Air Canada Launches Live TV on Select Domestic Flights

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Air Canada has announced that arsenic of November 21, live TV is present disposable connected prime craft connected home routes. Passengers volition beryllium capable to bask unrecorded sports and quality connected six antithetic channels, successful some English and French.

Live TV Now Available connected Select Air Canada Domestic Flights

Passengers connected prime Air Canada home flights tin present bask unrecorded outer TV arsenic portion of their in-flight amusement experience. There is nary further fee, and it comes successful summation to Air Canada’s extended in-flight amusement selection.

The determination to motorboat connected November 21 is nary coincidence, arsenic the 2022 FIFA World Cup successful Qatar besides begins connected this date. Two of the disposable channels, TSN and RDS, volition beryllium broadcasting games, and passengers won’t person to hold until aboriginal to support way of the scores.

Passengers tin present ticker unrecorded sports connected prime Air Canada home flights.

At the outset, six channels springiness passengers the prime of watching unrecorded sports, news, oregon concern programming portion in-flight. 

For sports, passengers tin take from 2 English-language channels, TSN, TSN 2, and 1 French-language channel, RDS. Between these three, determination are plentifulness of unrecorded soccer, hockey, basketball, football, baseball, golf, centrifugal racing, and different events, truthful you won’t miss retired connected immoderate important games.

For English news, passengers tin present ticker the CTV News Channel during their flights. This transmission features breaking quality from communities crossed Canada and astir the world, arsenic good arsenic a 24-hour quality web for those red-eye flights.

French-speaking travellers won’t miss retired connected immoderate news, arsenic LCN, Quebec’s main all-news station, broadcasts quality and different programming from greeting to night.

Lastly, concern travellers tin ticker BNN Bloomberg, offering concern news, breaking concern updates, and unrecorded marketplace coverage.

Currently, determination are 40 craft that are equipped for unrecorded TV, including Boeing 777s, Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A330s, and Airbus A220s. Canada’s largest hose expects to connection unrecorded TV programming connected 50% of home flights connected mainline craft by the 2nd 4th of 2023. 

Furthermore, Air Canada plans to grow unrecorded TV to much flights, arsenic good arsenic connection much contented and features, passim 2023. 

Another Improvement to the Air Canada In-flight Experience

The summation of unrecorded TV comes arsenic the latest betterment to Air Canada’s in-flight offering, arsenic the hose is some returning to pre-pandemic work levels and further refining its crushed and onboard products. 

Prior to takeoff, guests tin present bask sparkling wine, a wider enactment of wines, and locally-inspired dishes successful Maple Leaf Lounges. Furthermore, the hose debuted the Porsche chauffeur work successful Vancouver, which is disposable to eligible paid Signature Class passengers.

Furthermore, Super Elites and passengers travelling successful concern people nary longer get stuck successful lounge queues, arsenic Air Canada has a abstracted entree line.

Recently, Air Canada announced the instrumentality of the afloat Signature Class experience, wherever guests are offered a pre-flight drink, person their jackets hung, and bask blistery towel service, arsenic good arsenic caller and improved Acqua di Parma amenity kits. 

Even passengers travelling successful system connected planetary flights volition bask a refined eating experience, with a revamped paper featuring appetizers that item the destination’s cuisine, a blistery entree designed by Chef Jérôme Ferrer, and a abstracted dessert service.

All passengers volition surely payment from continued betterment to the crushed and onboard experiences, and it’s large to spot Air Canada returning to, and improving, its pre-pandemic work offerings. 


Passengers connected prime Air Canada home flights tin present bask unrecorded TV from the seatback amusement system. Currently, 40 craft diagnostic unrecorded programming, and the hose hopes to connection unrecorded TV connected 50% of home flights by mid-2023.

There are six antithetic channels to statesman with, covering sports, news, and concern programming, with options successful some English and French. Throughout the 2022 FIFA World Cup, travellers won’t miss retired connected immoderate of the action, arsenic 2 of the channels, TSN and RDS, broadcast games.

This is simply a invited announcement from Air Canada, arsenic it gives passengers much amusement choices during their flights. 

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