Chinese brand Zeekr reveals EV people-mover, plans IPO and exports

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Geely has large plans for its Zeekr electrical conveyance brand, and it has a large van for it too.

The Zeekr 009 is an electrical people-mover with 400kW of powerfulness and implicit 800km of range, and is being billed arsenic the world’s archetypal axenic luxury electrical MPV.

It’s the 2nd conveyance for the fledgling brand, which is acceptable to beryllium publically listed, and launched successful the European market.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has confirmed Geely tin proceed with the listing of Krypton, a non-wholly-owned subsidiary engaged successful the research, improvement and income of EVs and batteries nether the Zeekr brand.

The institution says the presumption of the projected spin-off, including the offering size and terms range, haven’t been finalised.

Zeekr CEO An Conghui told a roundtable, successful remarks reported by Reuters, that it volition participate Europe successful 2023 with the Zeekr 001 crossover.

It’s unclear whether the 009 could follow, considering it’s precise overmuch aimed astatine the bustling upscale people-mover conception successful China.

Zeekr volition beryllium the latest successful an onslaught of Chinese brands entering Europe, including Hongqi, Nio, Xpeng and Great Wall Motor’s Ora and Wey brands. Notably, galore of the brands aiming for a portion of the European marketplace are EV-only brands, specified arsenic Nio.

Zeekr’s aspirations widen beyond Europe, too, with its CEO telling Bloomberg earlier this twelvemonth the marque volition people North America aft 2022.

A batch of Chinese automakers person spoken astir entering North America for years present but frankincense acold nary large Chinese brands person acceptable up shop, unless you number Chinese-Swedish Polestar, though Chinese-built vehicles person been sold by acquainted brands similar Buick and Volvo.

With Lotus, Polestar and Volvo sitting nether the Geely umbrella and offering cars there, that theoretically makes it easier for a marque similar Zeekr to ace the market.

Though the 009 is Zeekr’s 2nd model, the marque has opted not to travel the aforesaid confusing strategy – employed by chap Geely brands Polestar and Lynk & Co – of naming vehicles successful the bid they were launched.

The 009 people-mover is offered with either 116kWh oregon 140kWh batteries supplied by CATL, with scope figures of 702km and 822km – albeit some connected the generous CLTC trial cycle.

Regardless of battery, the 009 produces 400kW of powerfulness and 686Nm of torque from its dual-motor all-wheel thrust powertrain.

That gives it a claimed 0-100km/h clip of conscionable 4.5 seconds – heady show for a boxy people-mover. It besides has a comparatively slippery resistance coefficient of 0.27.

The institution says the smaller artillery tin beryllium fast-charged from 10 to 80 per cent successful 28 minutes.

The 009 measures 5209mm long, 2024mm wide and 1848-1856mm gangly connected a 3205mm wheelbase, astir identical dimensionally to the LDV Mifa and its electrical Mifa 9 counterpart owed present this year.

It’s besides somewhat longer and wider than a Kia Carnival.

All models thrust connected a “high-performance” aerial suspension set-up, with treble wishbone beforehand and multi-link rear suspension.

As expected of an EV, there’s a one-pedal driving mode, portion Mobileye EyeQ5H intelligent driving chips and a suite of cameras and radars powerfulness the 009’s suite of precocious operator assistance features.

There’s autonomous exigency braking (forward and reverse), adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, safe-exit warning, and distant power parking arsenic standard, with adjacent much operator assistance instrumentality available.

Standard instrumentality connected each 009s includes headlights with matrix LED technology, adaptive high-beam, and steering-guided beam, arsenic good arsenic powerfulness sliding doors and dual sunroofs (the rear a panoramic unit).

There’s nary missing the 009 with its bluff beforehand end, with a ample metallic aboveground wherever a grille would beryllium connected a combustion-powered car. Called the “Fountain of Light”, it features 154 LED strips.

But the existent item is the interior, which is swathed successful Nappa leather and Ultrasuede upholstery and decorated with colour-adjustable ambient lighting, with dependable pumped done a 20-speaker Yamaha audio system.

The beforehand seats are heated and ventilated with 12-way powerfulness accommodation for the operator and eight-way powerfulness accommodation for the passenger, portion the second-row captain’s chairs are besides powerfulness adjustable, heated and ventilated and diagnostic pneumatic massage.

The 3rd enactment besides features 2 seats.

Screens see a 10.25-inch portion up of the driver, a 15.4-inch interaction display, and a 15.6-inch adjustable cardinal ceiling screen. There are besides 3.4-inch touchscreens connected the sliding doors.

Zeekr’s archetypal vehicle, the 001, was revealed successful conception signifier successful 2020 with Lynk & Co badging – itself a fledgling brand, launched successful 2018 – earlier Geely announced it was forming the caller EV brand.

The 001 debuted Geely’s caller Sustainable Experience Architecture which besides underpins the 009.

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