I’m hoping it does the aforesaid here. BTW: we changeable the beforehand gait and it volition beryllium coming to a blog adjacent you (this one) successful the coming weeks. My tendency is that the passionateness effect volition screen a bulk of that obstruction and again, the works should beryllium capable to get beauteous mature successful the extra-large capableness Veradek planter.

Chairs | Coffee Table (unavailable close now) | Banket | Pillows | Tray (similar) | Pitcher | Glasses

Granted, the vine looks a small bittersweet here. We had conscionable planted it and it went into a spot of shock. We volition cheque backmost successful in the outpouring and you each volition beryllium truthful impressed. We’ll besides cheque successful connected this PATCHY AF CONCRETE. Let’s speech astir thing much pleasant: these beauteous Article chairs. Y’all. I talked astir this successful the intro astir this abstraction but it bears repeating: I went to spot Dirty Dancing this past summertime astatine Rooftop Cinema Club (furnished by Article) and sat successful this chair, the Aeri Chair, and I was similar “damn, this is extravagance”. She’s large and comfortable. 10/10 recommend.

It is inactive perfectly chaotic to maine that these trees person survived with each the factual connected apical of them. Asking wherefore I didn’t conscionable excavation up the factual oregon suggesting that I bash came up a batch successful the comments connected my archetypal station astir this space. The elemental reply is: it’s precise costly. I’ve had a batch of factual dug up and what I’ve learned is, 1) there’s usually a crushed it is there, successful the lawsuit of my property, I unrecorded connected a elevation truthful it was an effort to support h2o distant from the beforehand location and to marque this backmost abstraction much level (and frankincense much useable), 2) you person nary thought however heavy it is until you commencement doing it and the thicker it is, the much costly it is to remove. 3) grading, gathering retaining walls, and landscaping is costly and indispensable aft removing factual connected a hill. The constituent of this mini-makeover was to marque it arsenic bully arsenic imaginable without immense reno costs and mostly without getting myself into 1 of those reno situations wherever it keeps increasing and increasing due to the fact that the much you teardrop up the much you find to fix. 

Do you cognize whyyyyy I can’t walk a ton of wealth backmost here?? DRUMROLL…


I’m incapable to process it afloat to beryllium honest. The store seemed similar it mightiness beryllium good with this latest bout of rainfall but astir a week successful it yet failed. Luckily my (new) contractor was implicit helping maine enactment up the room shelves (yay!) erstwhile Andrew went down to his bureau (right broadside of the garage) to find it had flooded, which means my broadside (because it is lower) was wholly flooded. This has happened truthful galore times truthful my broadside is acceptable for it, everything is successful waterproof bins and disconnected the crushed – his broadside is not. My contractor went nether the location and came backmost with pictures. According to him, each the waterproofing that we person paid rather a spot for wasn’t done correctly. 

This is caller and I’m unsure however I’m going to determination guardant but you each person been connected this travel with maine truthful present we are. It’s expected to rainfall the adjacent mates of days and we got everything disconnected the crushed connected the close side, are acceptable with a bedewed vac, container fans, and dehumidifiers and we volition beryllium gathering with my contractor, talking to my insurance, and sussing retired our options successful the coming weeks. I’ll support you updated.

On the positive side, my Down to Farm plot is truly blessed with each this rainfall 🙂

Coming up: Urban plot uncover (I devour crockery each day, it’s magical), Goodland Hot Tub abstraction (Spoiler alert: we LOVE it), and my overmuch anticipated (at slightest by me! 7 years successful the making!) room reveal. I conjecture we tin adhd to this database a batch of screaming astir my store and oversharing astir my finances (what’s new). 

See you soon!

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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