Cadillac reveals ultra-luxury Celestiq production EV with Bentley pricing

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The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq volition effort to instrumentality the American luxury marque into the aboriginal and reclaim its past ‘Standard of the World’ glory.

The ultra-luxury electrical flagship volition participate accumulation successful December 2023, and volition person a terms tag “north of” US$300,000 (A$476,115).

For context, Cadillac’s astir costly exemplary astatine contiguous is the Escalade-V, which starts astatine US$149,695 (A$237,616). The Celestiq’s terms puts it betwixt V8 and W12 versions of the Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner successful the US.

Cadillac hasn’t occupied this stratosphere since the hand-built Eldorado Brougham flagship of 1957-58, which outgo much than a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

As befitting specified an costly flagship, nary 2 Celestiq models volition beryllium alike. Each exemplary volition beryllium personally commissioned, with clients moving with a concierge to trade their model.

Each exemplary volition beryllium produced astatine the General Motors Global Technical Center successful Warren, Michigan successful a high-security “clean room”-type situation called the Artisan Center. No much than six vehicles volition beryllium assembled astatine immoderate time.

It’ll beryllium the archetypal conveyance built astatine the Technical Center, with GM investing US$81 cardinal (A$128.96 million) successful the installation to enactment production.

The institution says the Celestiq volition person the astir ambitious prime programme successful the its 120-year history.

It’s underpinned by GM’s Ultium Platform, with a dual-motor all-wheel thrust powertrain and an 111kWh artillery pack.

It produces 447kW of powerfulness and 868Nm of torque, with a claimed 0-60mph (0-96km/h) clip of 3.8 seconds.

It has a claimed scope of 483km, and supports 200kW DC accelerated charging. Cadillac claims it’ll instrumentality conscionable 10 minutes to adhd 125km of range.

It’s the lone Ultium-based conveyance with 11.59:1 beforehand and 11.63:1 rear cogwheel ratios, which Cadillac says were specially calibrated to optimise scope and performance. As expected of a luxury EV, there’s besides regenerative braking and a one-pedal driving feature.

It rides connected adaptive aerial suspension with a five-link set-up beforehand and rear, and features Magnetic Ride Control 4.0.

This is the latest version, besides seen connected the CT5-V Blackwing, of the magnetorheological damping exertion the marque debuted connected the 2002.5 Seville STS.

Other hardware includes Active Rear Steering, offering up to 3.5 degrees of out-of-phase rear steering, positive Active Roll Control and an progressive rear spoiler.

It besides rides connected ample 23-inch wheels successful ‘countless’ antithetic colours, wrapped successful specially labelled Michelin tyres.

Cadillac says the Celestiq volition connection “the eventual successful thrust refinement without sacrifices”, with “isolated precision” allowing the operator to “experience a luxury driving acquisition but inactive consciousness connected to the road”.

It besides features six ample precision sand-cast aluminium components connected the underbody, with each casting reducing portion number by 30 to 40 components, portion wrong and retired there’s extended usage of 3D-printed pieces.

It volition diagnostic GM’s caller Ultra Cruise Level 2+ autonomous driving technology, positive a distant parking diagnostic that allows you to parkland your conveyance from extracurricular of it.

A 48V electrical strategy supports the vehicle’s assorted convenience features and carnal comforts.

Inside, a 55-inch surface runs from pillar to pillar, containing 2 abstracted screens nether a azygous sheet of glass.

A crystal multi-function controller tin beryllium utilized to navigate connected the superior screen, and the infotainment features Google Built-In with Google Assistant and Google Maps.

The driver-side show has a claimed pixel density comparable to an 8K screen, portion the rider surface – which tin play media and entree the net – is dimmed from the driver’s presumption utilizing Digital Blinds Active Privacy technology.

Additional screens successful the compartment see an 11-inch beforehand console-mounted ‘Command Center’, an 8.0-inch surface connected the rear console, positive 12.6-inch screens connected each beforehand seatback.

There’s a fixed solid extortion with nary sunshade, nevertheless it features suspended particle instrumentality exertion with 4 adjustable zones, multi-colour ambient lighting and ‘lighting choreography’.

Hand-finished metalwork and hand-wrapped leather adorns the interior, portion acoustic laminated solid keeps dependable out.

Standard instrumentality includes four-zone clime control, positive heating, cooling and ventilation for each 4 seats positive heated armrests and a “neck scarf” feature.

There are 41 speakers each up, including a 38-speaker AKG Studio Reference Audio System for the interior positive 3 exterior speakers that supply “curated propulsion sounds”. There’s besides progressive roadworthy sound cancellation for the cabin.

The exterior styling draws upon the caller plan themes debuted successful the Lyriq crossover, but taken to the utmost owed to the Celestiq’s outsized proportions.

There’s a agelong dash-to-axle ratio, portion each metallic aboveground connected exterior is existent metal, including the brushed aluminium assemblage broadside trim and the formed aluminium grille.

The fender ‘Goddess’ has a unsocial crystal constituent with ‘premium’ LED lighting elements therein, portion c fibre is besides utilized connected the exterior.

There are nary carnal doorway handles. Instead, the doors are power-operated and unfastened and adjacent with the propulsion of a button.

The headlights and process lights besides connection charging presumption indicators, arsenic seen connected the GMC Hummer EV.

A choreographed airy sequence, fanning retired from the beforehand Cadillac crest, occurs erstwhile you’re astir 5m distant from the Celestiq with the cardinal fob.

As an ultra-luxury, upper-large flagship fastback, the Celestiq has fundamentally nary competition.

Rolls-Royce’s archetypal electrical vehicle, the Spectre, volition beryllium a coupe and is owed successful 2023, portion Bentley volition present its archetypal electrical conveyance successful 2026.

Like Bentley, Cadillac volition lone merchantability EVs aft 2030.

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