Autumn gardens and biking at Biltmore House

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November 17, 2022

During our sojourn to Asheville, North Carolina, earlier this month, we spent 1 time astatine Biltmore House — but not to spot the castle-like chateau erected by the New York-based Vanderbilts arsenic their summertime place. We’ve toured the location before, and it’s interesting, but I didn’t consciousness the request to spot it again. However, the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed gardens and park-like estate? Those I could sojourn weekly.

The location sits precocious supra the gardens, and elegant chromatic stairs and terraces shaded by aged wisteria vines pb you down.

The “backyard” successful late-autumn hues

The location and its terraces place the aptly named Blue Ridge Mountains.

We passed done the Italian Garden, wherever lily and papyrus ponds radiance successful warmer seasons but were mostly dormant aft respective hard freezes. When we reached the agelong wisteria terrace overlooking the Shrub Garden, we paused to bask the view.

Many deciduous trees and shrubs astatine Biltmore were inactive holding onto affluent colour successful aboriginal November. Japanese maples were clothed successful smoldering red.

Amsonia (my most-coveted works from the gardens) successful pumpkin spice.

Another Japanese maple, astir bare, allowed america to admit its gnarled and waterfall-like form.

A maroon Japanese maple frames a presumption of the large house.

Along with the maples, Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica) was beautifully colored and inactive held its leaves. It stood retired passim the gardens.

Garlic chives’ seedheads marque ghostly parasols.

Pretty foliage

Tea viburnum (Viburnum setigerum) with affluent reddish leaves and berries

This weeping bluish Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca pendula’) is 1 of my favourite trees astatine Biltmore. Look however it arches implicit the way — a shaggy carnal with stretching tentacles.

A achromatic camellia successful bloom

Back to the blazing colors of fall!


And more!

Walled Garden

Stepping into the ceremonial Walled Garden, we recovered gardeners forking up autumn bedding annuals and making bully progress. Gah! I’m gladsome I didn’t miss the autumn show successful each its Crayola intensity.

I similar however the orangish chrysanthemums play disconnected the orangish trim of the conservatory. The purple and orangish mums whitethorn person been going mushy from aggregate freezes but inactive looked plot worthy to my eye. However, Christmas decorations were going up, and I ideate mini Christmas trees, ornamental cabbages, and pansies successful spot of mums and salvias by now.

Actually present are immoderate pansies already. And volition these conical shrubs service arsenic the mini Christmas trees? I request idiosyncratic from Asheville to report.

But connected this aboriginal November day, it was inactive autumn for a fewer hours longer.

Along the edges of the Walled Garden, bedding annuals springiness mode to borders of tiny trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses. Look astatine these gorgeous, orange-berried trees.

Actually this full furniture wowed maine with its autumn colour and diaphanous grasses.


Another look astatine those berries from a antithetic angle

Upright grasses and yearly castor bean

Another striking combo, which we tin easy replicate present successful Texas: beautyberry, Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha), and softleaf yucca. Beautyberry prefers day shadiness successful our climate, of course. A vine-covered arch frames the yuccas nicely.

Artichoke with a matrix of euphorbia and dwarf pinkish grass

Golden shrubs complement the orange-tiled partition and extortion of the gardener’s cottage.

Behind the cottage we recovered different Persian ironwood, with a motion declaring this 1 the N.C. State Champion Tree.

After touring the conservatory and doing a small buying beneath it astatine A Gardener’s Place acquisition shop, we headed backmost up done the Shrub Garden, wherever this beautyberry and hydrangea combo stopped maine successful my tracks. Shazam!

It’s truthful good.

Even amended with the red, orange, and golden foliage of surrounding trees.

Biking astatine Biltmore

Until this trip, the house, garden, and park-like entranceway roadworthy were each I’d ever seen of Biltmore. This clip we decided to bike astir the estate. So we popped implicit to the Bike Barn successful Antler Hill Village and rented electrical bikes for 2 hours. I hadn’t been connected a motorcycle successful years, but arsenic they say, you ne'er forget. Still, shifting gears and the powerfulness assistance connected an electrical motorcycle was caller to me, and it took a small signifier to get the bent of it. You tin truly cruise on level trails, and erstwhile you alteration gears decently and set your power, climbing adjacent steep hills is similar magic. Which is bully due to the fact that determination are immoderate existent hills astatine Biltmore.

A romanticist presumption of Biltmore House crossed a misty pond called the Lagoon.

Off the paved way and onto gravel

When I spotted a partition of towering bamboo with a doorway, I swung astir and pedaled inside. It’s a circular glade of bamboo!

We pedaled astir it a fewer times and past backmost retired connected the trail.

The trees were beauteous successful their late-fall finery, some gold…

…and red.

A resting spot astatine the apical of a park-like hill

Overlook of the Bass Pond and its arching bridge

Heading backmost I enjoyed this presumption of the French Broad River and the Blue Ridge beyond.

What a beauteous place, and a large mode to acquisition the larger property astatine Biltmore.

The Approach Road

As we got backmost successful our car and exited on Biltmore’s winding attack road, I remembered a long-ago schoolhouse tract travel present erstwhile I was astir 13. (I grew up 2 hours southbound of Asheville, successful Upstate South Carolina.) A Biltmore usher had boarded our autobus arsenic we arrived to archer america astir the grounds.

Olmsted shaped and planted the picturesque unfastened woodland on the 3-mile entranceway road, she told us. I was dumbfounded. I’d been gazing done the windows astatine what I’d thought was axenic nature, lone someway much beautiful, and was awed to recognize that it was designed to look that way. The standard of that, and the vision!

It was my instauration to the powerfulness of scenery architecture, that sometimes invisible hand.

It’s absorbing what sticks successful your caput from a tract travel of 4 decades ago.

I person a agelong past with Biltmore and its gardens. Seeing it again was similar visiting an aged friend.

Gardens are similar that.

Up next: A scenic thrust done the Smoky Mountains and Cade’s Cove, wherever we saw bears and elk. For a look backmost astatine fall foliage, falls, and nutrient successful and astir Asheville, click here.

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