Buy British Airways Avios with a 40% Bonus

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Buying points tin often correspond a large deal, particularly erstwhile topping up your relationship for a redemption oregon for premium compartment grant tickets wherever currency costs are eye-popping.

British Airways Avios, a fashionable programme for Canadians with entree to grant inventory connected galore high-end Oneworld partners, is presently offering different circular of its 40% promotion connected purchased Avios.

Buy Avios with a 40% Bonus

From present until January 20, 2023 astatine 23:59 GMT, you’ll gain 40% bonus Avios erstwhile purchasing points straight from the program.

For this round, British Airways is offering the bonus complaint arsenic agelong arsenic you acquisition astatine slightest 2,000 Avios. This bonus is little than the modular 50% bonus that British Airways usually uses for their Avios promotions.

As always, the outgo per basal Avios varies depending connected however galore you buy. The much you buy, the little the mean outgo volition be, though this quality is negligible implicit astir 25,000 Avios.

One absorbing diagnostic of buying Avios is that your terms varies depending connected the currency you wage (GBP, EUR, oregon USD), which is determined by the state your relationship is registered in.

Canadian accounts volition wage successful USD astatine the prices listed above, which construe into a acquisition outgo of 2.6–3.8 cents per Avios (CAD) depending connected however galore points you buy.

At our existent valuation of 2.0 cents per constituent (CAD), I’d beryllium hesitant to bargain Avios astatine these promotional rates, unless I were precise assured successful my reasons for doing truthful and had an contiguous redemption successful mind.

How galore Avios tin you buy?

Usually, British Airways imposes a bounds of 200,000 basal Avios purchased per calendar year.

Bonus Avios connected points purchases don’t number against this cap. With the existent 40% promotion, you tin truthful bargain a maximum full of 280,000 Avios.

Which recognition paper should you usage to bargain Avios?

British Airways nary longer uses to merchantability Avios. However, you inactive whitethorn not person bonus points for utilizing a co-branded recognition paper similar the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite Card.

You besides whitethorn not person the class bonus connected different cards with a question accelerator. Instead, see immoderate paper with a precocious basal gain rate, oregon 1 wherever you’re moving connected gathering the minimum walk requirement.

Avios can’t beryllium purchased straight successful Canadian dollars, truthful you whitethorn similar to bargain with a paper that waives overseas speech fees, including galore fashionable US recognition cards. Even if your Avios relationship charges successful GBP oregon EUR and you person a European recognition card, I’d inactive favour a Canadian oregon US card, arsenic recognition paper rewards thin to beryllium higher connected our broadside of the Atlantic.

When Should You Buy Avios with a 40% Bonus?

If you’re abbreviated connected Avios for an upcoming booking and person nary different mode to gain them quickly, determination are a fewer situations wherever it mightiness beryllium worthy it to bargain points. Ultimately, arsenic agelong arsenic you’re redeeming astatine a worth supra the outgo you pay, you’ll travel retired ahead.

Maximizing Sweet Spots with Direct Flights connected Partner Airlines

If you’ve identified a bully accidental to redeem Avios, you whitethorn find it acceptable to wage supra baseline worth to marque up the difference. Any clip you’re consenting to wage currency but prices are high, see if buying points to marque the aforesaid booking would beryllium cheaper.

One fashionable way is Toronto–Dublin connected Aer Lingus, for 50,000 Avios one-way successful concern people connected off-peak dates. At a outgo of astir 2.6 cents per constituent (CAD), the break-even constituent for this summons is $1,300 (CAD).

If the currency terms of the basal fare (before taxes and fees) is higher and there’s grant abstraction available, it’d beryllium amended to bargain points with this promotion and publication an grant summons instead.

Another saccharine spot, Seattle to Hawaii connected Alaska Airlines, tin connection large worth if you question during precocious season, erstwhile currency prices are precocious but grant prices are consistent. You tin alert one-way successful system for 13,000 Avios, with a break-even constituent astatine $338 (CAD).

Or possibly you’d similar to alert successful 1 of the champion concern people products successful the world, Qatar Airways Qsuites. Round-trip flights successful concern people terms retired astatine implicit $7,500 (CAD), but buying the fig of points required for the aforesaid flights prices retired astatine astir $4,549 (CAD).

Book Qatar Airways Qsuites with Avios

More mostly speaking, if you’re trying to fastener successful a household abrogation implicit the vacation play earlier hotly-contested grant inventory gets picked over, it mightiness beryllium prudent to onslaught accelerated with an contiguous points top-up, adjacent astatine a humble premium.

Booking a Multi-Carrier Award

For much extended trips, the British Airways multi-carrier grant chart is simply a almighty mode to agelong your value. Each summons tin see up to 8 flights, 1 open-jaw, and agelong stopovers successful each city.

At the maximum magnitude disposable with this promotion, you tin bargain 280,000 Avios for $5,523 (USD). That would let you to book:

  • A First Class multi-carrier grant of up to 14,000 miles successful region flown
  • A concern people multi-carrier grant of up to 35,000 miles successful region flown
  • Two “economy class” multi-carrier awards up to 35,000 miles successful region flown

The terms is thing to scoff at, but if you maximize your ticket(s) with galore desirable concern people oregon First Class products among Oneworld members, you’ll easy recognize the worth wrong the archetypal formation oregon two. 

Other Ways to Earn Avios

Before rushing into this Avios promotion, I’d look to different sources of earning Avios astatine little costs first.

Canadian Credit Cards

Luckily, there’s nary shortage of ways to gain Avios done the recognition cards we person successful Canada.

American Express Membership Rewards tin beryllium transferred to Avios astatine a 1:1 ratio, sometimes with a bonus of 30%. Any of these cards would beryllium a bully choice, with the yearly fees representing an accidental to “buy” points.

American Express Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
30,000 MR points $564 Apply Now
75,000 MR points $1,118 Apply Now
85,000 MR points $1,503 Apply Now
90,000 MR points $1,646 Apply Now
Up to 77,000 MR points $1,419 Apply Now
75,000 MR points $1,561 Apply Now

RBC Avion points tin beryllium transferred to Avios astatine a 1:1 ratio, with predominant bonuses up to 30% and successful immoderate cases arsenic precocious arsenic 50%. The idiosyncratic Avion Visa recognition cards are each offering an elevated invited bonus of 55,000 Avion points if you use earlier January 31, 2023.

Also successful the RBC ecosystem, the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite paper tin gain up to 50,000 Avios successful the archetypal twelvemonth upon spending $5,000 successful the archetypal 3 months, with an yearly interest of $165, for a outgo of 0.33 cents per Avios.

RBC Credit Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
55,000 RBC Rewards points
$120 yearly interest
55,000 RBC Rewards points $1,080 Apply Now
55,000 RBC Rewards points
$120 yearly interest
55,000 RBC Rewards points $1,080 Apply Now
55,000 RBC Rewards points $826 Apply Now
50,000 Avios $899 Apply Now
20,000 RBC Rewards points
$120 yearly interest
20,000 RBC Rewards points $280 Apply Now
35,000 RBC Avion points $525 Apply Now

HSBC Rewards tin beryllium transferred to Avios astatine 2.5:1, with occasional transfer bonuses arsenic precocious arsenic 35%. The HSBC World Elite Mastercard often has a beardown welcome bonus for caller applicants, and makes for a utile paper during your travels arsenic it has no overseas transaction fees.

HSBC Credit Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 80,000 HSBC Rewards points
First Year Free
Up to 80,000 HSBC Rewards points $724 Apply Now

Marriott Bonvoy points, Amex US MR points, and Chase Ultimate Rewards points tin besides beryllium converted to British Airways Avios. Since each 3 of these currencies mostly bid higher worth done different redemptions, I wouldn’t urge utilizing them for Avios erstwhile determination are cheaper earning methods retired there.

Consider Waiting for an Iberia Avios Promotion Instead

Sometimes, purchasing Avios from Iberia is simply a amended woody than buying from British Airways. Points tin beryllium transferred easy betwixt the two astatine 1:1 if some accounts person been unfastened and progressive for 90 days.

Iberia besides offers bonuses connected Avios income of up to 50%. Unfortunately, determination is presently nary promotion.

While prices are the aforesaid successful theory, the biggest vantage of buying from Iberia is that the pricing is based connected which website you’re on, not which state your relationship is registered in. That means Canadians tin instrumentality vantage of little pricing, which is usually lone disposable to Europeans.

Previous Promotions

As you determine whether this promotion is simply a bully accidental for you to conscionable your question goals, here’s a look backmost astatine British Airways’s past bonuses connected purchasing Avios:


Cents per constituent (USD)

Start Date

End Date

40% much purchased Avios


January 16, 2023

January 20, 2023

50% much purchased Avios


December 16, 2022

December 19, 2022

50% much purchased Avios


November 17, 2022

November 20, 2022

50% much purchased Avios


September 5, 2022

September 14, 2022

50% much purchased Avios


June 23, 2022

July 10, 2022

50% much purchased Avios


March 18, 2022

March 24, 2022

50% much purchased Avios


January 17, 2022

January 19, 2022


British Airways Avios is presently offering a 40% bonus connected points purchased from the program.

However, with truthful galore antithetic recognition cards to gain Avios, and predominant points-purchase promotions with a akin bonus, I would lone instrumentality vantage of this accidental if I had an contiguous usage lined up and if buying Avios was cheaper than making the aforesaid booking with cash.

If you are interested, enactment quick, due to the fact that the woody is unrecorded until January 20, 2023 astatine 23:59 GMT, truthful beryllium definite to bargain by then.

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