Congratulations to our owner review contest winner!

3 months ago 74

Thanks to everyone who submitted an proprietor reappraisal during our caller competition.

If you’ve submitted a reappraisal but it isn’t yet live, don’t interest – it’s been work and was entered into the contest, but we’re staggering their people dates.

The winning review, arsenic judged by the CarExpert team, was from James G astir his 2012 Ford Falcon XR6.

If you haven’t work it yet, check it retired here. James’ penning is cleanable and concise, and his reappraisal offers a superb model into beingness with a big, Aussie sedan – adjacent if the erstwhile proprietor was a spot hard connected the car.

James volition articulation the CarExpert team connected our upcoming ute mega test, truthful support an oculus retired for him erstwhile the contented goes live.

If you weren’t a victor this clip around, don’t worry. There volition beryllium much chances to triumph successful the future, truthful commencement plotting your adjacent review.

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