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Hey guys!

It’s the astir fantastic clip of the yeaaaaaar! I perfectly emotion a bully vacation play due to the fact that it means it’s clip for my favourite thing: GIFTING!!! There’s conscionable thing truthful fulfilling astir giving gifts to my friends and loved ones. It’s really 1 of my emotion languages. 

One happening I promised myself: bash not procrastinate penning retired a gifting list. Seriously I bash this each twelvemonth but I’ve decided it’s clip to flip my beingness astir and not hold until the past minute. 

If you’ve been reasoning astir the cleanable gifts for your besties, household members, oregon adjacent yourself, the Blogifam gave maine each of their faves and they are SO good, I conscionable had to stock with you!! You ready?! 

The Blogilates Team Gift Guide✨

For the progressive bestie

theragun mini therabody blogilates squad  acquisition  guide

I started utilizing this arsenic portion of my betterment regular and omg I americium obsessed! It keeps my muscles from getting choky erstwhile I’m sitting for a agelong clip working, and it helps forestall feeling truly sore aft a tough workout. It’s magical. I adjacent question with it and usage it connected the airplane due to the fact that it fits truthful easy successful my carry-on!

 “I was truthful tense to merchandise this plan but with the mode you guys fell successful emotion with the Cocoon Coat, I’m blessed I followed my gut. It’s been a superior imagination to plan thing that wasn’t conscionable for the gym but could instrumentality you to and from the gym arsenic well. She’s the softest, fluffiest, warmest, astir luxurious portion I’ve ever created.” – Cassey

Cassey @blogilates 

CEO + Head Designer

For the person you get spicy margs with

paddywax candle blogilates squad  acquisition  guide

The explanation of a blast successful a glass. Made from recycled solid and past melted down and hand-blown into bubble solid by artisans successful Mexico, this candle’s vas is really food-safe and tin beryllium utilized arsenic a cocktail solid erstwhile the candle is done! 

“I personally emotion the Cactus Flower Bamboo scent!” – Brittney

popflex belle cropped cardigan babe  pink

The astir unsocial mode to cover-up. This cardigan is specified a cute alternate to wearing a hoodie, keeping you cozy but inactive truthful effortlessly fashionable.

Brittney @brittney__irwin

Creative Brand Director

For the miss on-the-go

gucci flora acquisition  acceptable   blogilates acquisition  guide

Brighten each country you strut successful with a beauteous fragrance of White Gardenia and star Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute.  This perfume acceptable features 100ml and 10ml sizes. 

“I emotion keeping a question size perfume with maine truthful I tin spritz on-the-go. Wherever, whenever. This scent is truthful light, dainty, and feminine.” – Lexi

popflex sloane tote blogilates squad  acquisition  guide

Whether you’re traveling oregon headed to your adjacent workout, the Sloane Tote carries each of your essentials from your laptop to your yoga mat. Chic capable to travel you connected a java tally yet functional capable to transportation everything you need. 

“I can’t question without this bag. It fits truthful good nether the spot of a level and holds everything I request connected question days. Also, I inactive can’t get implicit the information that this container has 10 pockets and a yoga mat holder…” – Lexi

Lexi @iamlexiking
Social Media Lead

For the beverage clip lover

iwachu teapot achromatic  acquisition  usher  idea

Carrying connected the handicraft contented of the Japanese Iwate Prefecture, this formed robust teapot has a minimal, yet chic plan making it the cleanable summation to anyone’s kitchen.  

“Im specified a cliché English idiosyncratic – I emotion to acquisition a bully ole formed robust teapot.” – Lisa

popflex cocoon overgarment  achromatic  blogilates acquisition  guide

Yep – More emotion for the Cocoon Coat!

The astir stylish mode to amusement up to greeting Pilates or, errand running. The oversized Cocoon Coat keeps you lukewarm and snug with its just-above-the-knee magnitude and cozy faux sherpa fabric.

Senior Designer & Product Development

For the 1 who's each astir self-care

This assemblage food is 100% Pure Argan Oil that’s whipped to the perfect, buttery consistency. Bonus: it’s disposable successful 13 scents or, you tin opt for the unscented scent. 

“I emotion this whipped argan lipid due to the fact that it’s truthful moisturizing and feels airy connected my skin. My fave scent is Peachy Vanilla.”

For the 1 who loves to beryllium cozy each of the time. The Cloud Hoodies are an implicit closet staple. They’re comfy, they’re oversized, they’re warm, they’re simply perfection. 

“I deterioration the Cloud Hoodie each twelvemonth agelong due to the fact that it genuinely feels similar an endless hug!” – Jules

Jules @julesfultz
POP Pilates Program Director & POPFLEX Consumer Insights and Experience

For the tegument attraction lover

dezi tegument  question   size the full   enchilada acquisition  usher  idea

Founded by Desi Perkins, Dezi Skin is fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan for each tegument types & tones. The Whole Enchilada features a kit of minis, including their Vitamin C serum, gel-créme moisturizer, look mist, and overnight moisture mask. 

“I emotion trying to skincare products that volition hole each of my beingness problems. Especially ones that travel successful tiny fun-sizes truthful I tin determine if I privation to really put successful the afloat size.” – Susie.

Spoil your workout bestie with the soft, astir luxe sports bra they’ve ever had. The Tone Bra is elemental yet effortlessly elegant and gives you that barely-there feeling portion remaining supportive. The champion part? You prevention $13 erstwhile you bundle up and drawback some the Bundle Pack, giving you the Mocha Latte and Black Tone Bra. 

“I can’t lie… I ain astir 6 of these bras now. They connection large support, they’re casual to lavation and attraction for, and I adore the wide straps! They don’t excavation into my shoulders which makes it truthful comfy to deterioration each time long.” – Susie.

Susie @ayysuzie
​​Influencer Relations & Product Development Assistant

For the foodie

This maple syrup is made from the axenic sap of Vermont maple trees. It contains nary additives oregon preservatives and has a existent maple spirit and texture. 

“I emotion a afloat meal connected the play with my family.. waffles, bacon, effect etc. and a fancy maple syrup to apical it off.” -Jennifer

The iconic oversized hoodie that makes you consciousness similar you’re floating connected Cloud 9. 

Jennifer @ jennifersrobertsjohnson
Design Director

For the enactment host

Brighten your peculiar someone’s room with a personalized cutting board. Slice, dice, and big successful style! 

“I ever similar to acquisition radical with personalized items truthful they tin consciousness ace peculiar and cognize you spent clip uncovering thing unsocial for them.” – Summer

The gym container that holds everything successful their ain peculiar place. The Ella Duffle is the fashion-forward, yet sporty container that features some a yoga mat holder and abstracted fully-lined footwear compartment.

Summer @summerkmorgan
TikTok Manager

For the 1 who's ever perfecting her tegument attraction routine

Clear your pores and stimulate circulation with the Aira facial steamer. 

“I truly deliberation everyone needs a facial steamer. It’s a game-changer for your skincare routine. Thank maine later.” – Linda

For the progressive bestie. This acceptable planner supports your manner some successful and retired of the gym with abstraction for repast prepping, menstrual rhythm tracking, and truthful overmuch more.

Linda@ lindangay
Director of Planning & Partnerships

For the tea-lover

blogilates squad  acquisition  usher  beverage  subscription

“I similar the ingredients, and that they are wellness focused.  So benignant of similar gifting idiosyncratic bully wellness successful a bully small beverage.” – Jaimee 

Not excessively cropped, not excessively long, not excessively baggy, and not excessively tight. It’s each successful the sanction – it’s the Perfect Tee! 

“They look and consciousness bully connected everyone and present there’s a COLOR for everyone!” – Jaimee

Jaimee @thtfitgirl
Content Producer

For the candle collector

This soy candle turns to a soothing liquid lotion erstwhile burned! The lotion packed with coconut oil, botanical oils, and Vitamins A, K, and E., making it the cleanable summation to someone’s bath oregon vanity.

Perfect for immoderate occasion, whether it’s a go-to for your gym necessities, a travel to the store oregon a nighttime retired with your girls.

“I bring this container with maine wherever I go, from traveling to the gym.  I emotion the brushed neoprene fabric, which is precise luxurious and the information that it has a pouch for everything you tin imagine!” – Marlene

VP, Supply Chain & Production

For the java lover

Give the acquisition of award-winning java close to their doorstep!  

“My friends got maine this a portion agone and I loved it!! They’re ace transparent connected wherever the java beans travel from and their sustainability practices. It’s chill to beryllium a portion of that connected apical of getting astonishing java delivered.” – Kristen

The eventual form-fitting, leg-lengthening flared legging you’ll ever meet. The champion part? They besides travel successful the signature Hourglass waistband too! 

“They are truthful comfy and cute. I deterioration them astir the location oregon retired for my buying astatine Trader Joe’s. And wherever the flare starts/hits the calf is the best, we each know!!” – Kristen

Kristen @k.klochko
Project Manager for Brand Relations & Ecommerce

For the 1 who has everything

chilly rima  toothpaste blogilates acquisition  squad  guide

“Literally my stocking stuffer this year! I emotion each things spicy, and portion this doesn’t sensation similar blistery condiment (ew), it inactive has that footwear but with much of a spearmint taste.” – Jen-Ai

popflex gallon timer vessel  with infused h2o  recipes

“I emotion excavation and get truthful galore compliments connected it… and it’s the cleanable acquisition for anyone connected your list. Its connected my database for friends with pups due to the fact that of the removeable canine bowl.” – Jen-Ai

Director of Marketing

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