Cat Blossoms After She was Rescued at 22 Years Old, Now She Chases the Sun and Hogs the Bed

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A feline blossomed remarkably aft she was rescued astatine 22 years old. Now, she chases the prima and hogs the bed.

older catBestFriendsFelines

At 22 years old, Thelma the feline ended up astatine a structure successful hopeless request of rescue. Her owners could nary longer spend her attraction and had to surrender her. Members of Best Friends Felines (BFF) were contacted astir her concern and knew they had to help.

"Our bosom broke erstwhile we heard of her plight and our bosom melted erstwhile we saw the photos. We each cognize BFF has a existent brushed spot for the seniors," the rescue shared. "We knew she needed to unrecorded retired her beingness surrounded by emotion and successful a home."

Thanks to the powerfulness of societal media, the saccharine torbie was saved that day. A foster unpaid of the rescue stepped up and welcomed Thelma into their loving home.

cat older shelterThelma ended up successful a structure astatine 22 years oldBestFriendsFelines

Upon arrival, they saw a scrawny, fragile feline covered successful mats and bald patches trudging retired of the carrier. Despite it all, Thelma was successful bully spirits and instantly sought comfortableness successful blankets and pillows.

She was successful wide bully health, and lone needed to beryllium treated for a urinary tract infection. All the mats and knots were cautiously removed from her coat, and she was enactment connected a fare aimed to get her value backmost connected track.

older catShe was covered successful matted fur and bald patchesBestFriendsFelines

"We recovered her a fantastic foster carer and placed her into our palliative attraction program, wherever she volition unrecorded retired the remainder of her beingness being loved and spoilt."

Thelma settled beautifully into her caller abode and recovered her favourite feline furniture to snooze in. "She is successful bully health, conscionable a small slow, and possibly a small deaf, judging by her highly large meow."

kneading older catShe instantly started kneading connected a brushed pillowBestFriendsFelines

After a fewer weeks of recuperating, Thelma's fluffy overgarment has grown backmost in. She present walks with pep nether her feet and is starting to play again.

With her newfound strength, she likes to sneak up down people, meow astatine the apical of her lungs and spot them jump. "If she was a Golden Girl, she'd beryllium Sophia. She is sassy."

fluffy older feline  thelmaShe enactment connected immoderate much-needed value and gained a batch of vigor BestFriendsFelines

Thelma has a fantastic appetite and adores thing gravy. She starts her time rising from her favourite feline furniture with her snuggle teddy close by her side.

"She particularly loves it erstwhile her furniture is successful sunshine."

cat furniture  sunbeamsShe loves having her furniture close nether the sunBestFriendsFelines

To supply amended accessibility, the rescue has equipped the couches with stairs, truthful Thelma tin spell up and down with ease. They've besides provided plentifulness of brushed things to support her kneady paws busy.

"After a period of bully nutrient and grooming, she worked her mode up to her archetypal zoomie."

cat older sunbathingShe volition beryllium successful the sunbeams and soak up the warmthBestFriendsFelines

Thelma has rediscovered galore of her hobbies, 1 of which is playing with cardboard boxes.

"They are inactive intriguing, and she gets that faraway look, remembering erstwhile she could teardrop bits disconnected with her teeth. But they besides marque a fantastic point to scratch and hitch against."

older feline  boxesShe loves rubbing her look against a cardboard boxBestFriendsFelines

The saccharine elder has recovered the cleanable sunbathing spot by the model wherever she tin ticker the time spell by. "She inactive chases the prima and volition lukewarm her aged bones for a small while."

On a warmer day, she volition parkland herself successful a chill spot successful her mom's office, "but not without her teddy".

older feline  sunbathingBestFriendsFelines

Thelma has enactment connected immoderate much-needed weight, and her fur is looking amended and silkier by the week. She volition ever person sunshine, endless emotion from her people, and a trusty teddy to support her company.

sleeping older feline  snugglyThelma and her favourite teddyBestFriendsFelines

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