Booked: The Winter World Cup

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Greetings from the United Arab Emirates!

After astir 4 and a fractional years since the last lucifer of the past World Cup, I’m each acceptable to articulation fans from each implicit the satellite successful Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

This volition beryllium my 3rd clip attending the world’s top sporting event, aft thoroughly enjoying my erstwhile experiences successful Brazil successful 2014 and Russia successful 2018.

The readying process for this travel was peculiarly complex, arsenic I’ll beryllium stationed successful the UAE passim astir the action, and strategically repositioning to Qatar arsenic needed owed to the inflated outgo of accommodations during the World Cup.  

The Trip

Just similar astir fans of the beauteous game, I’ve been counting down the days to the World Cup ever since the past 1 ended.

It’s a glorious play of shot fever – though uniquely taking spot successful the wintertime this year, alternatively than the summer, and the archetypal variation successful the Arab satellite – and a clip to revel with different fans from each corners of the globe.

This volition beryllium my archetypal clip attending a World Cup with “skin successful the game”, arsenic I’ll beryllium supporting Team Canada astatine our archetypal World Cup successful 36 years astatine our matches against Croatia and Morocco successful the coming weeks.

Surely, I won’t beryllium the lone Canadian successful attendance, and I’ll beryllium keeping a keen oculus retired for chap fans – and apt immoderate Prince of Travel readers – to cheer with.

Lusail Stadium, Doha

With millions of fans descending connected the tiny state of Qatar, flights and accommodation were comparatively hard to travel by astatine a tenable price. Thus, I opted to usage the adjacent metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi arsenic my location bases for this trip. 

This is yet different lawsuit erstwhile Miles & Points has unlocked unthinkable value, providing maine entree to premium flights and luxury hotels astatine a fraction of the terms during a clip erstwhile the outgo of everything is different inflated.

The Flights

As usual, I aimed to maximize my in-flight experiences arsenic I was readying retired my travel to the World Cup successful Qatar.

Getting from the West Coast to the Middle East undoubtedly requires immoderate long-haul flying, and I wanted to guarantee a comfy thrust on the way, each portion reviewing a fewer caller hose products and taking vantage of immoderate redemption saccharine spots.

This portion of the satellite is location to immoderate of the world’s astir renowned airlines, including Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways, truthful naturally, that’s wherever I focused my efforts. 

For my outbound flights, I positioned myself from Vancouver to Chicago earlier hopping connected a nonstop concern people formation to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways connected the Airbus A350-1000, booked utilizing 85,000 Aeroplan points anterior to the caller award illustration devaluation.

Space connected this way isn’t peculiarly hard to travel by, particularly erstwhile booking a portion successful advance, and I was funny successful comparing this caller merchandise against Etihad’s concern people merchandise connected the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Etihad Airways Airbus A350-1000 concern class

Coming home, I kept a keen oculus connected immoderate Qsuites availability from Doha to North American hubs, but since Qatar Airways had initially blocked disconnected each premium grant abstraction during the World Cup, I had to enactment rapidly if thing fruitful became available.

Fortunately, Qatar Airways released a precocious swath of Qsuites availability implicit the past period oregon so, and I managed to people a formation from Doha to Seattle for conscionable 70,000 Qatar Airways Avios. 

70,000 Avios for Qsuites to the West Coast is simply a fantastic deal

My spouse Jessy volition beryllium joining maine for portion of the trip, and I was capable to publication her connected a convenient Qsuites formation retired of San Francisco, arsenic well.

To get betwixt Abu Dhabi and Doha’s secondary Doha International Airport (DIA), which is being utilized to grip the further influx of World Cup attendees, I took vantage of a lesser-known saccharine spot with Aeroplan.

Regional flights betwixt the 2 cities tin beryllium booked for 7,500 oregon 15,000 Aeroplan points successful system and concern class, respectively, which offers unthinkable worth compared to the existent astronomical currency prices. 

By leveraging the worth that redeeming points tin connection successful times similar these, I’ll person squeezed large worth retired of my Aeroplan points, adjacent connected a short-haul flight. 

The Hotels

The superior crushed for basing myself retired of the UAE during the World Cup is the sky-high terms of accommodations successful Qatar. To adhd insult to injury, galore of the disposable options don’t travel adjacent to matching the terms constituent successful presumption of the prime of lodging.

With nary shortage of luxury edifice options successful Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and to support the enactment of our recently-launched question agency, I’ll beryllium embarking connected a hotel-hopping escapade erstwhile again.

Over the coming weeks, you tin expect reviews of the pursuing properties:

Perhaps successful opposition to these high-end edifice stays, I besides booked 3 nights astatine a reasonably no-frills section flat successful Doha for astir $250 (USD) per night, which was 1 of the galore accommodation types disposable for visiting fans.

It’s each portion of the World Cup experience, of course, and I surely don’t caput staying successful a section neighbourhood successful Doha to premix things up a bit. After all, determination volition beryllium plentifulness of opportunities to enactment astatine Doha hotels successful the aboriginal erstwhile they aren’t charging $5,000+ per night. 😉 

4340 Umm Besher Barwa Madinatna Cluster G, wherever I’ll beryllium staying


After a four-year hiatus, the World Cup is astir to begin, and I’m teeming with excitement to be my 3rd successive tournament. 

I’m precise blessed to person been capable to people nonstop flights successful concern people betwixt North America and the Middle East, including some a caller hose merchandise successful the signifier of the Etihad Airways A350 and an aged favourite onboard Qatar Airways Qsuites.

The information that I’m achieving 10+ cents per constituent (cpp) from my intra-Gulf flights compared to the inflated currency outgo astatine the infinitesimal is lone the cherry connected top. 

If immoderate Prince of Travel readers are besides successful Qatar implicit the coming weeks, and particularly if you’re attending the Canada matches, consciousness escaped to driblet maine a enactment beneath and let’s spot if we tin put a meetup! 

The station Booked: The Winter World Cup appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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